5 Reasons Why It's Easier to Quit Smoking with Vaping

March 15, 2019

5 Reasons Why It's Easier to Quit Smoking with Vaping - Velvet Cloud

There are a few iron-willed smokers out there who can quit cold turkey and never look back. We've heard about them, we may even know one. People who smoked for years and one day just put down the pack and walked away. Most of us aren't like that. Most smokers go through massive ordeals to quit and struggle with the temptation of the lingering addiction sometimes for years afterward. Gum and patches often aren't enough to really ease the pain of quitting and they do nothing to break the habits of addiction - like buying a pack with your morning soda and kolache on the way to work.

But vaping offers an entirely new (and way less stigmatized) alternative for smokers looking to quit for good. Nicotine-bearing e-liquid is the first alternative to traditional NTR methods that allows a smoker to immediately stop the harmful effects of cigarettes while more carefully easing themselves off of daily nicotine doses. Thousands of people have successfully transitioned from cigarette-strength vape to 0-nicotine vape over a few months and have never looked back to cigarettes or nicotine again. Others have discovered that without the negative side-effects of cigarette smoking, that small doses of nicotine actually have some medical benefit for them - which is why many people start smoking in the first place.

Today, we're here to talk to smokers and recent ex-smokers who are still unsure about using vape as a method for quitting. Today, we're here to highlight the benefits, the pros, the coolest stuff about quitting with vape. Stuff we think most smokers will agree is better than quitting cold-turkey or with patches and gum.


1) You Still Get to Puff Vapor and Blow Clouds

If you're anything like our ex-smoker friends, blowing clouds and playing smoke games is one of the great joys of smoking. In fact, if you've been smoking for a long time, those mannerisms have become a part of your personality. You still want to blow billowing clouds out your window during the boring morning commute. You still want to practice blowing O's when you're alone at home, then show that off 'casually' to friends when you're out painting the town. 

You still want to take 'smoke breaks' when family or friend situations get too heated, or awkward, or you just want to step out and take a walk. And you still find yourself reaching for a cigarette in times of stress or boredom, or when you want to think deeply about something for a few minutes.

Vaping allows you to keep all these mannerisms that smoking built into your current personality. You can vape on the commute to and from work, you can blow recreational clouds at home or out with friends. You can still make use of your awesome smoke tricks you practiced for so many hours over the years. And yes, nicotine-bearing vape is equally helpful when you have to spend a few long minutes in the bathroom.


2) You Can Ease Off Nicotine at Your Own Pace

Classic forms of NTR (Nicotine replacement therapy) suggest that you quit smoking entirely, then keep yourself vaguely functional with trace amounts of nicotine in patches and gum. But the way physical dependency works means that classic NTR is pretty much a living hell for anyone who tries it. Which is ridiculous.

When a doctor eases a patient off of an addictive medication (like steroids, for example), they very slowly reduce the dosage over months. First 7/8ths of the dosage, then 3/4ths, then 2/3rds, then 1/2 of the original dosage. They do this to ease the pain of withdrawals and train the patient's body to let go of the physical dependency on the drug. So why don't doctors offer this to their smoking patients who want to quit? Why does medical-approved NTR insist smokers manage their addiction by quitting 90% all at once?

With nicotine e-liquid vaping, you can provide practical addiction easing for yourself, scaling your nicotine use down from your usual daily to fractions smaller than any light cigarette or NTR patch/gum would allow. All without the risk of cancer or other health problems that come with trying to simply reduce your cigarette intake. Ex-smokers who use nicotine vape can not only decide on the precise concentration of nicotine in their e-liquid, you can also control how many puffs you take per day. Including only attaching your 'nic-tank' once or twice a day and vaping 0% nicotine vape the rest of the day just for fun.

Interestingly, if you're someone who benefits from a little nicotine for medical reasons (schizophrenia, anxiety, depression, adult ADHD to name a few), then easing off nicotine may also be a journey to 'find your level'. Many people drawn to smoking because of these conditions find that they never fully leave nicotine behind, but without smoking, there are no additional health risks to self-treating with small doses of relatively harmless nicotine extract.


