Vapers are social creatures by nature. We like to gather at parties, swap flavors, and wax on about our personal favorite vape rig components. We like to compare everything from e-liquid flavor to box mod battery compartments and absolutely everything in between. But if there's one thing a social vaper likes best, it's showing off their vape tricks. 

In fact, learning vape tricks to show off is almost the whole purpose of vaping alone between parties and get-togethers with your friends. No doubt, you've all already tried vape rings and determined who can make the roundest, most defined O's among your friends. You've all aimed your vape-cannons at targets, compared impressively large clouds, and exhaled it out your noses like an incense dragon. But there are still plenty of vape tricks you haven't thought of or tried with your friends and we've got the scoop. Check this out:

1) Fill a Glass with Swirling Vape

If you haven't yet, you simply must try filling a clear drinking glass or -- better yet -- a wine glass with thick swirling vape. This works best vaping at lower temperatures so that the clouds are thicker and heavier. All you need for this trick is a clear glass and the desire to do something that looks really cool.

Start by taking a deep hit of vape, savoring the flavor and allowing the clouds to build up in your lungs and sinuses. When you're ready, gently exhale the vape into the glass. if you blow too hard, it will flow right out. But if you breathe like you are pouring a liquid, the vape will actually swirl in the glass as if it were an ephemeral ghost mixer waiting for you to take a flavored sip.

In fact, you might be surprised just how long vape will linger in the bottom of a glass, swirling and showing it's truly fascinating form. If you really want to show your friends sophistication in vaping, carry around the glass as if you were a Scooby Doo villain with a glowing goblet.

2) Fog Up the Dance Floor

Speaking of Scooby Doo, nothing is more 70s chic than a fog machine on the dance floor, obscuring the silhouetted dancers as they boogie down. Of course, at a vape party, you don't need a fog machine to fill the room with sweet-smelling clouds. Every vaper in the joint could, if they wanted to, contribute to fogging up the dance floor as if a fog machine were sitting just out of sight.

But even better is if you can somehow surprise your friends with the sudden dramatic effect of vape on the dance floor. Consider partnering with a friend and a powerful box mod to create tons of clouds all at once, ideally while another friend is busting moves out on the floor. Or, you can bust your own moves and work billowing clouds of vapor into your own choreography. Who's heard of being your own dance-floor fog machine?

3) Reveal Lasers with Vape Clouds

Okay, so the single coolest thing we have discovered about vape is that it looks totally awesome in a laser. Even a little laser. Why? For the same reason that cartoon burglars use mist or smoke to reveal security lasers guarding the super-awesome museum piece they're about to steal. Because vape puts cool-looking particulates into the air in the form of vapor, and those little particles of flavored VG catch the faint light of a laser causing the laser line and the entire cloud to light up like a Christmas tree.

Whether you have a laser pointer or a cool party laser show kit, nothing makes your vape cooler than blowing it through a laser. For weaker lasers, you can play 'spy' by revealing their presence with your awesome powers of vape. And for more powerful lasers, you can show off your beams in a spectacular way by filling the room with a laser-highlighting vape. Seriously, you don' know how cool vape-lasers are until you try it once.

woman holding vape juice at party sitting on couch

4) Breathe Fire through a Flashlight

Another interesting effect, similar to the lasers, is your ability to 'breathe fire' with the effects of billowing vape clouds exiting your mouth. This is very different from playing a smoky-nosed dragon because breathing fire once again requires a prop. And props are the key to hilarious party entertainment. For this trick, all you need is a flashlight, lamp, or light bulb that is currently able to produce light. (do double-check batteries and bulbs before attempting to perform the trick.

This one is simple, but totally awesome if used correctly. First, take a big flavorful hit and let the vapor roll around in your mouth for a moment. Second, point the light at your mouth. And third, exhale into the beam of light. Where the vapor particles encounter the beam of light at the closest point, it can look sort of like you have just lit your vape on fire. You know, in a safe way.

5) Hot Box Your Car - AKA: The Snoop Dogg

Ever wanted to roll up to a party, open the door, and have shwag smoke pouring out the door to form in a cloud of awesome behind you? Of course you do. You were alive in the 90s, weren't you? Back in the days of weak mary jane, hotboxing in a car like that was necessary. Now we do it because hip-hop idols showed us how cool it looks. Mainly, one hip-hop idol. Which is why this trick is known as the Snoop Dogg for everyone in the know.

All you have to do to Snoop Dogg your car (legally and without MJ) is to close the windows, turn off the AC, and vape your heart out for a few minutes while the car fills with vape. Then, when you're ready to step onto the party scene, simply pop your door open and step on out. The vapor will roll out of the car, pooling and swirling around your feet in a way that is sure to make you feel almost as cool as Snoop.

6) Vape Tube Technology

Finally, there's tube technology. Every vaper is different and you may or may not have instinctively collected an empty paper towel tube to blow your vape through and giggle. Let us assure you, as experienced silly vapers, that longer tubes are even more fun. There is something inherently awesome about blowing vape out Here and watching it pour out the end of the tube Over There. Especially if you have strategically positioned the far end of your tube to be right by a friend's ear.

Tubes help you deliver your vape across the room in record time. No matter where you want the vape delivered to. Even to another room. You can use vape tube technology to create an exhaust pipe out your window, to prank your friends, or just create a silly effect that no one can resist laughing at upon witnessing the spectacle... of vape through a tube.