The Life of the Party: How to Bring Vape to a Non-Vapers Party

May 01, 2019

two women vaping at party

You're an avid lifestyle vaper and have been invited to a party... hosted by someone who doesn't vape. Unlike a vaper's party where you can expect to see a dozen different mod models and a competition for vape-rings, you'll have to play it cool with this crowd. There's a good chance you can still bring your vape, and even turn a few partygoers to the cloud side, but etiquette is key when vaping at a non-vapers party.

Fortunately, we've got your back. Here at Velvet Cloud, we know all about playing it cool and finding the best possible vape experience in any situation. So today, we're here to share a few quick smooth etiquette tips on how to bring vape to a non-vaper jam like a pro.

Prepare Your Vape to Party

The first step is to prepare your vape. The last thing you want when showing off for the on-vapers is a leak or battery failure in the middle of your show. This can easily be prevented with a bit of forward thinking and preparation.

Tighten Your Gaskets

Tighten everything. In fact, take your vape apart, clean it, and put it back together as part of tightening everything. This will ensure that your vape is air-tight and leak-free all night while you show off your flashing mod box and ability to blow big billowing vg clouds without coughing.

Pack A Refill Bottle and Spare Batteries

You might vape like a fiend during the party, or your new first-time vaping friends might go mad for clouds after you give them a test drive. It's impossible to know the future, but it is possible to plan for it. So pack a refill bottle and some spare batteries, as these will both inevitably run out if your vape becomes the highlight of the evening.

Pick Your Favorite Vape Charm

If you decorate your favorite vape, don't forget to dress up your rig for the party as well. Apply your favorite skin, break out your bejeweled belt pouch, or hook on your best vape charm to show off how cool and trendy you really are. Or go with your favorite old beat up vape because that's who you really are.

Pocket, Pouch, or Bag?

Finally, prepare your vape holding solution. You will not want to be one-handed all night holding your vape or discover too late that your party-outfit pockets are too tight a fit. Make sure you know how you'll be carrying the vape and that it's a secure method before leaving the house. Whether that's a pocket, a neck pouch, a belt pouch, or a clip onto your bag.


The Outdoor Nicotine Courtesy Check

If you vape nicotine, be aware that there are -- always -- special courtesy rules about bringing nicotine to a party. Even in the highly safe and not-second-hand form of vape. In general, it's assumed that your host would prefer nic-vape be limited to outdoors only, and there is always a risk that even non-nic vapers will be asked to take it outside.

It's also totally okay to ask. Check in with your host and ask where they'd prefer you vape, considering that there's no risk to their furniture, walls, or the lungs of others. Some will be totally cool, and some will ask you to keep it on the deck. Both are pretty normal and reasonable responses.

Sharing Nicotine With Care

Sharing is another interesting concern for nic-vapers. If you vape nicotine, it's easier for you to casually share with smokers who are considering making the change. But impossible to share with non-smoking partygoers. Whatever you do, never accidentally hand a nicotine-loaded device to someone who is not aware or intending to absorb nicotine.

 person holding vape and sunglasses

Vaping Etiquette in a Non-Vaping Crowd

Now for the real vape etiquette. You've brought your vape to the party, you're ready to show off the clouds. Whether that's next to the punch bowl or out on the deck, there's a good chance you'll get a group of people who are fascinated and curious about your vape. They may watch you blow clouds and may even ask to try it. But they might also be afraid or repulsed by vape, so learn to play it really cool.

Avoid Faces

First and foremost, never vape in someone's face. Vapers do this sometimes playfully or intimately because they know it's harmless and funny. But it's universally considered rude to blow clouds in a stranger's face, or anyone who hasn't explicitly made it clear that that's okay. So always be super careful about blowing your clouds up and away from the people you're talking to. Or down into a glass, but never into faces.

Show Off Your Vapor Tricks

Vapor tricks are one of the best rewards we get for blowing clouds. We can practice for hours without the traditional damage of smoke and eventually, those tricks can get pretty cool. show off what you know to amaze your guests and turn your desire to vape into entertainment. Fill a wine glass with vape and watch it swirl around. Shine a light or laser through a cloud. Blow O's for the amusement of your fellow partygoers.

Offer Puffs - With Guidance

And if someone seems really curious or enjoys the smell of your clouds, offer them a puff. Then remember what it was like to take your first puff and offer a few words of guidance on how to breath, avoid coughing, and do some neat tricks. It's possible you'll have one or more eager first-time ready to learn and share.

Entertain with Factoids

And while you're puffing or the conversation turns to your clouds, don't forget to share all the cool stuff you know about vaping. Non-vapers are often fascinated by vaping factoids. Especially how you feel about the scare-tactic BS stuff on the other side of the media.


Bring Enough for the Whole Class

Never be surprised when your party vape becomes a hit. Maybe one person tries it and suddenly everyone wants a puff. Maybe you convince your group of non-vaper friends to each try and now your vape is the party vape. For experienced party vapers and vape ambassadors, the key is to bring enough for the whole class. Bring refill juice, and consider bringing extra devices to pass around.

Whether you're vaping with vapers or spreading the word to non-vaping friends, taking your vape to a party always makes the night more fun. For more awesome insights into the world of vaping and how to be a world-class vaper of any stripe, contact us today or just keep checking out the blog!