Strawb-Gwab Signature Flavor - A Refreshing Fruit Flavored E Juice

May 26, 2018

Strawb-Gwab: a Fruit Flavored Eliquid

Everyone who vapes has their own flavor preferences; some like it sweet while others enjoy traditional flavors. Some people even base their flavor preference off of memories they have or certain smells they enjoy. However, most people choose an e-liquid that has the type of taste they prefer.

If you're the type of person who likes a refreshing, all-day, fruit-flavored e-juice, then Velvet Cloud's Strawb-Gwab signature flavor is the perfect match.

The Luscious Flavor Combination of Strawb-Gwab

Strawb-Gwab is a combination of strawberry and guava fruits. It's not too sweet, but instead has a smooth and silky inhale with an exhale that pairs the tart notes of a luscious strawberry and a rich, tropical guava flavor.

This is a combination made popular in a variety of smoothies, spritzers, and tropical adult drinks for a good reason - the two pair perfectly together. So much so that there is even a fruit called a Strawberry Guava that is native to Southeastern Brazil. So, if Mother Nature thought it was a good combination, you can bet that it is - and you don't have to have the plant itself to make this pairing!

Strawberry and guava is even a fruit combination that is found on A Flavor Guide to Pairing Fruits in Drinks: A Mixologist's Study of Cocktail Flavor Pairings, which showcases just how good these two fruits work together for even the most discerning of palates.

How Does it Taste?

Velvet Cloud Fruit-Flavored e-Juice Strawb-Gwab

The taste of our Strawb-Gwab fruit-flavored e-juice is fresh and fruity without being too sweet, too sugary, or too tart. You will find that the blend is mellow and relaxing. And while it is ideal for a warm summer's day, it works just as good as an all-day vape that you won't grow tired of no matter what the season.

Maybe not everyone who vapes has spent a summer day on a front porch sipping a thirst-quenching strawberry lemonade or eating a refreshing guava that has been recently picked. In fact, it might be rare if you have. But you can surely picture a hot day where the sun is stifling and just the taste and flavor of fresh fruit makes the breeze seem cooler and the temperature drop a couple of degrees. That is exactly what Strawb-Gwab does with its brisk flavor notes. It's light, tasty, and makes you feel like taking it easy and just relaxing with a nice, cooling breeze blowing in off of the water.

If that doesn't convey the right memory, you might imagine that you're on a tropical island with a drink in your hand and your toes in the sand.

The point is, even if you don't typically navigate towards a fruit-flavored e-juice, this one really hits the spot and makes your day seem less hectic and more refreshed.

The Reviews Are In: This Fruit-Flavored E-Juice is a Hit!

While you're surely welcome to take our word for it, others have made it known how much they enjoy this premium fruit-flavored e-juice as well. According to The Daily Dripper:

For me, the guava was slightly more noticeable than the strawberry. The fruit tasted fresh, as opposed to some extracts that can be overwhelming, sugary, and bitter. I enjoyed the combination of the two fruits together, and it reminded me of a fruit smoothie (sic). The slight tangy addition on the exhale was enough to calm the sweetness down just enough. This juice had me surprised from the get go. Everything from the smell, to the viscosity of the liquid, to the taste scored a 100% in my book!

The breakdown of this review rated the flavor an 8/10, the potency or hit an 8/10, the cloud production a 10, and the aftertaste a 7 - for a total score of 8.3/10. The first impression was a distinctive fruit flavor of the guava up front, with the strawberry following closely behind.

And according to this video on YouTube from The Casual Vaper:

A rich and unique blend of Strawberry and Guava. Think of it as your new favorite thick, not-too-sweet, summer smoothie vape!

They went on to say that it was great as an all-day vape, mellow, awesome, and had an excellent strawberry taste. They enjoyed it a lot and suggested it as a perfect hot weather blend. They also point out the high VG e-liquid flavors, and how if you're allergic to PG, then you're in luck with this fruit e-liquid from Velvet Cloud.

Other reviewers have mentioned things like:

  • "Mellow and not too sweet"
  • "My everyday vape"
  • "Quality is top notch"
  • "Tasty and bought more the next day"
  • "A bright, fresh flavor"
  • "Nice fruity taste and smell"
  • "Perfect amount of throat hit and smoothness"

Strawb-Gwab has almost 700 reviews on the Velvet Cloud site alone, with a 4.5-star rating out of five. As you can see, its popularity is huge and the flavor is always mentioned in a positive way.

What Makes Strawb-Gwab a Signature E-Juice?

Velvet Cloud Fruit-Flavored e-Juice Strawb-Gwab

Each batch of Strawb-Gwab is brewed in micro-batches in our certified ISO7 lab. There is never any sugar, artificial sweeteners, food coloring, GMOs, preservatives, dairy products, diacetyl, gluten products, or for that matter any animal byproducts. Everything is organic, cruelty-free, and vegan. It's simply locally made, artisanal, ultra-high VG based e-liquid that isn't hurriedly mass produced. Instead, it's made with care and attention to every little detail in order to make it the best.

Ready to be Refreshed?

If you're ready to try Strawb-Gwab E Juice by Velvet Cloud, just check out the link. If you have other questions or want to know more about what makes our flavors some of the best e-liquid flavors available, simply contact us so we can help or check out our FAQS page. You can get Strawb-Gwab in 60ML and 120ML (2x60ML) and the nicotine levels available are 0MG, 3MG, 6MG, and 12MG.

You can also join our rewards program! This rewards you with points when you make purchases, and those points can be used for discounts on future things you buy. Reward examples are $10 off, $25 off, and even $50 off once you have 2500 points.


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