The Beginners Guide to Vaping Products and Juices

September 08, 2018

The Beginners Guide to Vaping Products and Juices - Velvet Cloud

We know that you’re looking to start a fun recreational habit such as vaping and we couldn’t be happier for you! With vaping, you can give yourself a great experience with or without nicotine. As someone new to vaping, you’re probably wondering where to start. Believe it or not, you have a lot of options to choose from when you dive into the world of vaping. So take a look at some of the factors to take into consideration when stepping into the world of vaping.

Juice Product
There are two common types of juices that go into making a complete vape product: Max VG and 100% VG juice. What separates vaping from smoking is the fact that the base of it all is a liquid substance that is vaporized rather than a dry tobacco one that is burned and inhaled. Max VG juice is made from an ingredient known as propylene glycol, which is commonly found in e-juices. It’s also found in other forms of enjoyment such as food.

100 VG Juice is made of vegetable glycerin/water, flavoring, and, if it’s available in the juice, nicotine. 100 VG juice is considered very popular amongst the vaping community and is one of the two key ingredients used in making e-juice along with propylene glycol.

PG, or propylene glycol is also a vital ingredient in creating e-juice for vaping products. Because the juice itself is thinner than VG Juice, it is absorbed more easily by tanks inside of the vapor-izers, making it a more enjoyable vaping session. PG is also considered a stronger ingredient than VG, making the hits you take stronger and more flavor-filled.

During the process of vaping, the liquid is placed into the pen. After being placed in the pen, you inhale the vapor and it proceeds to burn (or vaporize) the liquid at a temperature between 200 and 400 degrees Fahrenheit. After this happens, you can begin to see the vapor as you exhale and will experience the flavor that comes from the e-juice.

Vaporizer Pen
The vaporizer is the tool used to vaporize the e-juice and produce the vapor you see when you exhale and is usually powered by batteries, which how the juice is vaporized in the first place. The nice part about owning a vaporizer pen is the diversity that comes with the selection. You can buy one that’s smaller and portable and can be enjoyed for a brief moment, or you can get a larger one, which will likely use more power and give you a greater effect. The part that is re-sponsible for heating the liquid in the vaporizer is known as the atomizer. The atomizer converts the liquid into vapor by heating it to a high temperature. When you inhale from the pen, you’re breathing vapor in from the atomizer.

What battery-powered product wouldn’t be complete without a charger? Most vaporizer pens that are not disposable come with a charger that can be screwed on and off. There are a variety of chargers you can select for your vaporizer pen as well, including wall chargers (similar to the ones you’d use for your phone) or even car chargers to keep your pen powered throughout the day or whenever you aren’t using it.

The eCigarette
These are great for transitioning from actual smoking into vaping. The eCig has a similar aes-thetic to a cigarette, except it’s obviously made from different products than an actual one. eCigs are mostly made from plastic. Like a vaporizer pen, there is a small tank to place e-juice into, which is then vaporized by the atomizer and creates a vaporized smoke as you inhale and exhale from the product itself.

Other Accessories
eCigs or vape pens can also be extremely customizable. There are a number of different parts available to modify and enhance your vaping experience. Some mods can actually give you a stronger effect when you’ve inhaled from a pen. A great example of this is the mod box. With the mod box, you’ll have a better finish, a longer lasting pen life, and a more enjoyable flavor. Many of them come in a variety of different colors, giving your vape product a great new look.

Our online store offers 100 VG juice. Once you choose the device that best suits your needs and preferences and take a look at some of the juices that we have to offer here at Velvet Cloud. We carry a number of different flavors that are both nicotine and non-nicotine products. Want a fruity dessert or a juice that tastes like a ginger bread cookie fresh from the oven? We’ve got those for you and more. Give them a try and enjoy yourself. Velvet Cloud promises that you won’t be disappointed by any of these choices. Have a look today!

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