Product Spotlight: Our White Beard E-Liquid

January 07, 2019

an image of Velvet Cloud's white beard e-liquid next to a vape mod

The quest to hone in on the perfect e-liquid is a personal journey, leading us to break new ground in our pursuit of fresh flavors that will tickle the taste buds of even the pickiest of vapers. While some prefer natural tobacco-flavored e-juice and others prefer our tasty line of unique dessert e-liquids, finding some middle ground (or Middle-Earth, if you prefer) with flavors like White Beard lets you jump headlong into both worlds. Here's what makes our White Beard e-liquid a great part of the lineup.

The Flavors of White Beard

For those of us who have just a touch of a sweet tooth, one of our best tobacco-flavored e-liquids is likely to really hit the spot. Hints of custard and butterscotch are blended with the natural flavor of tobacco, creating an earthy but mildly sweet combination that is ideal for any situation. Vapers tend to come back to White Beard for a variety of reasons, including the "subtle tobacco flavor that matches perfectly with the butterscotch," as one verified customer boasted while complimenting the chefs.

The RY4 juice that White Beard is brewed in also helps create the perfectly smooth and soothing finish, making for a sublime bit of vaping. While RY4 juice is more known for delivering a combination of caramel and vanilla, blending the underlying tobacco flavors with butterscotch and custard is a mouthwatering remix of the classic flavor. White Beard also comes with our commitment to using only natural VG bases and staying clear of artificial sweeteners, added coloring, and GMOs. Thanks to the perfect amount of natural sweetness slipped into the tobacco flavor that many of us find essential to vaping, White Beard packs a powerful punch for anyone looking for a tasty experience you won't tire of anytime soon.

The Versatility

Even those with fairly regular schedules are constantly in and out of many situations throughout an average day. In such a complex modern world in which not every vaping session is the same, we naturally want different things at different times in the same way our food cravings shift from breakfast to dinner, and from one setting to another. While some e-liquids are more specialized, the beauty of a carefully blended flavor like White Beard is that it is a great fit no matter when or where you fire up your EC.

That makes it a terrific option not only when you need a hint of sweet to make it through the workday, but also for more stressful times when you're looking to satisfy a craving for natural tobacco flavor. It has enough flavor to make it a good choice for a more celebratory vape, though it also provides the type of vaping experience that is a great companion for the daily grind. With its myriad collaborating flavors, White Beard is designed to fit the busy lifestyles of any type of vaper out there.

The Inspiration for White Beard

"Poetry in the swirl of flavors" is how one customer put it after tasting our White Beard e-juice, pointing to the visions of Middle-Earth drummed up by the inspiration behind the flavor. For others, "the clouds, the flavor, and the throat hit are so good you'd be right to think the sorcerers over at VC are practicing the dark arts." Just like the J.R.R. Tolkien's iconic saga, The Lord of the Rings, the takeaways are in the eyes of the vaper when it comes to White Beard, but it's safe to say that the underlying flavors are known to be a delicious jolt to anyone's EC.

an image of tobacco-flavored e-liquid next to a vape pen

But even though images of mysterious forests and epic quests can be part of the experience (for the Tolkien initiated), the earthy underside of White Beard is what provides the balance. With a natural-tasting tobacco base for the flavor, it's also a particularly good fit with ex-smokers who still enjoy an authentic tobacco flavor in their e-liquids. Because of its versatility, hint of a throat hit, and medium tobacco flavor, former smokers might find that Mordor isn't so difficult to conquer after all.

We Have Lots of Other Flavors to Try

Customization continues to be a driving force for the evolution of vaping, with the best e-liquid producers concocting tasty blends of natural flavors that have helped take the vaping experience to the next level. With a flavor like Blue Beard, vapers get a unique and outright delicious combination of natural tobacco flavors like Virginia and honey cured, which helps make it another great choice for former smokers. Layered into the tobacco flavors at its core, blueberries and blackberries help the tobacco flavor pop while adding a tinge of sweet fruit, making it another e-juice that is well-suited for any time of the day. Anyone who loves the natural tobacco flavor also would be remiss not to try Burley Beard, an e-liquid that was created to be the perfect salute to tobacco at its purest form.

For a uniquely fresh flavor, the extremely versatile Mt. Shasta Frost is another e-liquid sure to satisfy. Starting with a menthol base, the e-liquid adds in additional mint flavors like spearmint and peppermint to create a cool and crisp vaping experience that will remind you of the sprawling forests of the Mt. Shasta Wilderness in northern California. Mt. Shasta Frost is also designed to be mixed with your other favorite flavors, letting you easily take customization into your own hands.

The creativity doesn't taper off when looking at the rest of the line of customized e-liquids either, as Velvet Cloud's fruit and dessert options offer even more paths to search for your perfect vape. From Catherine the Grape and Melonomenon to Frosted Gingerbread and Campfire, your next favorite flavor is just waiting to meet your EC.

The Old World and the New World Await

There are so many flavorful combinations in the current world of vaping that zeroing in on the right match for you can require some trial and error. Even though sweeter e-liquids have dramatically gained in popularity over the last decade, the top producers are also producing outstanding tobacco-flavored e-juices that cater to anyone hoping for a more old-school experience. With a flavor like White Beard, you end up with a tribute that also points toward the new world of unique and customized flavors. Whether you have a sweet tooth or not, bold concoctions like White Beard and company offer an amazing opportunity to taste both the past and future of vaping, providing excellent vaping experiences befitting a range of taste buds and interests.