The 5 Best Rebuildable Atomizers For High VG Vape Liquid

June 05, 2018

Best rebuildable atomizers for high VG ejuice

High VG e-liquid is in. Individuals are growing cultured in the world of vaping. They aren't looking for the punch in the throat that PG vape liquid gives in order to replicate the feel of smoking a cigarette. High VG e-juice is smooth, which long-time vapers or those who haven't smoked cigarettes before prefer. There's also the fact that high VG e-liquid fulfills every cloud chaser's dream of producing big, puffy, full vape clouds.

There can be one problem, however: VG vape liquid is thicker. This thickness makes it more difficult for the atomizer's coil's cotton to get saturated—and the taste of burnt, dry cotton is anything but pleasant. It is for this reason that those who have a PG sensitivity, those who don't want to be overwhelmed by vape flavor, or those who want a big, juicy cloud need to be picky when they choose their rebuildable atomizer. Here are our picks for the 5 best rebuildable atomizers for high VG e-juice:

The Best Rebuildable Atomizers Around:

1. Smok TFV12 Cloud Beast King

High VG brings the cloud, and the Cloud Beast King slam dunks it. Users can expect it to fill a room with vapor in under a minute—and that vapor will have full flavor. One of the most impressive aspects of the Cloud Beast King, though, is that even at its highest wattages it still provides clear, clean flavor. This means that if you decide to rev the tank up to 350W—and you can with ease—the machine will work beautifully and the vapor will be fresh. And with this rebuildable tank atomizer, you won't be getting hassled with little annoyances like leaks and dry hits. Simply put, the tank is well built and reliable. 

holding velvet cloud high vg e-liquid

The rebuildable atomizer comes with three types of coils, allowing you to have different experiences with your 100 VG e-liquid. The V12-T12 is ideal for 130-200W. This coil is for the clouds. It's also the coil that will run through e-liquid the fastest. Then there's the V12-X4. It is perfect for 170-180W and is the coil to use for optimum flavor. Finally, there's the V12-Q4. It's a quadruple coil that provides great flavor while still staying frugal with e-liquid. In short, the reason this rebuildable atomizer makes our list is the simple fact that it has excellent airflow and large wicking holes, allowing it to completely absorb the thicker high VG juice.

2. Griffin RTA

For those who want the ultimate flavor and the ultimate cloud, Griffin RTA might be the rebuildable atomizer for you. Like the Cloud Beast King, it fills a room to the brim in a matter of seconds. The best part of the Griffin is that it is ideal for high VG concentration juices. It wicks easily once you learn how to wick it, which can take some maneuvering the first time--but you'll quickly catch on. 

It is important to note that this RTA is not ideal for the beginner, but rather for vapers who have a little experience. The reason is that replaceable atomizer heads tend to be easier for beginners to get used to, and the RTA's higher wattages can be a little too extreme. However, once a vaper is ready, the step up to the Griffin is often a perfect move. The parts are high-quality but can easily be taken apart for cleaning and be reassembled after. 

3. Sigelei Moonshot 24 RTA

Sigelei started out with the Moonshoot and it was a hit. They then improved on their performance with the Moonshot 24. In order to do this, they integrated four 3mm diameter wick ports, a much larger adjustable airflow, and two 5mm diameter inner air holes. When you break this down, this rebuildable tank atomizer was built for high VG liquid. 

The best aspect of the Moonshot is that it's an RTA that is perfect for beginners, amateurs, and pros. Beginners will love it because it is easy to fill and wick. Pros will love it because the machining of the device is done perfectly. It produces high-quality flavor and the airflow it produces is unparalleled by most other devices. The only downside that may catch up beginners is coiling it. The process is a little challenging and time-consuming. 

4. Avocado 24

The Avocado 24 from GeekVape is a throwback to vaping of days past. The reason for this is that it is reminiscent of an early Genesis-style atomizer. It allows vapers to get a compromise between drip and tank—and modern vapers are loving it. This vape is definitely one that is better suited for those who are experienced with rebuildable atomizers. The reason for this has nothing to do with performance, but rather because the device does not come with an instruction manual for assembly. 

image of velvet cloud e-liquid and rebuildable atomizer

The Avocado provides a very airy vape, which is only compounded by the wide bore delrin drip tip that it comes with. Vapers can adjust the airflow by simply adjusting the airflow ring, allowing users to rely on dual 7mm slots, dual 3 mm holes, or a single 3 mm hole. This type of customization is ideal for those who don't always want the same type of vape, but still always want enough airflow to be able to use high VG liquid. At its core, the Avocado allows vapers to get the drip experience without worrying about always saturating the cotton, which can be a big hassle with high VG e-juice. 

5. Limitless RDTA Plus

iJoy's Limitless Plus basically took all of the complaints about the Limitless and addressed them head-on. They fixed everything. It has the option for a single or double coil in order to reduce juice consumption. With the double coil, though, the juice and power consumption skyrockets. It also comes with a 510 thread adaptor for a drip tip and a silicone chamber reducer for the single coil use. At its core, the Limitless Plus is a dripper, yet it has a tank to the e-liquid supply that is more autonomous. 

The beauty of this RDTA is similar to the Avocado. Vapers get a lot of variability in their vape. This means that high VG ejuice can be used for a softer vape with a single coil and the airflow closed most of the way. It can also be used for a very powerful vape with two coils and the airflow all the way open. 

A final tip: When you're ready to wick and to prepare your atomizer, a good place to start is unflavored liquid. It provides the necessary VG, as well as nicotine (if you want) and is great for wicking your coils without adding flavor. then have a look at our Primer to building your atomizer Article.

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