Folks, it's official. The warm weather is here and it's time to start preparing for that hot-hot summer we've all been waiting for. The poolside stunners and the beach bunnies are already shopping for their first swimsuit of the season. We're taking off the pool covers and starting our pre-summer algae treatments. We're digging out our favorite big straw hats, we're trying on new styles of faux-designer shades, and we're warming up the pool noodles because summer is almost here.

And you know when the brilliant summer sun comes out that the vapes this year are going to be hot. From cute little e-cigs to mod rigs the hobbyists have been working on all winter; poolside is the perfect time to show off your beach body and your favorite vape. Of course, the pool is also one helluva dangerous place to vape as well. Splashing and diving aren't exactly friendly for the little electronics or the sanctity of your e-liquid. 

But we know you're gonna poolside vape anyway and... so are we. So instead of being worry-warts about pool vape safety, let's plan ahead! Here are our top ten tips for poolside vaping this summer. Because the early bird catches the biggest clouds.

1) Leave the Vape on the Picnic Table

Okay, so we have to admit that the most practical answer is to leave your favorite vape rig on the picnic table under the shady beach umbrella. That's where it will most likely be safe from the splash fights and summertime antics of your pool-swimming friends. In the shade, it will also be safe from the potentially harmful rays of direct sunlight.

So if you can stand to be away from your vape long enough to take a swim and return to the table, you're golden and so is your e-liquid.

2) Float with Disposable Vapes

If you do want to float around on a pool floatie-lounge, don't take your favorite vape rig that goes everywhere with you. That vape in your hand, while you're floating, is so likely to die in a water-based accident. It's going to get splashed. It's going to get dunked. You're going to fall in with the vape in your hand or -worse- it'll fall to the bottom. So don't use your favorite or anything that cost you more than $15.

Instead, grab a handful of disposable vapes so that you and your friends can all enjoy remorseless floating and poolside vaping. This way, when a splash fight breaks out or your friend dumps you from your floating lounge without thinking, no hearts are broken.

3) Have a Hand Towel On-Hand

Hands covered in pool water are also not the safest way to vape. Or the comfiest. In general, we advise that you always have dry hands before picking up any battery-powered or plugged electric device. But, of course, how will you vape in the pool if you're worried about wet hands?

On your floatie, you can try to just keep your hands out of the water (yeah right). But your real solution is as simple as a hand towel. Keeping a towel on hand, perhaps draped over your head or on the poolside, can allow you to quickly dry your hands before grasping your vape next. Though you may want a stack of backup towels kept at a distance because, as we know, pools are messy places.

strawb-gwab velvet cloud e-liquid

4) Vape Your Finest Fruity Flavors

And what would be more appropriate for your sunny poolside vaping then the fruitiest flavor you can find? Fruity drinks are a long-standing tradition of the summer months. Especially for those who enjoy a good sunbathing session. But you don't need fruit punch and ice to enjoy that classic and deliciously tangy flavor of summer fruity bliss.

Your vape can also be loaded up with Max VG fruity e-liquid like our Pandamonium (pineapple gummy), Melonomenon (honeydew peach) or Strawb-Gawb(strawberry guava) that will tickle the tastebuds and bring back memories of summers long past with every billowing puff.

5) Create a Poolside Vape Tray (With Splash Guard)

For the true pool lounger, you can take the fruity drink thing to the extreme. Craft yourself a beautiful poolside tray with fresh fruit and cheese, an iced fruity punch, and an exquisitely filled e-cig of your favorite summer flavor. In fact, you can set yourself up a little sampler of vape and share with your other friends who are lounging in the shallow end to chat and blow awesome clouds.

Just don't forget to also build your poolside tray with an emergency splash guard. Just in case the hooligans in your group of friends decide to raid the shallow-end loungers.

6) Make an Awesome Vape Hat

After giving it some long and careful thought, we realized that a vape hat is a perfect way to vape in the pool. Provided that no one is splashing or diving. The vape hat is a concept that has yet to be fully realized, but we have confidence that someone out there this summer will find a way to clever duct-tape an ecig to their hat using a hose and... we dunno, a remote control to finally vape from a head-mounted rig. While floating in a pool. Send us pictures.

7) Pass the Vape to Your Sun-Basking Friend

On a more practical and easily achieved note, you could just hand your vape to whichever friend is currently basking in the sunshine instead of swimming in the pool. In any large enough group of friends, there will usually be at least one person taking a break at any given time. Simply make the break-taker the keeper of the vape and go visit them when it's time to blow some clouds.

8) Prop the Vape in Your Floating Cooler Cupholder

If you have a floating cooler for your pool, you are our new favorite vaper (yes, all of you). Floating pool coolers are the definition of awesome no matter what you're drinking. The coolers usually have these nifty sturdy plastic cup-holders, way better than inflatable cup holders, designed to hold anything from cola to cocktails. And your vape can fit snugly in that cup holder floating next to you keeping everyone's open beer company.

And here's the best part: Only a space cadet or an a-hole would splash the beer float, so your vape is safer than usual in the floating cooler cupholder.

9) Put Your Hat Over It

Finally, remember that vapes are even more sensitive to baking than you are. While you may turn a delightful crispy brown in response to direct sunlight, your vape can overheat and stop working entirely. Which would be a darn shame after protecting it from splashing and dunking all day. So when you're not vaping and feel like taking a dive, remember to leave your favorite big straw hat over the e-cig so it's always in the shade.