3) You Don't Have to Leave Tobacco Flavor Behind

People who have not smoked cannot understand, but many smokers enjoy their favorite brand of cigarettes for the taste as much as anything else. If you are an aficionado of tobacco flavor and have always appreciated the rich dried-plant aroma that comes from your favorite brand of cigarettes, you don't actually have to leave that behind!

Don't let all the sweet-tooth flavors fool you. The vape trend was started by smokers seeking e-cigs, so there has always been a respected section of the e-liquid flavors dedicated to tobacco. If you want the rich taste of tobacco with your nicotine (or even nic-free!), that something the vape community is prepared to offer you. Here at Velvet Cloud, we've made sure that our ex-smoker customer base is well served with our 'bearded' line of flavors. 

Burley Beard is our pure tobacco flavor, for anyone who wants a simple delicious natural flavor without any of the fancy fruity stuff. Or if you want to mix tobacco flavor into other flavors on your own. If you do want to try tobacco with warm sweet kick, White Beard is a delicious blend of butterscotch, vanilla custard, and medium tobacco which smells amazing as you might be able to guess. And for a fruity variety, Blue Beard features Virginia tobacco and blueberries for a light sweet tobacco flavor.

Or, if you find out that you really love the original non-tobacco vape flavors, you can manage your nicotine while leaving tobacco behind entirely.

Velvet Cloud Premium Vaping ELiquids

4) Vaping is Much Less Expensive than Smoking or NTR

A week of nicotine patches costs between $20 and $40 per 7-pack. A pack of nicotine gum costs $10-$15 per 20-pieces. That's up to $55 a week, which just might be more than your initial smoking habit cost in the first place. And everyone knows that cigarettes, while once worth pennies, are now exorbitantly expensive in a tax-based attempt to discourage smoking.

So all-in-all, both smoking and quitting are pretty hard on the bank account.  But vaping was designed to be cost-efficient and hasn't yet been taxed into oblivion by Big Tobacco and rabid e-cig opponents. A bottle of 120ml e-liquid costs $20-$40 depending on the quality and can last you between two weeks and a month depending on how much you like to vape each day.

And, believe it or not, the nicotine concentration is never included in the price. Whether you are starting with a high dose to successfully make the switch or lower your nicotine concentration over time, the price of the bottle remains the same. This is one of the many ways that the vape community makes ex-smokers feel welcome; by not penalizing nic-vapers no matter what stage of quitting you happen to be in.


5) You Might Quit Without Really Meaning To

Finally, there is the fact that quitting with vape can be so easy that you may not even realize you're doing it. There are tons of smokers who make the switch from cigarettes to nic-vape just for the health reasons with no actual intention of quitting nicotine. But because nic-vape means you never have to worry about going without, it also becomes easier to reduce your use without noticing. You may find yourself taking fewer puffs each day and not stressing out if you accidentally left your vape at home or in the car. 

Many ex-smokers reduce their nicotine concentration casually as they seek the 'perfect level' for occasionally indulging in nicotine. And over time, you may find yourself a lot closer to quitting than you have ever successfully been before. Even if it was not your intention to use vape to quit in the first place. From there, you can easily choose to switch to all 0mg vape or continue your nicotine use on a very safe and low level for years into the future.

Quitting by accident is surprisingly common in the vape community because nic-vape takes the desperation, stress, and even the negative stigma out of the equation. Not to mention health problems.



Here at Velvet Cloud, we strive to offer both nicotine and non-nic vapers the highest quality e-liquid options in the business. Because we believe that ever vaper deserves the best possible experience, nicotine or not. Ex-smoker or not. Whether you're here for medical reasons or just to enjoy a few big delicious clouds. Today, we'd like to say that we've known hundreds of ex-smokers and support each person in their own unique journey to perfecting, reducing, or leaving behind their nicotine use.

Our artisinally blended flavors are made with pure VG base, meaning no parabens or allergic reactions. We have hand-crafted our selection of flavors to appeal to sweet-tooths, mint-maniacs, and tobacco aficionados alike. Whether you are struggling to quit smoking or thinking about a leisurely switch to vape, we are happy to welcome all ex-smokers to the vaping community with your choice of flavor and nicotine concentration to suit our tastes and needs.

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