Best Tobacco E-Liquid: Burley Beard is a Robust Alternative For Smokers

May 19, 2018

Burley Beard is the perfect tobacco vape e-liquid

Burley Beard - Perfectly Flavored Tobacco E-Liquid

Pipe, cigar, and cigarette smokers making the healthy transition to vaping are discovering that the robust tobacco flavor of Burley Beard high VG tobacco e-liquid is the product they've been looking for. Burley Beard vaping begins with a burst of rich tobacco flavor followed by a surprising encore of lingering flavor blends at the close for a completely satisfying vaping experience.  Burley Beard easily fills the void left by giving up "all manner of pipes and cigars" as duly noted by one devoted Canadian vaper on his ongoing quest to find the perfect vape in a very comprehensive review at "The All Day Vape."

Burley Beard and the Kentucky Tobacco Tradition

Tobacco has always been an integral pillar of Kentucky agriculture, even preceding the region's historical status as a commonwealth. Native Americans used indigenous Kentucky tobacco for ceremonial rites and medicinal purposes long before the first settlers arrived. When they did arrive, settlers were quick to adopt and cultivate dark-leafed tobacco for pipes, cigars, and chewing throughout the state. 

In the 1860s a lighter-leafed, or "white burley" variety with a milder flavor was developed and quickly displaced dark leaf tobacco as the dominant crop. Burley tobacco was easier to harvest and had superior blending characteristics for enhancing flavor. In the early 1900s, demand sky-rocketed when burley tobacco was first introduced in cigarettes. Today, the legacy of rich but mild burley tobacco flavor has been passed on for yet another century for vapers to enjoy with naturally flavored Burley Beard tobacco e-liquid. 

A Barrage of Flavor

tobacco e-liquid Burley Beard flavor

So what is the surprising encore experienced as the intense vaping session with Burley Blend approaches completion? According to the aforementioned Canadian vaping connoisseur, the rich smokiness of the initial burst of tobacco flavor is enhanced by the dark fruity notes which open up as vaping continues, resulting in a "creamy mouthfeel which is hard to describe".

The Burley Beard vaping experience concludes with a sweet taste on the tip of the tongue reminiscent of honey or agave syrup, but it's not quite sugar sweet. For smokers new to vaping, many of whom have so far been disappointed by the RY4 "faux tobacco" blandness so prevalent from other e-juice manufacturers, the surprising barrage of flavor in Burley Beard is sure to be a welcome and very enjoyable experience. 

One note of interest concerning the review at The All Day Vape website was the deduction of 1/2 a point because the reviewer considers Burley Beard to be too intense for all day vaping. (Though he does bestow the full 5 stars for vaping in general.) For many vapers with active lifestyles or workplace restrictions, this could actually be considered a plus. The vast majority of vapers don't have the luxury to indulge in "all day vaping". Burley Beard can provide the necessary satisfaction to get productively through the workday, as short vaping sessions are enjoyed periodically from one break to the next.

Burley Beard Instead of Cigarettes

Any tobacco e-liquid which can satisfy the discerning palate of a dedicated cigar and pipe smoker are sure to provide the vaping satisfaction for cigarette smokers making the transition to vaping. The Burley Beard vaping experience begins with the intensely "rich smokiness", which is sure to put cigarette smokers at ease with the first puff. Customer Kimberly N. sums up the case for former cigarette smokers with her rave review of Burley Beard saying,

"The juice is perfect. It's clean, tasty, and is helping me not smoke cigarettes. An all-around win!" 

Burley Beard consumer Rachel B. defines a common problem for smokers making the vaping transition while explaining her own strong loyalty to robust Burley Beard in her rave review. Some lower quality e-juices with synthetic additives and a low VG ratio can cause unwelcome symptoms, as Rachel discovered when Burley Beard was temporarily unavailable at her local retail outlet. For Burley Beard vaping aficionados there simply is no replacement e-liquid.

"My local store stopped selling Burley Beard so I tried a couple other products. Both of them left me feeling congested and short of breath. I went online and found it here. I finally have my Burley Beard back and for much less money too! Thank you Velvet Cloud."  

The Benefits of Burley Beard High VG Tobacco Vape Liquid

Velvet Cloud Burley Beard tobacco e-liquid

VG stands for "vegetable glycerin" which is a clear, natural plant extract. VG based e-liquids for vaping have distinct advantages over the alternative PG, or propylene glycol, based e-juices. VG liquids are more viscous and generate plumes with a superior vapor density. As a 100% VG based tobacco e-liquid, Burley Beard delivers the full tobacco experience without the harsh throat hit and lingering throat irritation that can occur with PG based e-juices.

Propylene glycol carries a risk factor of causing allergic reactions in 1 out of 10 users with symptoms including sore throats, headaches, and nausea. Vaping with a 100% VG based e-liquid such as Burley Beard significantly alleviates that risk. VG e-liquids also burn more slowly than rapidly combusting PG liquids so your VG e-juice supply lasts longer and goes farther for more cost-efficient vaping pleasure. 

Organic VG Based Vaping Products at Velvet Cloud

At Velvet Cloud, we started out in 2011 by providing ultra-high VG based flavors blended into a natural and organic e-liquid base, for our local San Francisco community. Since then we've built a reputation for providing the highest quality e-juices available, and demand for our unique VG based vaping products soon accelerated. Today, we supply our unique blends to discerning consumers around the world. Our reputation is founded on the concept of e-juices done right. We use hand-selected ingredients and unique recipes to provide the e-juice blends that keep our customers coming back for more.

If an ingredient doesn't enhance quality and our customers' vaping experiences, it doesn't find its way into our blends. Our VG e-juices naturally contain no added coloring or artificial sweeteners, and they are gluten-free, GMO-free, and sugar-free. All Velvet Cloud e-juices are meticulously brewed in micro-batches in our ISO7 certified laboratory to ensure the highest quality control. 

Burley Beard is just one of many of our popular e-liquid blends. You can view the incredible variety of unique flavors and blends available for your vaping pleasure here. 

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