Vaping at home is fantastic, but most vapers don't limit their cloud-time to inside the house or sitting on their back porch. When you want to vape on the go, there's an important question of how to carry the vape. Naturally, you want to be able to puff happy little clouds along the way, which means keeping your vape both easily accessible and --probably-- directly on your person somewhere.

For anyone who hasn't locked down their vape carrying technique, you're probably wondering about a few key questions. What if your vape leaks in your pocket or bag, you wonder. And what if your really nice pen or mod breaks right when you need it most? The good news is that other vapers have tackled this issue before and have already figured it all out for you. Now all you have to do is to figure out what your vape-carrying preferences are and build your own carry strategy that will keep your vape upright, accessible, and conveniently on your person.

Today, we're here to explore the 9 most popular and totally cool ways to carry your vape around with you.

In Your Back Pocket

You might be surprised to discover that a ton of vapers keep their pens and mods tucked neatly into their jeans pockets, front or back. There is something inherently cool about traveling around with no bag or pouch, slipping the vape out of our pocket to blow a few clouds before moseying on with the rest of your day.

Of course, you're probably wondering whether pocket-vapes deal with butt-dialing button presses, leak fiascoes, or accidentally broken vapes when you sit. For these concerns, we can only say that vapers who do succeed at pocket-travel with their vape must be wearing the right pants. If you, too, wear the right pants for vaping, (and don't sit on the vape, if possible) then you can smoothly join the legions of bag-free pocket vapers.

Rattling Around in Your Purse or Bro-Bag

If you're someone who carries a bag of some sort all the time, this is also a pretty convenient way to carry your vape. Rattling around in your bag is asking for a leak, so the best way is to pick one of the side or inner pockets of your bag to slip your vape into. A box mod might fit into a water bottle slot perfectly and many purses and bags have smaller tight outside pockets (for wallets and stuff that a pen can sit quite accessibly in. With the right pockets, you can turn any carry-all or go-bag into a vape transport system. In fact, you can even sew on a vape pocket or two if you're handy with fabric.

Hanging From a Neck Lanyard

Neck lanyards are all the rage because they are simple, easy, and many vape pens come with a loop and clipping lanyard already. For all-day vaping or vaping on-the-go, a lanyard is the ideal way to keep a vape pen where it is easiest to vape from. The lanyard means that you don't even have to reach as far as your pockets to grab and puff.

If you're going with the lanyard method, be sure you're only visiting places that are vape-friendly (or neutral) because a vape around your neck is pretty obvious. 

In a Decorative Neck Pouch

For vapers that love the idea of neck-hung vapes but a lanyard is too precarious, there are decorative neck pouches! Neck pouches are usually leather, canvas, or knit (yes, people knit their own vape pouches) and then hung by a wider and often softer cord around the neck. Neck pouches are particularly popular with box-mod vapers because the pouch is safer and more heavy-mod friendly than a simple lanyard. But pen vapers use neck pouches too, usually with custom designs that allow them to vape on-the-go without removing the vape from the pouch.

The best part about neck pouches, though, is that they are so freaking decorative. You can have a ren-fest worthy stitched leather pouch, crochet your favorite symbol into a yarn pouch, iron or embroider an awesome decal, or even bead your pouch! Or, if you're not so crafty, buy a favorite pouch from Etsy, which is full of awesome custom vape stuff.

Custom Belt Pouch

Belt pouches are all the rage right now and we're seeing more and more designs pop up over time. Of course, to use a belt pouch you have to A) have sturdy pants and B) wear a belt. Not everyone does these things, so there's a certain limit to the vaper population who can make use of pouch. But if you do wear a belt regularly, especially if you're an active kind of person, a sturdy belt pouch for your pen or mod might be the ideal way to carry your vape around with you!

Unlike neck pouches, belt pouches tend to be structural, with a sturdy flap that fastens over your vape (leaving the drip tip available for puffing) with an extra pocket or two for a charger, spare batteries, and a small bottle of refill juice. 

Tucked In Your Jacket Inside Pocket

But perhaps the coolest way to carry your vape is inside your inner jacket pocket. There's something inherently James-Bond-Like about reaching into your jacket and stealthily pulling out a sleek vape. Taking a puff, and 'disappearing' the vape back into your jacket. Depending on the jacket, you can even hide a pretty big box mod in there and still look super slick. In fact, you might even consider going jacket-shopping for a nice blazer, vape-friendly suitcoat, or even a Matrix-length trenchcoat to go with your new cool vaping style.

Cargo Pants Stocked Like a Vape Kit

Then there are vapers who wear cargo pants. Some people wear cargo pants every single day and we can hardly blame them! Cargo pants are awesome because they have extra pockets and loops for just about anything. And they tend to be made of really sturdy material. If you vape and wear cargo pants, you have a unique opportunity. Not only can you slip your vale into a side pocket (or even a hammer loop), but you can pack those pants with everything you need for on-the-go vaping without actually packing a kit.

It's simple. Batteries in one pocket (cased), extra juice in another, vape in another. And heck, you probably still have another pocket for your coil-crafting supplies or a few spare tanks. Cargo-pant vaping is often also combined with a number of little kits that fit neatly and securely into pockets.

Clam-Shell Carry Case

Of course, many vapers prefer to keep all their vape gear in one secure and totally drop-proof case. If you don't mind unzipping your case to take a puff (or just want a way to keep all your vape accessories safe in one place) a clam-shell hard case is a great way to do this. There are so many different kinds of clam-shell cases, big and small. with or without internal padding. With or without handy little pouches and loops, and with compartments of all sizes. You'll want to measure your vape and the supplies you plan to carry before choosing your case.

That said, shell cases are by far the safest, most secure, and 'stealthiest' way to carry your vape stuff because they are essentially padded opaque rectangles. A clam-shell case can fit neatly into a bag without the rattling-around factor, smaller cases fit into larger pockets, and you can unfold it into a workspace for vape maintenance on the go.

Dangling From Your Backpack

Finally, there is the 'pod' style trend where casual young vapers turn their vape into a veritable keychain. Sturdy pens, smaller vape boxes, and the new tiny pod systems are making vape into a decorative dangling trend. If you see a strange-looking shiny plastic toy hanging from a college student's backpack or a trendy girl's purse-bag, it could just be a vape! And you can join the trend. If you like the idea of carrying your vape around in plain sight dangling from your bag, your ship has come in.


How will you carry your vape when you want it on your person? Only you can make that decision based on your own preferences, the way you dress, and how you like to travel. Hopefully, we've given you some awesome ideas to start with. Maybe one of these cool vape on-the-go methods works for you. Or maybe you're inspired now to break out the crafting supplies and make your own custom vape-carrying system. Or maybe you're just curious how other mad-vapers carry their rigs because you've already got the perfect technique. 

If you have a cool way you carry your vape, let us know in the comments! If you want to tell us something awesome or ask a question about how vape works, reach out and contact us! And if you're just in the market for some awesome artisan VG vape flavors, don't be shy about introducing yourself to our friendly flavors on the main web page. And for more interesting articles about the wonderful world of vaping, just keep reading the blog!