What Pod System is the Best for Vaping Max VG E-Liquids?

August 21, 2018

woman wearing a Velvet Cloud hat using a pod system to vape max VG e-liquids

What are Pod Systems?

Pod systems, sometimes called pod mods and marketed as ultra-portable vapes, are vaping devices with a small form factor that feature a (usually) refillable "pod-style" tank.

If you're at all involved in the vaping scene, you probably already know that they're growing in popularity at an exponential rate, likely thanks to the advent of the JUUL.

(Psst, if you're curious about JUUL, here's our take on why you should probably pass on it.)

Anyway, back to pod systems. What's not to love? They tend to be very affordable, leakage issues in higher quality models have mostly been resolved, and the convenience level is off the charts.

If you love max VG e-liquid, it might sound like a match made in heaven… until you realize it's not.

Pod Systems and Max VG E-Liquids Don't Mix

As much as we hate to be the bearer of bad tidings, the truth is that the vast majority of pod systems just don't handle max VG that well.

If you haven't made the choice to switch to max VG e-liquid yet, check out this comprehensive post from our blog about why you should. It's a bit of a read—we like to be thorough—but it's well worth it.

Fear not! Even though pod systems typically aren't that great for max VG e-liquids, in this post we're going to discuss some tips to make the experience of vaping max VG in a pod as good as it can be if you have to do it. We're also going to provide you with info on some fantastic, just-as-affordable alternatives to pod systems.

You're going to learn:

  • The reason why max VG e-liquids usually don't work that well in pod systems.
  • How to make the experience palatable (e.g., your only unit at the moment is a pod system and you have to wait for a little before getting new hardware).
  • What vaping hardware you should be using for max VG liquid and why such hardware can make such a massive improvement.

Let's dive right in, shall we?

Why You Shouldn't Use a Pod System for Max VG E-Liquids

To be perfectly clear, we don't think pod systems are bad hardware for vaping. Some models reportedly even work pretty well (that's pretty well, not necessarily "amazing")  with max VG e-liquid, like the Vaporesso Aurora.

The Viscosity of Max VG E-Liquid

However, we're talking in generalities here. Your run-of-the-mill pod mod just isn't ideal for max VG. For example, the Aspire Breeze 2 is a pretty great little unit, and the creators definitely made improvements over the first model, but owners of this device have generally reported poor experiences with max VG e-liquid.

The reason max VG tends to deliver a less-than-satisfactory experience in ultraportable vape hardware is due to the viscosity (thickness) of VG. In fact, many pod systems are designed with a 50/50 VG/PG mix in mind—or perhaps 70/30 at the very most. Furthermore, pod systems also tend to be designed for nicotine salt e-liquids, which once again tend to be 50/50.

What happens is this: you fill up your pod with max VG e-liquid, take a puff, and think, "Hey! This works great!"

...Then you take another and you get a painful, gross-tasting "dry hit."

This is because the atomizers generally used in pod systems have their coils packed together pretty tightly. VG is thick and can't wick the coils fast enough. For so-called "chain vapers" this is a huge problem.

man sitting down and using a pod system to vape max VG e-liquids

Additionally, the atomizers in many popular pod system units aren't designed for max VG juices. If you do use max VG in these atomizers, which tend to have a lower wattage, they're more likely to burn out the coils faster than you'd probably like.

None of the above is to say that you absolutely, positively cannot use a pod mod with max VG e-liquid, it's just likely to be a less-than-ideal experience. With so many fantastic mods on the market that absolutely rock with max VG, you're selling yourself short if your hardware isn't up to the task.

However, if all you have is a pod, next we're going to briefly discuss how to get the most out of it.

How to Vape Max VG in a Pod System (If You Must)

As we discussed in the previous section, the primary problem with vaping max VG in a pod system is due to the thickness of the e-liquid not being able to wick very fast.

Vape Slower

So, with that in mind, your best bet to enjoy a max VG e-liquid in your pod system is to vape slower. This should give the VG enough time to saturate the atomizer as much as it can. In a nutshell, no chain vaping allowed.

In some scenarios, this might even work out pretty well, e.g., a spare unit you only use during your breaks at work or during a short drive. The smaller form factor of a pod system may even be a benefit here.

Slower usage is pretty much all you can do until you get a device more suitable for max VG, which we'll touch on in the next section.

Comparatively Priced Pod System Alternatives for Max VG Eliquid

Rather than go over everything again in this post, we'll direct you to these two posts we wrote earlier this year:

While all of the devices discussed in those posts are excellent choices for max VG e-liquids, there are a couple of notable standouts. If pod systems appeal to you because of their small form factor and low price point, the Kanger Evod Starter Kit is a pen-style device that will run you about thirty bucks. It also uses a bottom coil, which tends to perform much better with thicker e-liquids compared to coils found at the top of the tank.

The Right Hardware Goes a Long Way

A device that works well with Premium High VG e-liquid doesn't have to be expensive or fancy, it just has to get the job done right. You will notice the difference in flavor and satisfaction… and, dare we say it, you might even love our max VG e-liquids even more than you already do!

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