Velvet Cloud is moving to Portland!

September 11, 2018

Velvet Cloud is moving to Portland!

Friends - some exciting news:

We've decided to move Velvet Cloud to the beautiful city of Portland, OR.

For many reasons, including but not limited to the passage of Prop E by the city of San Francisco, we feel it is no longer tenable to operate in California, let alone San Francisco. The price of housing in the city, as many of you have heard by now, has been rising at a rate that is detrimental to our employees, while overall quality of life has gone down.

When the Julie and I started this company in 2011, the first people to join our team were a couple that moved to San Francisco from Portland recently - some friends of ours. Despite wanting to head back, they toughed it out for us in SF to keep Velvet Cloud alive and well. Now that California is no longer viable for Velvet Cloud - due to wildly prohibitive tax, regulatory, and high cost of living reasons - we've offered to now give their home town a try. 


So starting tomorrow, we will be packing up our SF and LA offices and heading up north to beautiful, green Portland. We're going to need a little time to set the new space up - so after this Wednesday, Sept 12th - our shipping will be PAUSED until the following Tuesday, September 17th.


We know thats a bit of a bummer, but we promise it will be worth it. In the meantime, for your patience, we're offering a 25% off all orders placed in the pause time. Just use the code MOVING at checkout to redeem your discount. Remember you order won't ship until the following Tuesday. We really appreciate your patience and understanding - we have a LOT of new, and exciting things to roll out after this move, and we just can't wait to show you!


- Aria & Julie, 

Founders @

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