You're planning a party and all your friends are invited. Maybe it's a birthday party, maybe you're celebrating someone's work promotion, an engagement, graduation from college, or even a baby shower. Or maybe there's just a Saturday coming up on the calendar and that's all the excuse to party you need. But the one unique thing about this part from all other parties in the past is that almost every single one of your friends is now a vaper.

Vaping is more than a hot trend for young people. Some of your friends might be ex-smokers, some might be legal vape stoners, some might do it to alleviate social anxiety to help them enjoy parties like yours. Some are probably tinker-vapers who spend more time rebuilding their custom rigs than actually blowing clouds. And many are just vaping for the pure joy of those big delicious clouds. But the one thing they have in common is that those vapes are probably going to wind up at your party. So you might as well plan for it!

Today, we're here to share some fun party planning tips when you know that the vast majority of your guests are going to be bringing their own vapes, blowing clouds, and --probably-- offering to share their vapes and favorite flavors with each other.

Tip 1) Create an Indoor-Outdoor Party Space

If there's one thing vaping can do, it fills a room with clouds. But when those clouds are coming from a dozen different vape flavors, the air can get pretty cluttered with different and possibly conflicting smells. The best way to allow everyone to vape when and how they want to is to keep the air circulation going. And the best way to do that is to simply open the back door and make sure your party spills comfortably out onto the porch or balcony.

An indoor-outdoor party is a great plan for vaping guests because many people already only vape outside as a rule, either to satisfy their landlord or from years of courteous cigarette smoking habits. So make your deck a welcoming spot and plan your party so that social time flows easily from inside the house to outside under the stars. This will also make sure that any vaping that happens indoors will easily dissipate into the night air.

Tip 2) Set Up a Vape Service Station

With a dozen different vape rigs also attending the party, you can almost guarantee that someone will have a leak, a piece will get misplaced, or that someone will run out of/lose/spill the only vape flavor they brought with them for the event. No worries! You can give your vaping party guests peace of mind and create an awesome conversation piece by setting up your very own vape service station in one corner of the party area. 

Start by laying a hand towel out to create the area of the service station that can absorb any spilled e-liquid or water spilled during the cleaning process. For cleaning solutions, add a bottle of water and a bottle of isopropyl alcohol. Pair this with a few small bowls, a package of cotton swabs, and a washcloth, and a roll of paper towels. Your custom-rig vapers may also appreciate a pair of needle-nose pliers. This will create the perfect place for your guests to do a quick vape-repair so that the party never has to stop.

Tip 3) Pair Vape Flavors with Party Snacks

One really fun way to incorporate vape into the core of your party is in how you stock your party snack table. Besides ordering a stack of pizzas and opening a few bags of chips, you can also pair your more flavorful snacks with flavors of e-liquid! In fact, this is the perfect opportunity to spice up your snack table by using your favorite vape flavors as inspiration. Have an endless craving for chocolate? Mewlew's Magic will pair perfectly with your tray of brownies, cookies, and cakes.

Do you adore the taste of s'mores-flavored Campfire e-liquid? So too will your guests enjoy both vaped and real s'mores! And you don't need a campfire to make them, simply lay out graham crackers, chocolate, and marshmallows on a cookie sheet and let your oven do the rest.

Do you adore menthol-minty vape? Look for fun minty snacks like out-of-season candy canes or peppermint dessert bars to pair with a bottle of Mt Shasta on the snack table. And a fruity vape like Cathrine the Grape or Peach Tea will pair perfectly with your drinks selection.

Tip 4) Be Prepared for First-Time Vapers

Then there's the interesting possibility that one of your non-vaping friends will see how much fun everyone else is having and tentatively ask to try some vape for themselves. While you no doubt have many vaping friends willing to share a puff of their personal supply, as the host you can also provide a uniquely awesome first-time vaping experience.

For example, you might set up a vape-tasting bar with a variety of your spare vape rigs, a full selection of nic-free flavors, and an array of clean drip-tips. This means that curious first-timers will be able to try out a few different kinds of vape, discover the path to their own favorite flavors, and vape in a way that definitely won't catch someone else's cold. Pair this with alcohol swabs for the drip-tips and everyone can take a fun taste at your party vape bar!

Tip 5) Make Everyone Help You Clean Up

Our final piece of vape-friendly party advice is to make sure that everyone goes home with their own vape rigs and the bottles of vape they brought with them. It can be pretty much assumed that someone is going to lose a piece of their vape, misplace their e-juice bottle, or go home with someone else's at some point during the party. And that over the next week, you will be returning lost drip-tips and bottles to your friends as you find them between the couch cushions or under the cat bed.

But you can reduce these losses by reminding everyone as they leave (or as the party winds down) to help you clean up and search for anything that's missing. Encourage guests to check their pockets for 'borrowed' rigs, bottles, and drip tps. Ask for help shaking down your couch, checking under furniture, and running the vacuum. You might just find a few pieces of your own vape rigs that have rolled away over the last couple years.


Throwing a vape friendly party is different from throwing a "vape party" but when all your friends are vapers, they tend to be pretty similar. Whether your next party is for a birthday, promotion, anniversary, or just because, we hope these tips will make your next big bash even better by adding a little vape-related cleverness to your party planning. For more fun and awesome vaping insights from artisan e-liquid crafters, contact us today!