The Most Dangerous Places to Leave Your Vape

March 04, 2019

man vaping in car

Vaping is like eating Pringles. Once you pop your first delicious bottle of high-quality e-liquid, you just can't stop. You vape on the porch, in the bath, by the pool. You like to vape in your car on the way to work because you know you're the coolest commuter on the highway and the vape carries away the stress. You vape during breaks at work instead of smoking and it gives you a reason to walk around under the sky for a few minutes each day.

But because you vape so much, you also sometimes leave your pen or box somewhere less than optimal. We know, we do it, too. You're eventually going to lose your vape and find it in a jacket pocket, or your desk drawer at work. And that's alright. Today, however, we're here to talk about places you definitely shouldn't leave your vape, even if your last puff was right before work, bedtime, or friends arriving.

Trust us, we know from experience.

Edge of the Bath Tub

Vaping in the tub is a joy that most vapers discover eventually. You like relaxing in the tub. You like relaxing with your vape. The combination is perfect. If you're careful, you can even shower and vape. But the last thing you want to do is leave your vape pen or box mod balanced on the edge of the tub. or that tiny bathroom window ledge. 

First, there's the risk of it falling into the water, which will likely kill the device. You also don't want anything that's still hot to touch your bare flesh. But even if it's on the edge of a dry tub as you walk away... bathtubs are all hard plastic and hard tile. A vape rig can take real damage from a fall.

Bathroom Vaping Tip: Have 'vape docks'. Safe places where your vape locks in when you put it down, out of the water. And not suspended by a suction-cup.

Next to the Stove

Vaping and cooking also go naturally hand-in-hand. Both are incredibly aromatic experiences and the right vape can pair with food like a fine wine. if you like vaping when you cook dinner in the evening or do your experimental vaping, we know exactly where you're coming from. It's fun to alternate between reaching for spice jars and taking a delicious pull from your vape as the aromas mix under the stove hood.

However, the kitchen is not where you want your vape to live permanently. Not only is there a semi-constant risk of being dripped on or knocked into the sink, but the combination of stove heat and cooking grease makes an ultimately unsafe place for your vape. Vaping in the kitchen is fantastic, just be sure you don't leave your pen or box next to the stove where the plastic may melt.

man vaping on balcony

On the Railing of the Balcony

Vaping outside is another favorite. Especially if you can get above the first floor. There is something magical about watching clouds spread out into the starry night sky. Or whatever the sky looks like from your balcony or back porch. This is a superb place to vape, especially before bed. But it's also a terrible place to leave your vape rig accidentally. The problem is that any number of unfortunate things could happen to your precious vape rig while unmonitored on that railing.

It could fall onto the floor of the balcony, which would be bad enough as a hard fall. Or, worse, it could fall the other way out into the yard. It might even survive if it hits grass or dirt, but you'll be searching flower beds to find it. Even if it doesn't fall, it could get rained on, stolen by squirrels, or overheat in the hot daytime sun. So remember to bring your vapes inside after a few relaxing outdoor clouds.

In the Car Cup Holder (or On the Dash)

Another risky place to leave your vape is in the car, though the car is often where we need it most. For vapers who have a challenging commute or tend to stress out behind the wheel, a few soothing vapor clouds can really make your life easier. And, naturally, your vape winds up conveniently propped in a cup-holder. Add a little padding to reduce rattle and bump factors, and you've got a really good thing going.

But always remember to snag your vape before actually leaving the car. If you have to leave the car, put it in the glove compartment or somewhere out of direct sunlight. Why? Because the inside of your car can become --alternately-- either an oven or a freezer depending on the season. Sometimes switching in a number of hours as the sun comes up. This is not good for something as simple as your shades on the dash, and it's definitely not good for your vape. 

So if nothing works right after the rig's been in your car for a few days, that's why. And try to grab your vape when you leave the car. That said, in all honesty, most of our vapes are going to eventually die in the car, forgotten over a hot weekend.

By the Pool

Who doesn't love the delicious taste of vape while relaxing in your own backyard pool or hot tub? Even just dipping your feet in the water can be the perfect moment to enjoy your vape in the warm afternoon or cool evening air. However, leaving your vape anywhere near the pool is -- pretty obviously -- a bad idea.

A vape left next to the pool is just asking to fall into the water and become (probably) ruined forever. At the very least, you'll lose that set of cotton wicks and you will very likely drown your battery. But some vapes are pretty sturdy and a vape in the pool can usually be salvaged for at least a few parts. A vape by the pool is also at some risk of sun damage, much like those slowly bleaching pool toys. And, of course, being stolen by vape-jealous squirrels.

Loose in Any Bag

Then there is the final vape risk: Rattling around loose in your bag. Most of us know better and have a special pocket, or at least a smaller compartment, to keep the vape from shaking or turning upside down in a day bag or purse. But sometimes, you have to stow you vape fast and it winds up rattling around loose.

When this happens, you are at the greatest risk of a leak. And not just any leak, one that gets your precious (but oily) vape juice all over the other stuff in your bag. Stuff you probably need to get through your day like pens, phones, and emergency hair gel.


So vapers, beware! It's fun to vape pretty much anywhere, but some places are more risky to leave your vape than others. Be very careful where you leave your vape, especially for long periods of time with environmental hazards like water or sunlight. For more vape lifestyle insights from proud makers of artisan high-VG vape liquid, contact us today!

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