Urgent Update about FDA's PMTA Process

September 07, 2021

Urgent Update about FDA's PMTA Process

This week the FDA might end the vape industry

Stock up right now.


Hey Friends - we hope you enjoyed Labor Day and the sale we just ran. We have a bit of news: The FDA has just issued 300,000 product denials for vape products. This is now up from the 55,000 they just issued prior. Their deadline to decide on many applications to stay on the market (including our products) is in just 2 days.  Not a SINGLE flavored e-liquid has been approved and only a few days remain. It is NOT looking good.


Right now, we have enabled 'pre-orders' for all the products that we had marked as out of stock. We're brewing them as quickly as we can. 


As a safety measure, we are advising everyone to place a pre-order for the liquid they want now so that their purchase is done before an FDA decision is in place. This way if the worst case happens and our products are not approved, you have already made the transaction and are just waiting 2-3 weeks for your order to ship out.


We are urging you to buy 8-10 weeks worth of supplies, because if the FDA does deny us (not one flavored product has been approved) we will have to reformulate our products to use Tobacco-Free Nicotine. This of course will be a very expensive and time consuming process.


The Labor Day sale code is still active (use LABOR at checkout) for 20% off and you are now able to order 0 MG and 3MG for all flavors. They will ship as soon as possible. The most important thing is to get the order in before the FDA tells us to stop sales entirely.

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