A Safety Guide for Vaping With Pets

December 03, 2018

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If you love vaping while you're at home and you own a dog, cat, or other pet, you may find yourself wondering if you're putting your precious sidekick in any danger as you puff, puff, puff away. Most people are aware that second-hand smoke from traditional cigarettes can be very harmful to humans and pets...so what about e-cigarettes?

Well, here's the good news. At this time there is no evidence that shows vaping is harmful to pets, same as there's no evidence that it's bad for humans. As long as you do it responsibly you don't have to worry about harming your favorite four-legged pal. With that being said, if you do vape in your home often there are some safety concerns that you need to be aware of. Have you ever paid attention to the warning on the bottle? It clearly reads "Keep away from pets and children." Consuming certain e-liquids can be deadly for animals, so if you vape on the regular and have pets, you should follow this safety guide to keep everyone healthy, happy, and safe.

Main Concern: Hiding Your E-Liquid

As we mentioned, the main cause for concern regarding pets is the e-liquid itself. It's quite simple - nicotine is a poison, it's found in e-liquid, and drinking it can be fatal. 

To grasp a better understanding of why pets (and kids) are the number one concern when it comes down to e-juice poisonings, we need to dive deeper into learning about poison risks. Think of it this way, the bigger you are the more poison it takes to poison you. This equals trouble for most animals since they could ingest just a tiny amount and be in critical danger very quickly.

Each situation and animal is different but this is a general "good rule of thumb": A toxic dose of nicotine is about 1-2 mg per pound, and a lethal dose of nicotine for pets is about 4 mg per pound.

Even though some e-juices contain lower nicotine levels, consuming an entire bottle could still pose a serious threat to your precious pooch. Besides nicotine, there aren't any other concerning ingredients found in e-liquids (besides PG which we will get to later). At Velvet Cloud, all of our e-liquids are top of the line - a natural VG base, vegan, no added coloring, no artificial sweeteners, sugar-free, GMO-free, and gluten-free. So if you vape without added nicotine or lower amounts, the danger level for your pet reduces drastically. If you do enjoy nicotine e-liquids, keep those bottles in a secure and safe spot at all times!

Signs of Nicotine Poisoning in Pets

If you suspect your pet has eaten your e-cigarette or e-liquid, immediately check their tongue and gums. If they've consumed something poisonous you will see blue, purple, white, or bright red coloring.

Other common signs to look for include:

  • Vomiting
  • Diarrhea
  • Tremors
  • Drooling
  • Excessive salivation
  • Constricted pupils
  • Excitement/Odd behavior
  • High pulse/high temperature
  • Lethargy
  • Loss of appetite
  • Blood in stool
  • Nosebleeds

If you notice any of these signs or see damaged/eaten e-liquid bottles containing nicotine, call your vet immediately.

Where & How to Store E-liquids

Now that you know storing e-liquids is the number one concern, it's time to find the perfect hiding spot.

Wherever you store them must be high enough so that pets can't jump, bite, swat, or reach them. Whether that be a high shelf in your kitchen or a lockable safe in your closet, find a location that isn't easily accessible. Make it impossible for curious cats and smart dogs to not even be given the chance to sniff out your secret stash.

an image of Velvet Cloud peach-flavored e-liquid on a table with fruit

Here's the catch, if you refill your tank often, you'll typically have a bottle on or around you most of the time. This is where you need to be mindful of where your pet is and where your e-juice bottle is. Typically, dogs are more interested in e-juice over cats and enjoy the smell of it so you have to be especially careful to keep them out of reach. It's common sense really: watch your pet and safely store your e-liquids.

When you're thinking of where to keep your beloved e-liquid stash, try to keep them away from light and minimize their exposure to air. Following these tips will ensure you get the maximum shelf life out of your juice.

Can Vapor Harm Your Pets?

Since there are no definitive studies done yet, the answer to that question isn't exactly clear-cut. While we don't recommend blowing vape in your pets face, there aren't any real concerns to be worried about. Most studies that have been done on second-hand vaping do not find any detectable amounts of harmful chemicals floating around in the air afterward. It's such a low amount that it's hard to even establish if it's from the vape or if it was already in the air prior to vaping. Based on what we know, the vapor isn't harmful to your pets and any potential risks are minimal. Just be sensible and don't blow huge clouds directly into your pet's face.

If you want to take extra precautions, use your e-cigarette outside, have a separate room where you vape, or keep your vaping areas well ventilated by opening a window.

Strange Sensitivity: Cats & PG

For some reason, cats are extremely sensitive to PG levels found in some e-liquids. When cats ingest PG they can get Heinz Body Anemia, which is a condition where the hemoglobin in red blood cells loses its natural structure and reduces the cells' ability to carry oxygen to the body. As you can imagine, this is a very serious and life-threatening situation.

Don't worry too much though, cats would have to consume a very large amount of PG for it to cause negative effects, and second-hand smoke isn't enough to cause any issues. Minimizing exposure whenever possible is always a good idea, and if you want to be extra cautious try not to vape around their food and water bowls.

(Velvet Cloud e-liquids are 100% PG FREE, so if you buy from us you won't have to worry about any scary PG cat-risks.)

Checklist: How to Keep Your Pets Safe

  • Store your e-juice somewhere pets 100% can't access it.
  • Be mindful of bottles that you constantly keep with you on a daily basis.
  • Don't blow vape directly in your pet's face.
  • Keep PG away from cats.
  • Don't leave an e-cigarette charging at your laptop or other charger and then leave the room. Pets WILL get curious, come in, and potentially bite into it.
  • Immediately call your vet if you suspect nicotine poisoning.
  • Or call Pet Poison Helpline at 1-800-213-6680 (free of charge)

What About Other Pets?

Dogs and cats are the most common, but we haven't forgotten about other animals! As long as you don't pour e-liquid into your snake, hamster, or bearded dragon's water source, you're good to go. Second-hand vaping isn't anything to be concerned about either, as long as it's not directly blown in their tank or cage.

Bottom Line: Vaping is Safer Than Smoking for Your Pets

Exactly how it is with humans, vaping is safer than traditional smoking for your pets too. As long as you use caution when storing your e-liquids (especially those containing nicotine), there are no serious threats. Second-hand vapor isn't likely to cause any negative side effects and is much better for them than second-hand smoke. Keep vaping away ladies and gentleman, your pets are golden.

For the best e-liquids on the market, check out Velvet Cloud today!

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