Five Surprisingly Useful Vape Charm Ideas

March 28, 2019

Five Surprisingly Useful Vape Charm Ideas - Velvet Cloud

Vape Charms, little decorative rings and pendant baubles that adorn our favorite vapes, or the favorite vapes of our more decorative friends. From an interesting perspective, vape charms are a clear sign that the vape 'fad' is here to stay. If people love their vapes enough to bejewel them with their favorite colors, the jerseys of their favorite teams, and tiny dream catchers, then we're already connecting deeply and personally with our vape rigs.

There are dozens of different kinds of vape charms. There are little rings of beads that add a little flair to a vape pen or mod box. There are huge dangling charms made with real feathers and glass beads, and everything in between. And like the custom keychain trend before them, there are vape charms that are purely decorative and some surprisingly innovative charms that are actually really useful. Here at Velvet Cloud, we think it's awesome when something has more than one purpose so today we're exploring some of the cool ways your vape charm could also be niftily useful to vapers on-the-go.


1) Decorative Vial Charm = Vape Juice Refill

Ever wish you had a quick one-serving refill of vape juice on the go? With creative use of a vial-charm, you totally can! Vial charms are a long-standing tradition of dreamy-eyed girls who make their own candles and pretend to cast love spells on their friends. Vial charms have been filled with colorful sand, keepsake pebbles, and pretend potions but you can find them in every shape and size to turn into an awesomely useful vape charm.

You can get a shark, a rose, or an elegant little tear-drop and then fill it with your favorite vape juice stopped with an adorable little cork or screw-top. For a less whimsical look, check out keychain flasks instead! The vial charm can dangle from your vape and no one will be the wiser until -suddenly- you pop the top off that sucker and do a super-smooth quick refill in front of your crowd of vaping friends.

After that, everyone will want a vial vape charm with a single serving refill for top-ups on the go.


2) RFID Vape-Locator Vape Charm

If you're like many of us, sometimes your vape goes 'on walkabout'. You spend half an hour trying to remember if you left it in the car, under your bed, out on the back porch. But if you make a cool vape charm out of an RFID locator, this frantic search will never have to happen again. There are currently a pretty wide variety of options for RFID keychains meant to help you find your keys. Some even come in colorful multi-packs so you can attach them to (and later find) all sorts of stuff.

This is your perfect opportunity to apply your artistic ability and transform a single RFID finder charm into an awesomely decorative vape charm. And from here, all you have to do is log into the associated mobile app to find that missing vape rig no matter where you left it or what it has rolled underneath since then.


3) Vape Flashlight - Laser Pointer Vape Charm

Or you can make sure that you and your vape will never have to scramble around in the dark again. Whether you want to refill your vape without turning on the lights or are searching under the couch for an o-ring that rolled away, a powerful little flashlight on your vape charm could be a life-saver in certain circumstances. There are so many situations where it's useful to have a tiny flashlight, and as a dedicated vaper you will definitely always have your vape with you, and therefore your handy-dandy vape charm flashlight.

Of course, not all flashlights are simple light sources. Some are so awesome that they also come with a laser pointer. And we don't have to tell you how awesome, fun, and occasionally useful that little red dot can be. Give impromptu lectures while vaping, point out stuff across the room, pretend to vape-snipe your friends. Or just drive your cat crazy while kicking back blowing delicious artisan crafted clouds. Because who doesn't love a kitty floor show with their evening vape? A little flashlight - laser pointer vape charm could be the perfect addition to your go-anywhere vaping experience.


4) A Working Decorative Key Vape Charm

Since the dawn of locks and keys, people have felt compelled to wear non-functional ancient keys or decoration-only keys around their necks, hanging from their ears, and as a charm of any type. Old-timey keys have a hint of romanticism, history, and hipsterdom all in one. If you are the kind of person who would love to have a heavy old key (or a charm made to look like one) as your favorite vape charm, then this suggestion is for you.

Did you know that you can still get working padlock-and-key sets that look like beautiful old-timey locks and keys? Whether you use this as the key to your diary, the key to your secret vape juice stash, or even refit your front door to work with an old-timey key charm, actually having a working key as your key charm is super cool. Especially if it unlocks something you can show off to your friends to their great surprise. Because they thought that key was just vape charm hipster decor. Not knowing that the true hipster actually lives in the past instead of just pretending to.

 vape charm

5) Romantic Keepsake Vape Charm

Then there's an entirely other kind of useful - the kind that helps you win over that special someone. Instead of survival gear or emergency breath mints (which we considered adding to the list), you can also hand-craft a romantic keepsake into a custom vape charm. Perhaps it's the daisy your girl picked and handed you on your first date. Or the gumball-machine ring your guy gave you on your first pizza-arcade date. Or a pendant made from the shiny rock the two of you found together on a romantic evening walk.

Whatever your keepsake, turned into a vape charm it will remind your special someone that you think of them every day - every single time you raise your rig to vape a puff of clouds. They will see that special keepsake dangling from your vape in social media pics, on your reel of vape pics, and every time you vape together in person. You know they feel the same if a similar keepsake you gave them soon appears dangling from their own vape. There's nothing more romantic than vapers in love.


As you can see, there are tons of different ways to turn our desire for vape charms into something really useful. Why resort to simple beads and feathers when you could keep vape refills, RFID trackers, and tokens of love on your vape instead? For more fun and awesome vaping insights from the e-liquid artisans here at Velvet Cloud, contact us today or just keep reading the blog!

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