Are you new to vaping and wondering what kind of gear you should buy? Since we know how confusing it can be for people who have never vaped to know what to get, we decided to create this ultimate gear guide. Read on to learn more about which vaping products you should consider buying and why.


Vaping Cleaning Gear

One of the first items you will need is cleaning gear to keep your e-cigarette looking like new. If you don't take the time to clean out your e-cigarette regularly vegetable glycerin can build up over time and get all over your coils. When the inside of your tank is clogged with vape juice you may start to notice an unappealing burnt taste. It may also affect the amount of vapor clouds you can make.

Some of the best cleaning solutions are right in your kitchen. You can use water, baking soda, vinegar, ethanol, and other household supplies to clean your e-cigarette tool. You can also soak your e-cigarette tank in propylene glycol to remove any leftover flavors from previous vaping sessions. Remember to thoroughly rinse the equipment out and let it dry before you put it back together and try to use it. Below are several items that will make it easy for you to clean out your e-cigarette device.


1. Microfiber Cloths


Microfiber cloths are a favorite among vapers since the material is great at removing leftover residue from inside e-cigarettes. They are also pretty affordable and easy to find since you can pick up a package of microfiber cloths online or at your nearest retail store.


2. Silicone Mat


A silicone mat is another wise investment. Just put the silicone mat down on the table before you take the e-cigarette device apart so that you can give it a good cleaning. You also won't have to worry about misplacing parts if you keep them on the mat.


3. Ultrasonic Cleaner


Although most people use ultrasonic cleaners to clean small jewelry, more vapers are starting to use the high-powered device to thoroughly cleanse their e-cigarettes. All you have to do is fill it up with water, place your device inside and turn it on. You can also add dish soap, although you should make sure the device can handle the suds beforehand.


Vaping Batteries and Charger Gear


4. Portable USB Chargers


Since you can never know when your e-cigarette may run out of power, the best way to stay prepared is to get a portable USB charger. That way you can quickly and easily pull it out whenever your e-cigarette needs a quick charge without changing your schedule or plans.


5. Extra Batteries


Take it from us, you can never have enough batteries on hand! This is especially true if your e-cigarette didn't come with one. It's always a good idea to keep several backup batteries on you just in case because it's unsafe to use damaged or old batteries.


6. Charger Cables and Adapters


Charger cables and adapters are another type of gear you should consider buying. Although some pod systems come with batteries that are built inside of them, you can never go wrong with having extra charger cables. You should also get an adapter if you spend lots of time in your car and want to keep your e-cigarette device charged while you're driving.


Vaping Case Gear  


7. Vape Skins


Vape skins are the perfect way to decorate your e-cigarette device and reveal your personality, all while making your device stand out from the crowd. The decals can enhance your mod and cover it completely without interfering with your ability to vape.

It's very similar to the type of skin you'd get for a mobile phone, only these are made specifically so that it will fit e-cigarettes. Some of the skins are printed on vinyl and are laminated so that your e-cigarette won't get soiled or blemished. They come in a wide range of prints, patterns, and textures. Regardless if you want a vape skin that showcases your favorite tv characters or a leopard print skin, you can easily find one that suits your tastes.


8. Vape Case


After you get a vape skin, why not get a case? It can protect your e-cigarette device in case you drop it on the floor. A vape case is a perfect way to keep all your vaping items organized since you can store your mod, vape juice and batteries in different compartments.

There are many attractive cases available for sale. You can select a hard or a soft vape case depending on your lifestyle and what you prefer. Hard cases may give you more protection and insulation but they are also heavier than soft vape cases.


9. E-cigarette Travel Bag

Do you have lots of long distance trips booked on your calendar? If so, you may want to consider getting a travel bag tote for your e-cigarette device. It's a very affordable way to keep all your vaping gear together in one place. Many of the travel cases are compact and made to ensure that your e-cigarette and other equipment will survive the wear and tear that comes with lots of travel.


Vaping Kit Gear


10. Coil Building Kits

If you vape frequently and feel like you are constantly running in and out of a vape shop to buy new coils, you may want to consider buying a coil building kit. This type of gear can be a great way to build your own coils, especially if you own an RDA or RTA e-cigarette device. Many kits on the market come with detailed instructions and all of the tools you will need to do everything yourself. Overall, a coil building kit is a  very affordable option that can also give you the chance to be handy and learn new skills.


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