The Best Vape Pens For High VG Juice

June 06, 2018

The Best Vape Pens For High VG Juice - Velvet Cloud

Our lives are getting easier. Everything we need is available at the touch of a button. We appreciate all that is mobile and compact. All we need is what we can fit in our pockets. And for vapers, that means an all-in-one vape pen or stick!

The issue, though, comes when purchasing e-liquid for that pen. For those who love creating monster clouds or want a clean, but not overwhelming flavor, the best choice is 100 VG juice. Unfortunately, not all pens operate optimally with high VG liquid. Therefore, to help you stick with the e-liquid that you like and still be mobile, we've put together a list of the best vape pens that are on the market:

1. Halo Pens

This spot goes to two of the Halo pens, the Halo Triton II and the Halo Tracer Twist. The manufacturer actually recommends that high VG e-liquids are used with these pens, as they are made for the thicker juice.

The Triton II offers impeccable performance and is known for producing quality flavor. It also has adjustable airflow, allowing vapers to get the type of draw that they want. However, while the Triton can produce decent vapor, it's not known for its clouds. In short, the pen is affordable, small, reliable, and made to work with high VG juice.

The Triton II's sister pen is the Tracer Twist. This pen is all about those clouds. Its wattage is adjustable, allowing vapers to have complete control from 5W to 30W. It also has unbeatable battery life, which is great for long days on the go. When compared to the Triton II, the Tracer Twist does not have as much versatility with airflow. It really only allows for direct lung inhale. Those who prefer to get a mouth-to-lung inhale or a mix between the two should opt for the Triton II. It is also slightly bulkier than the Triton II, so vapers should prioritize their preferences.

2. Kanger eVOD Starter Kit

The reason that many vape pens do not work well with 100 VG juice is that the pen's wick is not able to absorb the thick liquid. Most pens have a top coil atomizer, and the high VG liquid can't travel up the wick to the chamber at a fast enough pace. The eVOD has worked around this issue. They have a bottom coil with e-liquid submerged in the liquid tank instead of on top of the reservoir. So instead of having to move up the wick to the atomizer, the e-liquid is just pulled into the chamber as needed and will keep doing so until the tank is empty. 

The eVOD is a great pen for vaping beginners or those who are making the transition from cigarettes. The pen is easy to use and its quality is unmatchable. It is discrete and provides smooth draws from start to finish. The main downside of the eVOD is the fact that it isn't really meant for creating impressive clouds. Instead, it's more about ease of use (i.e. setup, vaping, cleaning, and maintenance) and portability. 

3. Ohm Go Kit

This vape pen is another one that will be a perfect starter pen for a new vaper. It has everything you need, allowing you to just open up the package and vape. But it's also one of the best vape pens for anyone who wants an easy vape. The tank is large enough to allow for long days of vaping with no need to worry about running out of liquid. When you do need to refill, the process is easy and spill-free. The coils are simple to replace. And for those who only want to vape high VG juice, the preinstalled 0.5-ohm coil is made for vaping 100 VG e-liquid. 

Vaping with one of the best vape pens

This pen outranks the eVOD when it comes to a few matters. It has a better battery, usually lasting around 8 hours. It is also built to make decent clouds and has airflow adjustability that allows for mouth-to-lung vaping and direct lung vaping. The Ohm Go also outranks the Tracer Twist when it comes to power. Vapers can adjust the wattage from 5W to 50W, which is why the small pen can produce such impressive clouds. The main downside that is attached to this pen is that it is auto adjusted. This means that the vaper has less control over how the pen operates. 

4. Smok G-Priv 220W

This high VG mod is also high-tech. It has a 2.4-inch touchscreen and is easily one of the more advanced pens on the market. The screen offers a long list of features, from temperature control to vape speed. And the thing about the touchscreen is that it's not complicated. In fact, it's very intuitive, even for the biggest luddites out there. 

The G-Priv offers vapers the most control they have ever had. They can precisely set the power from 1W to 220W. They can count the number of puffs. They can see an accurate estimate of how much battery life is left. When it comes to battery life, though, the touch screen drains it, making it wise to choose the desired settings, lock them in, and then switch off the screen. 

This kit is pricey, but there's a reason for the price. It offers precision and power. It turns vaping into a science, where vapers can know precisely what temperature and power setting will produce an impressive cloud that has unbeatable flavor. 

When it comes to high VG e-liquid, there are two sides of the coin with the G-Priv. It can easily handle 100 VG juice, but not quite as efficiently as the other pens. The reason is the airflow design makes it more difficult for the wick to get coated with the juice. There is a solution: time. If vapers wait a few minutes and allow the wick to become completely soaked, they will be very impressed with the results. 

You Know the Best Vape Pens, Now Get Familiar With the Best Vape Flavors

100 VG juice has a big fan base. Because of this, many vape pen manufacturers are starting to develop pens that are built for this thicker e-liquid. Over the next year, vape fans should expect to see even more pens that meet their needs and produce exactly what they are looking for. 

Velvet Cloud Night Shift dessert-flavored e-liquid

Once you've chosen the device that's right for you, it's time to choose your vape flavor. One of the classics, which is a great starter flavor, is 'Night Shift'--a coffee and donuts inspired mix. Velvet Cloud also offers a number of fruit-flavored and dessert-flavored e-liquids. Try them out - we promise you won't be disappointed.

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