The Perfect Throat Hit: 5 Ways to Achieve It without PG

August 13, 2018

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Whether you're a beginner or seasoned vapor, you've likely heard of people talking about getting that "perfect" throat hit. But you may still be left wondering exactly what this means. Well, we're here to show you exactly what a throat hit is and all the ways you can achieve it without having to add any PG to your favorite high VG juice. You'll find your perfect throat hit in no time at all, so stay tuned.

What is a Throat Hit?

Basically, a throat hit is that glorious feeling you get when the vapor from your e-cig hits the back of your throat after you inhale it. Not all throat hits are the same, which makes a lot of sense when you consider how many variables are involved with vaping. There are many different e-cigarette models, setups, and mods, not to mention the countless amount of premium e-liquids available on the market today each with their own unique flavors and strengths.

Two Main Types of Throat Hits

When it comes down to it, there are two types of throat hits: strong and weak. A strong throat hit is when you feel an instantaneous hit at the back of your throat when inhaling. Ex-smokers say it's very similar to the feeling of inhaling a traditional cigarette. It's also why most beginners who used to smoke cigarettes are chasing the stronger hit; to get this familiar sensation back into their lives. For first-time beginners, a strong throat hit can feel unpleasant and will most likely cause them to cough.

As you probably guessed, a weaker throat hit is the exact opposite of a strong one. Rather than the vapor hitting the back of your throat, the vapor goes down smoothly right as you inhale. The effect on your throat is minimal, and it won't cause you to cough. Because of this, first-time beginner vapors tend to enjoy a weaker throat hit. There's absolutely no shame in enjoying a smooth and mellow hit!

What's the "Perfect" Throat Hit?

Now that you're up to speed on the difference between a strong hit and a weak one, finding the "perfect" throat hit all comes down to your personal preference. Like we mentioned previously, an ex-smoker will lean more towards a strong hit, whereas a weak hit will satisfy those looking for a subtle and smooth hit. Or maybe you'd like a mix of the best of both worlds? The best way to figure out what your perfect hit is to experiment for yourself to find out what you like. There are a number of variables that can be adjusted to meet your desires.

5 Ways to Achieve Your Perfect Throat Hit (Without Adding Any PG!)

1. Adjust the Nicotine Strength

Bottom line, the amount of nicotine in your e-juice is a key element of your throat hit. The more nicotine you have, the stronger the throat hit. High-nicotine juices are powerful, but for ex-smokers, it may be just what they need to replicate the sensation of cigarette smoke as they're adjusting to e-cigs.

If you want less of a throat hit, choose an e-liquid with less nicotine in it. As a general guide, anything over 16 mg/ml nicotine strength generally gives you a strong hit, and weaker throat hit juices have nicotine levels of 10 mg/ml or lower.

2. Adjust the Power Setting

If you're using a model with an adjustable power setting, it will be easier to control the strength of your throat hit. The more you turn up the power, the stronger the throat hit will be. The more you turn it down, the smoother or weaker the throat hit will be. Basic e-cigarettes can't be adjusted, so if you're searching for a stronger throat hit, it may be wise to invest in a better model.

3. Explore New Flavors

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Believe it or not, the best e-liquid flavors can also affect your throat hit. For example, if you're looking for a sweet, mild and smooth hit, aim for dessert flavored e-liquids such as chocolate or coffee. If you'd like a stronger hit, choose menthol or citrus. You can also simply add these to your current favorite flavor to give it a needed boost.

4. Adjust the Airflow Settings

If you've adjusted your power settings and Nicotine ratios but still aren't fully content with the throat hit, adjusting the airflow setting may help solve your problem. A more open airflow will reduce your throat hit, and a tighter airflow will increase it. When you're allowing more air to be drawn in, you're making the vapor less concentrated which in turn reduces the impact on your throat. On the flip side, tightening the airflow leaves the vapor more concentrated which gives you a stronger throat hit. It's a small change, but it may be enough to bump you up to that perfect throat hit you've been craving.

5. Test Out New Wicks

Your wick choice directly impacts your throat hit, but many vapers don't even realize they can make this simple change since cotton is typically the go-to wick. Cotton always gives a pleasant, clean flavor, as well as a gentle throat hit if that's what you're looking for.

For a more intense hit, you can easily re-wick a rebuildable atomizer or tank and replace the cotton with a hemp wick. Just a fair warning - this is an extreme change and most vapors find it too harsh, but if you've tried everything else and still aren't happy with your throat hit, a hemp wick will do the trick. You can also make this change if you choose to only use premium 100 VG juice along with low nicotine, as switching to a hemp wick will greatly increase the hit strength.

Finding the Perfect Throat Hit Doesn't Need to be Hard!

For new and old vapors alike, finding the perfect throat hit is a crucial and exciting dimension in the world of vaping! Take a moment to think about your current setup and then test out these tips to find the perfect throat hit and take your vape game to the next level.

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