4 Tips on How to Stealth Vape

September 07, 2018

a man hiding e-liquid in his coat pocket while attempting to stealth vape

Who doesn't love a good vape? There's nothing better than being able to enjoy different premium high VG e-liquid flavors. Although vaping is a great way to let off steam, there may come a time that you want to be discrete. Here are several tips on how to stealth vape and when it might be a good idea to have a vaping session without drawing too much attention to yourself.

When is Stealth Vaping a Good Idea?  

We all know there's nothing wrong with vaping, but some people may not yet understand the difference between vaping and smoking. Stealth vaping may be a good idea when your friend or loved one isn't too stoked about second-hand vapor smoke. Or maybe you want to discreetly vape at work when you're on a break.

Another situation where you may want to stealth vape is when you don't want to cause a distraction at work or in public. After all, people will notice if there's a big cloud of vapor around your face. Stealth vaping can make it easier for others to not get distracted by your vaping and focus on what you are saying. It also shows that you respect other people and your surroundings since you're considerate enough not to subject them to second-hand vapor.

The more you vape in public, the more you'll probably get used to people coming up to you and asking questions about your e-cigarette because they are curious. While that may be fine if you don't have much to do that day and have spare time, it can get tiring after awhile. You can stealth vape on the days where you just do not have extra time in your schedule to stop and talk to people. Vaping can also set off certain fire alarms if you're not careful. Stealth vaping can help reduce the likelihood that your vapor will accidentally set off an alarm.

Regardless of your particular reason, our "stealth vaping" tips can help minimize potential distractions, inconveniences and other problems you may face when you vape out in the open.

General Precaution

As tempting as it may be to stealth vape in areas where it is strictly prohibited, we can't condone or endorse that behavior. You should always respect the law accordingly whenever you vape in public. As long as you follow state and federal laws, you should be okay. Our tips on stealth vaping are only for people who want to use an e-cigarette in areas where they are permissible.

Four Tips on How to Stealth Vape

Tip #1: Don't Change Your Usual Routine or Habits

First, we recommend that you don't act different or suspicious when you are trying to stealth vape. Just follow your usual daily routine without acting like you are hiding something. It is much easier to stealth vape when you are able to intercorporate vaping sessions into your normal routine every day.  

Tip #2: Buy a Small E-Cigarette Device 

A big e-cigarette is a dead giveaway when you're trying to vape in discretion. A large device can make you stick out in the crowd and prompt others to ask you questions about what you are doing. Meanwhile, a small device can really help you conceal your vaping from prying eyes. Buy an e-cigarette that is tiny, light, and slender looking. There are several on the market that could be mistaken for normal, everyday items like a USB drive or a stylus pen. Some people may look at your device and assume it's a battery. A tool with an ambiguous shape will make it so much easier to stealth vape. Smaller devices are also easier to use, store, and operate in public.

Tip #3: Try Your Best to Conceal the Vapor Smoke

Besides your device, you also have to be careful with how you blow vapor out of your mouth. After all, what's the point of getting a small e-cigarette if you're going to try to blow vapor in everyone's face? It takes about 10 seconds or less for the vapor to disparate. Luckily, there are several ways to manage your vapor smoke so that it quickly disappears and allows your vaping to go by unnoticed by others.

One tip is to inhale the e-liquid straight into your lungs and slowly exhale through your nostrils. Try to control the amount of vapor you release by blowing it into your shirt so the fabric will absorb the smell and vapor fumes. You can also exhale it into a napkin or paper towel to block it from being released into the air.

Tip #4: Choose Flavors That Can Blend in With Your Environment

Velvet Cloud campfire e-liquid next to a vaping mod on a table

Lastly, we recommend that you try to stealth vape using e-liquid flavors that are more subtle. Not sure what flavors would work? We recommend blends with citrus, orange, or lemons. These great flavors have a light, pleasant smell that won't bring attention to you. You can also try a more sweet flavor like cherry or vanilla as long as there are no artificial ingredients. Usually, when people smell cherry or vanilla they won't think too much of it, and they may even assume that you're wearing perfume or another product.

Conclusion: Stealth Vaping Can be a Useful Skill

In Conclusion, stealth vaping can be a very useful skill depending on your location and who you are around. When you take the time to choose a small device, conceal your vapor smoke, and choose more discreet e-liquid flavors, you should be able to be easily stealth vape when you are out in the public eye.

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