Every vaper dreams of the perfect vape. That one all-time puff that is the ideal balance between rich flavor, vapor temperature, and huge billowing clouds. Each of us has our own idea of what's perfect. Some love warm dessert flavors while others seek the coolest of all menthol tastes. Some love to surround their heads with clouds, some are honing their ability to blow vape rings. For each of us, the perfect vape is different, but the best thing about vaping is that once you find it, you can relive that perfection again and again. All you need is the right flavor, the right vape rig, and the perfect vaping environment.

We can't tell you what your perfect flavor is, or point you toward your true-love of vape rigs. Only you can know these things. We can't even tell you what your favorite vaping environment will be. For some, it's a quiet balcony just as the sun is setting. For others, it's a warm bubble bath or the comfiest couch in your living room.

But what we can tell you, as highly experienced vaping individuals, is how to build yourself the perfect relaxing vape -session-. No matter where you are or what you're vaping, you'll dig this. 

1) Make Sure Your Vape is Charged

It may seem super obvious to start here, but if you want your vape session to go all night, then your rig needs to be up to the challenge. A rig that's half charged may get you a few puffs, but it's not going to reach that ideal temperature time and time again to keep supplying you (and possibly your friends) with those amazing delicious clouds.

Really, no matter what your goal is, your first vaping step should always be checking your battery charge. If you're about to start a long vape session alone or with friends, we advise you simply switch to your fully-charged backup battery now and set the other one charging. You might need both before the night is through.

2) Tighten Every Gasket - But Not Too Tight

Experienced vapers will know exactly where we're coming from with this one. No one enjoys their session being interrupted by their favorite e-liquid 'escaping' all over the place. While e-quid is fortunately easy to clean up, it's a tragic waste of clouds and flavor. So our cheery suggestion is that you skip that whole mess (pardon the pun) and make sure your vape is ready to hold the liquid you're about to lay on it.

Tighten every gasket. If you need to, take your vape apart and put it back together again-- carefully gauging how tightly to screw in the gasket pieces around the tank. Because these are rubber gaskets (o rings), the screw-in bits need to be tight enough to seal, but not tight enough to start ripping the rubber which can damage your o rings.

3) Clear Your Sinuses

Vaping is what we like to call a whole-head experience. Your tongue isn't the only part of your face that can 'taste' the vapor. The flavored vape flows from your mouth and throat to your entire sinus system. Your nose actually helps you enjoy the vape even more than your tongue. Heck, even your ears get a little tingle from a full mouth of vape. This is exactly why many people have found that vaping is fantastic for clearing the sinuses, as that cool moisturizing mist fills your nose and mouth.

But if you want to get that first puff of the night in all it's full-bodied amazing flavor, then you'll want to clear your sinuses ahead of time. The absolute best way to do this is with a hot shower before your vaping session. But if that's not practical, take a moment just to blow your nose until you can deep enjoyable breaths through both nostrils at once. This is easier for some people than others.

Once your sinuses are clear, they'll be ready to taste every wisp of vapor that flows through your whole-head vape experience.

4) Choose Today's Top E-Liquid Flavor

Most vapers don't actually have one single favorite flavor. Instead of one flavor, they vape every day, the majority of us have a collection of current favorites and are always ready to try something new that might make it into your favorite flavor collection. And that's totally awesome for e-liquid makers like us because we're also always trying something new and are delighted when vapers everywhere join is in trying a brand new flavor concoction.

In fact, one of the delights of vaping is the choice of which flavor you will vape today. Will it be a tangy fruit Strawb-Gawb like or a smooth creamy chocolate concoction like our Mewlew's Magic? Or perhaps you're in the mood to cool your head with a minty menthol straight from Mt Shasta. Take your time, ask your tongue what it wants to taste, and flavor your entire evening with this one relaxed decision.

5) Fill Your Tank or Load Your Cartridge

Now you're ready. We're almost there. Your vape rig is charged and in top condition. You've prepared the entire inside of your skull for the experience you're about to undertake. And you've got the perfect vape flavor to round out a perfect evening. Now it's time to bring all these pieces together and fill your tank. Or, if you've somehow been following along with a cartridge pen, load your flavor.

For those of you pouring, remember to pour slowly and carefully. Take your time so that not a single precious drop of flavor is lost to the outside of the tank. Or that any spills directly onto your wicks. You may find luck pointing the tip of your bottle at the side of the tank as if you were pouring wine or cola into a glass. This is not only a safe and smooth way to pour, but it's also fun to look at.

 woman sitting on couch reading book and vaping

6) Kick Back in Your Favorite Vaping Spot

Now for the final move. Set up your spot.

While our favorite flavor may change by the day, most vapers absolutely have a single favorite vaping spot. Whether it's your couch, balcony, bathtub, or somewhere out on the town, it's time to get your space ready. Put on some chill music or line up a few movies to watch. Kick your feet back on something, settle into your favorite comfy chair (or bathtub), and prepare to vape.

If you want to vape with friends, now is the time to call them. If you want to vape with your special someone, make a place for them in your special vaping spot. Turn on your vape, Prime that first atomizer heat-up and get ready for that magic feeling.

7) Let the Clouds Take You Away

Need we say more?


Here at Velvet Could, we pride ourselves in creating once-in-a-lifetime flavors that -- it just so happens -- you can get in bottles and vape time and time again. With us, vape was love at first sight and we're dedicated to spreading that love all around the world with devastatingly delicious and high-quality e-liquid flavors. If you want more insights into the vape way of life or to find your new favorite flavor, keep exploring the website! You're sure to find something you love.