Tips and Tricks for Vaping on Business Trips

August 01, 2021

suitcase prepared for business trip or vacation with e-liquids for vaping

For most people, vaping at work just isn't an option. You might be able to catch a few clouds on your lunch break if you hang in the smoking area or take a long walk. But vaping at your desk? Forget it. But what about vaping on business trips?

The moment you hear the phrase "business trip" uttered, your vaper's heart may go pitter-patter. Business trips are a chance to work away from work, to fly freely and vape far from your usual stomping grounds. You might even be able to chase clouds while puzzling over your laptop screen in a cozy Airbnb or a quaint outdoor cafe while officially on work time.

So for all you joyful work-traveling vapers out there, we've put together a few fun and helpful tips for vaping on business trips.


Talk to Your Travel Manager

Your travel manager has the most power over how freely you can really vape while you work on the road. If they book you in a super uptight business hotel, chances are there will be visual smoke detectors (that are triggered by vapor) and a bunch of people who will totally overreact to the appearance of "smoke" coming from an open window. If the windows even open. That's why vaping on business trips can be tricky, but it doesn't have to be. 

Have a chat with your travel manager about swanky (and affordable!) alternatives like...

- Airbnbs

Airbnb is a great resource for professional vapers (professionals who also happen to be vapers) because most Airbnb hosts don't care if you vape. It's a great way to get away with vaping on business trips. After all, there's no lingering residue and the smell does not permeate walls and furniture the way smoke can.

Most Airbnbs are also more private, and likely to have an outdoor area or balcony where vaping is absolutely allowed.

- Hotel Rooms with Balcony Access

You may also be able to get a cool laid-back hotel with a balcony for safe and relaxed vaping if your company isn't super comfortable with Airbnb booking. Balconies are always a great way to get in some vaping on business trips or vacations. Talk to your travel manager about the importance of a balcony, and your preference for a more relaxed environment. They might just be able to find you the perfect place.

Woman on balcony using vape and e-liquid while on business trip


Get a Travel Case for Your Vape Gear

Next, plan for traveling with your vape, especially if you're about to fly. The best way is to have a padded hard-shell carrying case that all your travel vape gear fits into snugly, and that can be packed neatly into your carry-on. This is very important for vaping on business trips. 

- Travel-Sized E-Liquid Bottle

You can't take full-sized e-liquid bottles on the plane due to the 4-oz liquid rule. But you can take a travel-sized bottle to hold you over and catch a few clouds in smoking lounges on either side of the flight. Be sure to have at least one travel-sized unicorn bottle that will fit neatly in your kit.

- Snug Padding for Vape Device

Pick your kit case based on the size of your favorite travel vape and ensure that it fits snugly inside. The last thing you want is your favorite vape rattling around in an oversized or under-padded case. If you have too much space anyway, pad with socks.

- Pocket for Batteries

Be sure there's also space for one or two full sets of batteries tucked and padded into the case. You'll need them.

- Nondescript Exterior

For most vapers, it's best to keep your case low-key. Instead of going with a fancy belt-holster, look for a plain black shell-case. You can decorate the case if you want, but preferably not with artistic clouds. Airports are really uptight.


Travel Charger and Spare Batteries

Remember the cardinal rule of cloud-chasing away from home: you will definitely run out of batteries. You will absolutely want a travel-ready charger that can plug into conventional wall outlets and/or USB charge depending on how you like to manage your gear.

Another tip for vaping on business trips: you will likely also want a spare set of batteries (in your carry-on, for odd airport reasons) so that there's always one set topping up in the hotel room while you enjoy clouds on-the-go.


Flying With Your Vape

Flying with your vape device requires some special rules, especially if your device uses lithium-ion batteries, as many do.

- Travel-Sized E-Liquid vs Luggage E-Liquid

As we mentioned, you can only have travel-sized bottles of e-liquid on the plane. So if you want to pack a serious supply, the bigger bottles will need to go into your checked luggage.

- Vape Devices are Carry-On Only

Vape devices cannot be packed in luggage, even if this seems like the safest way to pack them. So any vape devices you bring will need to be inside your carry-on. Also, don't pack any device that you would feel awful having to replace. Sometimes the TSA is confiscation-happy.

- Separate Device and Batteries

When you take your last pre-airport puff, pop the batteries out of your vape and store them separately in the case. The airport is worried about devices exploding, so vapes and batteries can only travel separately.


Seal Everything Tightly and Bag in Plastic

Expect leaks. Anything with e-liquid in it has the potential to leak all over everything when in flight. Just assume it's going to try no matter how tightly you seal the pieces or caps. Some vapers suggest plumber's tape wrapped around the top and bottom of each tank and the lid-body seam of each bottle to keep the liquid in even if disaster strikes.

In addition, we also suggest putting anything holding an e-liquid inside a sealed plastic bag. Just in case.


Vape Over Your Keyboard with Joy

On your business trip, you have more freedom to vape and work than at any other time, unless you also sometimes work from home. If you managed to snag a sweet little Airbnb, there's a good chance that you can vape indoors consequence-free. If you're in a hotel, you'll need to take some special precautions. And if you're vaping in a cute little cafe enjoying the freedom to work anywhere, be aware of the local feelings on vaping in public.

- Outdoor Vaping

Vaping is almost always legal walking down the sidewalk, but be aware of the proximity to schools, churches, parks, and "high risk" businesses in case the city you're in has applied the "It's just like cigarettes" vaping bans.

- Indoor Vaping

For vaping on business trips that are indoors, especially in an Airbnb, you should have no problems. But keep an eye out for optical smoke alarms. This type of smoke alarm is triggered any time a visible gas (like smoke, vape, or even steam from the shower) interrupts its little laser beam. Be careful not to set these off.

- Public Vaping

Vaping in public, do your research about where vaping is welcome and consider asking the staff before blowing truly impressive clouds on the verandah.


Remember The Rules Heading Home after Vaping on Business Trips

Vaping on business trips is truly stupendous. It's one of the greatest of possible feelings because you can do your work, collaborate with coworkers, and blow big delicious clouds all at the same time. A rare treat for the modern professional. As long as you follow these guidelines and vape with awareness, you should be free to really relax into your business trip and chase bigger clouds than ever before. All while technically clocking in hours with the employer.

For more awesome vape insights or to stock up on high-VG vape to pack for this upcoming working vape-cation, contact us today! We have the best e-liquids and the best e-liquid flavors for all of your traveling needs. 

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