Vegetable Glycerin and Natural Flavors: Making a Difference in Quality

December 19, 2018

Vegetable Glycerin and Natural Flavors: Making a Difference in Quality - Velvet Cloud

What do you look for in your vape juice? Do you prefer to indulge in sweet dessert flavors? Or are you looking for something that’s not too different from the flavors found in cigarettes? Perhaps you’re a huge fan of fruity flavors. No matter what you’re taste preferences may be, Velvet Cloud has a vast selection of flavors to choose from. Here at Velvet Cloud, we don’t simply use artificial representation to replicate the flavors that you love. We craft these flavors with real, naturally sourced ingredients. We like to get a little creative with our flavors, drawing inspiration from culinary creations.

As much as we pride ourselves on the care that goes into our liquid flavors, they aren’t the only things that set us apart in our industry. When we craft our vape juices, we keep everything as natural as we can. Our vape juices are vegan, gluten-free, and sugar-free with no artificial sweeteners or added colors. On top of that, we offer Max VG juice. What this means is that the base of our vape juice is made entirely of vegetable glycerin (VG). We use no propylene glycol in our vape juice. There are many benefits of choosing Max VG e liquid over an e liquid made with propylene glycol. Using max VG in our vape juices allows us to skip the added sugars and sweeteners. With our VG-based vape juices, you won’t be sacrificing those thick clouds, either. VG has a thicker consistency than PG, which translates to bigger vapor clouds. So if you enjoy making awe-inspiring clouds when you vape, Max VG juice from Velvet Cloud is likely to be the best product for you.

With these thicker clouds often comes a stronger lingering flavor, enhancing your experience with the flavors you love. With high VG based juices, you’re also decreasing your likelihood of experiencing an allergic reaction. When manufacturers mix propylene glycol (PG) into the VG base of their vape juices, people are more likely to experience allergic reactions to their vape juice. With our vape juices, however, there is no hidden propylene glycol. You know exactly what you’re getting. These benefits mean a lot to us. That’s why we’ve built a brand on manufacturing 100 percent VG base. We want to provide our customers with a vaping experience they won’t get anywhere else.

If all of this sounds appealing to you, consider some of the truly excellent flavors we’ve crafted with this in mind. For all of you out there who love dessert flavors, we have an extensive selection of options available. With our line of dessert flavors, you will be able to satisfy your sweet tooth any time, anywhere, guilt free. Our dessert flavors provide an experience that you may have only thought you’d get from spending a day baking or frequenting your favorite bakeshop. With our dessert flavors, however, we strive to recreate the essence of the desserts you love into a vape juice that can be taken wherever you go. Our Campfire flavor, for instance, will bring you back to summer nights away at camp roasting marshmallows and making s’mores. Our Frosted Cookie flavor will bring back all of those memories of baking holiday cookies with Grandma. Night Shift will remind you of fresh coffee and warm doughnuts. These are only a few examples of our flavors, but they evoke such strong, nostalgic comfort – along with a great taste.

Our fruit flavors have similar properties. Without artificial colors and sweeteners, the natural sweetness of the juicy fruits we use can really stand out. With any of our fruit flavors, you’ll find that they actually taste like the real fruits and flavors we used. We like to bring together flavors that complement each other well and highlight the best parts in each fruit. We love to express our creativity in our e juice, using a variety of essences and zests to really bring out the delectable, mouthwatering flavor of the fruits we use.

Velvet Cloud uses natural flavorings whenever possible and as much as we can

If you prefer to use vape juices that emulate the flavors in cigarettes, we have menthol, non-menthol, and lightly fruited tobacco flavors. Just like with our sweeter flavors, we take a great deal of care into our tobacco flavors. We strive to take those nostalgic smoky flavors and make them available for vaping. Though these flavors are simple and straightforward, we approach them with the same attention to detail with which we treat our more complex flavors.

Here at Velvet Cloud, we care about letting our products speak for themselves. We utilize natural ingredients as often as possible to create high VG juices that are unlike any other you’ll find elsewhere. The only time we ever use an artificial flavoring element is to replace Ann animal based one, like in the case of “honey,” or similar. Between our use of pure vegetable glycerin as a base and our dedication to crafting uniquely delicious flavors, we take a lot of pride in the products that we produce. Order with us today and become a lifelong member and friend!

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