All About Vape Mods and What They Do

May 14, 2018

What are Vape Mods

As vaping becomes even more popular, you continue to have a variety of choices when it comes to e-liquids and their flavors. However, that same popularity also means there is a larger choice in mods and devices to use that e-liquid in. Do you want to start vaping to stop smoking, and thus need a cigarette-like experience? Do you simply want bigger and denser vape clouds? Or do you want to be able to vape discreetly?

By picking the right vape mod, all of your very specific vaping needs can be possible. However, you need to accurately assess your specific needs before choosing the mod that you want because they are not created equal.

What are Vape Mods?

The term "vape mod" makes it sound like they are add-ons to your device, but the truth is that vape mods more so refer to the act of modifying your kit. This means changing different parts out to get the specific results that you want.

Moddable areas of your vaporizer include:

  • Battery - Your battery can make all the difference in your vaping experience because it immediately affects how your atomizer performs. For most kits, the batteries are detachable and easily replaced. You can choose a more powerful model that will usually have a stronger charge and hold it better for a longer time between charges. However, smaller and more discreet kits may have built-in batteries that are more difficult to customize, but typically more convenient and easily concealed.
  • Vape Tank - Your vape tank holds your e-liquid, so size is somewhat important, but you will also want to choose the right tank. Many vapers will choose a rebuildable tank atomizer (RTA) which is preferable for people that like to switch flavors often. It also allows for the liquid to drip right onto the coil, thus providing a much stronger flavor.
  • Coil - The coil of your vaporizer, typically inside the atomizer, brings the whole thing together. It vaporizes the e-liquid to give you that nice hit. You will find coils that heat to different temperatures to give you different effects such as strong flavor, denser vape, and better throat hit. Some coils even give you an invisible vape for more discreet vaping. Newer vapers often will need to experiment with coil types to find the right one or even to find out whether they like denser, bigger clouds or not. They certainly look cool, but they aren't for everyone.

Vape Mod Designs

San Francisco man using vape mod

Due to the popularity of vaping, you can buy a wide variety of parts to modify your vaporizer. However, not all vape parts will work well with each other. If you try to use a pen mod with a box mod, it might not work out so well. Instead, when modifying your vaporizer, you should have a particular style in mind so you can purchase parts that will work and fit together for your ideal vape experience.

Pen-Style Mod

Pen-style vaporizers are thin like their name suggests. For many who choose this style, they want to be discreet with their vaping or want something with the same hand feel as a cigarette to help cut down on smoking. Typically, pen-style mods are the simplest of the bunch because they have to be, but are also the easiest to carry around. If you want something that is affordable and a simple "fill and go" vape experience, this is an excellent design.

Pod Mod

A step up from the pen style, pod mods are built around being compact and ultra-simple. These mods are often all about simply popping in pre-filled cartridges so you don't need to carry around bigger bottles of e-liquid. Typically, these are the best choice for traveling, as they are compact and simple to use. They can be a great secondary device if you want to go out but don't want to bring your bigger kit with you. Since they are lightweight and discreet, they are good for vapers on the go.

Box Mod

For the most choices in moddable parts, box mod kits are typically the best option. Although large and bulky, box mods come with a wide variety for customization. People typically prefer them because the box style allows for multiple batteries that give a higher wattage and thus a denser vape experience. Furthermore, because box mods are already so large, you can typically add in a larger tank so that you do not need to refill it as often. Finally, some box mods allow further control of what kind of coil you can use or how heated that coil gets so you can get the perfect vape experience for you.

This type of mod also is separated into several sub-sections as well, such as Squonk mods or DNA mods. Squonk mods have the e-liquid at the bottom, and it is fed directly through the atomizer. This mod essentially gives you the big flavor of dripping without actually having to do it yourself. DNA mods, on the other hand, require a special chipset to be installed, but let you manually control wattage, preheat, and temperature protection to completely control and tailor your vape. That is the truly nice thing about box mods - you can pretty much make them do anything!

Mechanical Mod

At a glance, mechanical mods are pretty simple, but don't be fooled - these are for the veteran vape modder. As mechanical mods only consist of the housing, battery, and atomizer, it seems pretty simple. However, the tricky part is that because these kits don't have circuit boards to safely regulate the coil, you need to manually replace the coils as time goes on. This means they require more maintenance than the standard "charge and go" models.

However, because there are no safety features, mechanical mods essentially let veteran modders do whatever they like. If they want huge clouds, making the proper adjustments can make it happen. Mechanical mods can be the most powerful kits, but you have to know how to safely modify them and be sure to keep up with maintenance.

Now That You Have the Best Mods, Make Sure You Get the Best Juice, Too!

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