Seven Vaping Insights from Long-Time Pros

March 06, 2019

young woman vaping

Are you new to vaping? Curious about vaping? An experienced vaper who likes fun vaping facts? Today's post is for you.

Vaping is something that is relatively new, but there are still people who have been testing pens and enjoying delicious vape for over a decade. Many more who have only a few fewer vaping years under their belts. And today, we're bringing all that vape-veteran knowledge together into seven concise tips for beginner and intermediate vapers to learn. Because some lessons you don't have to learn from experience, though you probably will anyway.

Without further ado, we give you the seven vaping insights collected from long-time vaping pros.

1) You Do NOT Have to Build a Custom Rig to Enjoy Vape

You may have heard from friends that have been vaping for a while that you absolutely MUST build your own vaping rig to truly experience and enjoy the wonders of vape. While you can optimize your experience with custom vape rigs, you don't need a custom-anything to enjoy delicious vape juice. Just a working pen or mod with a tank, a coil, and a battery. This can be an all-in-one pen or a custom mod box, but honestly, the tasty vape juice is the same.

Don't let a 'custom' box be your barrier to joining the vape community. Pick up an affordable pen or borrow one from a friend and start experimenting with your new favorite flavors. There's really nothing standing in your way.

2) Use a Glass Tank - Don't Settle for Plastic

Vapes come in a wide variety of designs and brands. You are absolutely free to explore and figure out which one you like best. But watch out for what the tanks are made of. Menthol and cinnamon flavored vapes, among other mixes, can heat up hotter than usual inside the tank. And, friends, plastic tanks can crack.

Plastic tanks are tempting because there's little chance they'll break if you drop your vape. But that plastic is not as resistant to heat as a real glass tank. That said, when buying vapes with glass tanks, make sure it's safety glass. Yes, they do sell vapes with non-safety glass tanks that also crack at the drop of a hat. Or rather, at the accidental tipping over of a pen.

3) Shake the Bottle, Not the Vape

You may have heard or read that vape juice needs shaking before you vape. This isn't always true, but some mixtures do settle apart and are richer if you shake them up before use. That said, you want to make sure you do this vigorous shaking with vape juice in the bottle, not once the juice is already in your tank.

Shaking your vape vigorously is a bad idea in general. For the gaskets, for the battery, and just because it's a nice piece of equipment. Shake the vape bottle, then fill your tank. And if you happen to let your vape settle in the tank, re-mix it by gently tilting the vape around in reversing circles. Do not tip upside-down or shake. Or you will regret it pretty much immediately.

4) Leaving a Full Vape is Asking for Leaks

Speaking of leaving vape to settle in the tank, don't. Vapes leak for all kinds of reasons. Usually, that they've come slightly unscrewed and the gaskets are loose. And because vapes are sealed with rubber gaskets (but not also with plumber's tape for obvious reasons), the screws eventually do come loose. Usually overnight, or when you leave your vape in the car, or -worst- when you leave your vape tipped over inside your bag. And when that happens, so too do leaks.

If your vape is empty and relatively clean when the gaskets loosen, you're golden. But if there's a full or even partially full tank of e-liquid? Prepare for oily hands, oily stuff, and the tragedy of lost vape when you finally discover what's happened.vape pens sitting on table

5) Vape Pens areVery Susceptible to Over-Tightening

Once you've experienced a leak, it's pretty tempting to wrench your vape tightly together every time you check on it. It's a good idea to tighten your vape on a regular basis. But it's a bad idea to tighten it as much as your hands and the mechanism allow. Interestingly, this is for two very different reasons.

First, many vape pens have something called a 'pin' where the heating piece (so many names for pieces, we won't even choose) screws into the battery. If you screw those two pieces together too tightly, the pin will become permanently depressed or even retract into its slot and your vape won't connect to power until it's fixed.

And if you have the kind of vape with a fillable tank, those tank pieces are screwed together with -- as we mentioned -- rubber gaskets. Also known as O-rings. The thing about rubber gaskets is that they're soft. which makes them great for sealing but easily damaged by too much pressure and tearing force. If you screw your tank together too tightly, the o-rings will rip and will need to be replaced before your vape seals correctly again.

6) You Can Totally Get Mod-Box Batteries Re-Wrapped

So let's say you do have a box mod and you love it to death. Or maybe you will in the future. Most vape mod boxes run on 18650 batteries, which look like normal batteries only bigger and are lithium-ion. These batteries can run for a very long time, like years. And switching them out all the time can get you pretty attached to your regular batteries.

However, over time, the plastic covers on your batteries may develop a rip. This is not the disaster that a 'damaged battery' used to be. If a battery cover gets ripped, just take it to your local vape shop and they will probably be able to re-wrap it for you. If not, then the next vape shop will. Hardware stores may also be able to re-wrap your batteries and there are even internet guides for DIY. Though we suggest leaving any battery work in the hands of professionals.

7) With Vape, "You Get What You Pay For" Is a Reality

We've talked about how there are so many different kinds of vape you can enjoy. Big to small, plain to fancy, tanks to cartomizers and everything in between. But quality does matter. A low-quality vape rig will leak more often, break more easily, and more likely have a lifespan of a few months rather than several years. While a high-quality vape rig is more likely to resist leaks, survive falls, and serve you faithfully until you're ready to try something new. This is often closely (but not directly) related to the price of the vape. But always check reviews (on and off-site) before making your choice.

Interestingly, similar can be said about vape juice, aka e-liquid. Cheap e-liquid can be pretty tasty and a good way to introduce yourself if you're afraid of spilling and wasting good flavor. But cheap e-liquid will also dry your mouth out and the flavors tend to be... flatter. More one or two-dimensional than the complex palette ticklers that you can get with premium vape and flavors. Aim for high-vg mixes from artisan brands for the best vape experience.

The Most Important Thing About Vape is Your Enjoyment

Finally, remember that no matter what you've heard, the entire point of vaping is for you to enjoy it. Use the pen or mod box you want to. Find the flavors you like best. Vape them in the ways that you enjoy most. Don't worry about how other people vape, or why they vape. Find your own motivations and favorite methods instead. Vape is a really fun and tasty way to clear your sinuses, quit smoking, or just enjoy big clouds. These tips can help you cut out some of the 'learning from experience' cycles. But ultimately, do what works best for you.

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