Nutty Cookie E-Liquid: A Guilt-Free Sweet Treat for the Holidays

December 07, 2018

An image of Nutty Cookie holiday flavored e-liquid from Velvet Cloud

Satisfying a sweet tooth doesn't actually have to involve Halloween candy and holiday-season treats, as the evolution of vaping continues into the mouthwatering world of specialized e-liquid blends. With artisanal e-liquids like Nutty Cookie and other dessert flavors, you get all the benefits of a high-VG e-liquid while enjoying a vaping experience that tastes nearly too good to be true – all without the calories and guilt that accompanies Aunt Sally's homemade goodies. Even if you love the natural feel of an unflavored VG e-liquid, splicing in some of today's hottest flavors can be the perfect little guilt-free treat for those with a wandering eye for sweets.

An Ideal Companion for the Holidays

There are a thousand reasons that vapers end up taking frequent vape breaks during the holidays, particularly in a polarizing world that penetrates even the closest of families, companies, and organizations. But there is another situation that can also be problematic: the endless carousel of high-calorie sweets that seems just about inescapable. For those with the proverbial sweet tooth, making it through the holidays can be stressful for this alone – especially for ex-smokers trying to keep off the pounds after making the switch to vaping.

This is also where the top e-liquid producers of today have stepped up their game, offering options that the traditional cigarette industry could only dream about. Our dessert line of products is designed with the personal vaping experience in mind, as it couldn't be easier to load up your EC with a flavor delicious enough to keep your hand out of the cookie jar. Flavors like Nutty Cookie also come with our commitment to a natural vaping experience, with our vegan and gluten-free products made right in our Portland, Oregon facility with no added coloring and no artificial sweeteners. When you're enjoying a delicious little treat of your own in the middle of your work holiday party, it will be easy to see just how far the vaping experience has come.

Why Nutty Cookie?

It would be fairly difficult to actually go wrong with picking from among our dessert e-liquids, but our Nutty Cookie is guaranteed to satisfy the inner cookie monster in all of us. A sugar-cookie base gives way to a layer of hazelnuts, macadamia nuts, and pralines, making for our own unique twist on a cookie classic. To really tie the experience together, a whiff of white chocolate is the finishing touch that makes Nutty Cookie one of our tastiest of treats, and the perfect way to push back against cravings.

An aerial view of Velvet Cloud's dessert flavored E-liquid named Nutty Cookie

Other flavors that can work as perfect companions to our Nutty Cookie e-liquid include Frosted Gingerbread, Night Shift (think a delicious combo of donuts and coffee), Mewlew's Magic (a dream of fudge, butterscotch, and chocolate), and Vanilla Custard. With our Campfire flavor, you'll also feel as if you were transported to the middle of the woods thanks to a delicious blend of graham crackers, marshmallow, and chocolate.

Smooth and Natural VG E-Liquids

Those who opt for ultra-high VG e-juices – like the ones Velvet Cloud specializes in – are typically looking for a specific type of experience. Choosing from our e-liquids is akin to spending a morning strolling through a farmer's market, as our mission is to deliver only the best ingredients directly from our facility to your EC. High VG e-liquids are also all about tasting the natural sweetness of the vegetable glycerin, which cuts to the core of a philosophy that has no interest in the artificial sweeteners and other ingredients that simply don't belong in your e-juice. Our specialized dessert e-liquids like Nutty Cookie build on the natural flavors without having to start from scratch, ensuring a much more organic style of vaping than wasn't even possible just a short time ago.

Though you won't get the throaty hit associated with PG-based liquids, you trade that in for a smoother experience that is much gentler on your throat and mouth. Ultra-high VG e-liquids also don't have the allergy problems associated with those with a PG base, which has provided ample incentive for many to seek out the VG e-juice lifestyle. With our sweetest e-juices, you get all the benefits of the high-VG vaping experience with an extra bonus of flavor that can turn your average vaping break into something special.

The Customized World of Vaping is all About Experiences Both Old and New

Just like with food, vaping is all about being in the right state of mind, about sweet memories collaborating with new experiences. That's also right at the heart of our dessert line, as each flavor is carefully crafted to give the vaper something both familiar and yet unique. All of our dessert flavors epitomize a classic human experience, from the tinges of sweet that might get you through a night shift to the flavors that have been essential to campfires everywhere for generations.

With flavors like Nutty Cookie e-liquid, vapers are tapping into experiences that date back more than a millennium, as humans have been whipping together different types of delicious cookies since at least back in the 7th century. Since then, cookies have become a staple of cultures and traditions all over the globe, which is probably why they all seem to magically disappear during the holiday season no matter how many are made. But while each one you down comes with plenty of calories and guilt, Nutty Cookie skips the major drawbacks without ditching a seminal human experience.

Try Our Many Mouthwatering E-Liquids

Cutting out the sweets throughout the year – particularly during the holidays – can be nearly as challenging as quitting smoking to begin with. But where there is a dilemma there is always a creative solution, including the many mouthwatering e-liquid flavors that are now able to sate your sweet tooth without the calories. Combining the natural world of high-VG e-liquids with our tasty new combinations sure to leave vapers smacking their lips, vaping breaks can be much more than just a way to get your fix.

From the best unflavored VG-based e-liquids out there to the tastiest dessert flavors available, Velvet Cloud is the place to find the perfect e-juice to fit your taste buds and lifestyle.

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