Thinking About Holiday Gifts? The 10 Top Picks From Velvet Cloud

December 19, 2018

Velvet Cloud's nutty cookie e-liquid on a table surrounded by cookies and hazelnuts

The leaves are changing, temps are dropping, and the holidays will soon be here before you know it! We get it, you want to be the family member or friend who knocks the "gift giving" game out of the park. If you're drawing a blank this holiday season, we're here to save the day. Avoid being that last minute shopper scrambling through the stores last minute and start checking people off your list easily online at Velvet Cloud.

Our e-liquids make the ultimate gift for anyone who enjoys vaping! With so many delectable flavors, you can create a unique variety basket or load them up on their top favorite flavor. All of our e-liquids are made from all-natural ingredients, vegan-friendly, and have no weird additives in them. They're gluten-free, GMO-free, sugar-free, and have no added coloring. Whether you're looking for tobacco, dessert, fruit, or menthol flavors, you'll find all the best ones here. Go ahead, get a head start on holiday shopping today! It'll be one less thing to worry about so you can fully enjoy the holiday season.

Nutty Cookie

Calling all sweet tooth lovers! This one's for you. Our Nutty Cookie e-juice includes hints of sugar cookie, macadamia nut, hazelnut, and white chocolate all rolled into one sweet classic taste. Imagine taking warm sugar cookies straight out of the oven, and then layering delicious flavors every which way in between. This popular seller has a lot of die-hard fans who buy it over and over again. It's heaven in your mouth, but don't just take our word for it, see for yourself!


Many of us share the same opinion on this delicious is life. The Nightshift delivers its own intriguing blend of a dark roast coffee combined with a semi-sweet chocolate glazed donut on top of it. It's like meeting the coffee creamer of your dreams! Along with these delicious flavors, you also get a nice hint of velvet cream that adds a welcomed yet complex flavor to top it all off. It's light and perfect for all day vaping. Coffee lovers and sweet lovers will both love this one. Wake up and say 'good morning' with this smooth and popular coffee flavored e-juice.


Sometimes you just want an e-juice that's simple, sweet, and straight to the point. Strawb-Gwab is the perfect mild mix of strawberry and guava. It's silky smooth and ready to vape all day long. Even vapers who don't like sweet flavors love this one-of-a-kind e-juice blend. The flavor and quality are top-notch, and you won't find another flavor quite like this one anywhere else. It's a solid customer favorite that's sure to please just about anyone!

Mewlew's Magic

Don't let the name fool you, Mewlew's Magic is one of our most acclaimed flavors. It's so good, it's as if Harry Potter whipped it up himself. With a complex combination of chocolate, fudge, butterscotch, and cream, it just can't be beaten. Just one inhale and you'll quickly see why so many people rave about this amazing e-juice. You see, you really get to have your cake and eat it too... the satisfying chocolate taste will hit your taste buds, but you're left without any guilt! It's the best of both worlds. Buy some for your friends this holiday season and see for yourself how "magically" you will become their favorite person!

White Beard

For those vapers who enjoy a more traditional tobacco taste yet still enjoy a sweet flavor, the White Beard is screaming their name. It's the perfect mix of natural tobacco, combined with notes of butterscotch and custard. It's simply sweet, smooth, and satisfying! Fans recommend this one as an all day vape and for anyone who loves the all-time classic tobacco flavor. It's also a perfect base for mixing with other e-juices such as Nightshift or Mewlew's Magic! 

Catherine the Grape

One hit of this baby and you'll feel as if you're vaping through a gorgeous vineyard off the coast of California. No seriously, it's that good. Catherine the Grape captures the sweetness of the pinot noir grape and pairs it perfectly with the tartness of blackcurrant to give you a flavor fit for a Queen (or King). The flavoring isn't too sweet, and has the right amount of subtly smooth "grape-ness". Fair warning - you won't be able to get enough and will be coming back for more!

Harvest Berry

Refreshing, light, and scrumptious, our Harvest Berry e-juice is the perfect blend of tart and sweet. It's a home run flavor that will remind you of sweet, sweet summertime. Harvest Berry has a base of blueberry, raspberry, and strawberry then adds subtle cherry tones that accentuate with just the right amount of tartness. It's berry, berry good!

Frosted Gingerbread

Velvet Cloud frosted gingerbread flavored e-liquid for Christmas

Christmas trees, Santa Clause, and Frosted Gingerbread men help make the season jolly! This delicious e-liquid is the definition of 'happy holidays' right on your taste buds. It captures the exact flavor of real gingerbread men treats into a vape blend. With the right amount of spice, cake-like texture, straight out of the oven essence, and sweet frosting to top it all off, you're in for a real treat every single time you inhale. Just like your grandma's secret recipe, we can't tell you exactly how it's made, but we can sell it to you whenever you want it. Prepare for a tasty experience like no other!

Mt. Shasta Frost

Some vapers prefer the menthol cooling sensation and flavor, and ours is all-natural goodness. Mt. Shasta Frost is an all-natural blend that's not just made from menthol, but an assortment of mint flavors including spearmint and peppermint. There's no tobacco in this one, just a simple and minty experience your mouth will love. It's great solo or mixed into other flavors. Let your imagination go wild!


We've saved one of the best for last. Campfire is one of our most beloved selling flavors of all time. Did you hear that? OF ALL TIME. It's a surefire present for any vaper on your shopping list this year. Inside this e-juice blend, you'll find an extraordinary flavor ride of graham crackers, chocolate, and marshmallows. Close your eyes, tell some ghost stories, and imagine yourself sitting around a campfire because this flavor delivers!

The Best Gifts Come From Velvet Cloud!

If you've started wondering what you're going to get your family and friends this upcoming holiday season, get them premium e-juice flavors they're sure to love. Go ahead and get yourself new flavors too! Velvet Cloud prides ourselves on selling the best high VG e-liquids blends out there, visit us today to see why we're so unique.

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