Adult Flavors For Adult Choices

One of the most enjoyable benefits about the Velvet Cloud Premium High VG E-liquid vaping experience is the unlimited variety of sensuous flavors which adults love. "Unlimited variety" is an exaggeration you say? In this article, we'll explore the max VG blends that provide you with the fundamental flavors which are outstanding as stand-alone e-juices for vaping, as well as for the adventurous vaping connoisseurs who thrive on creating unique flavor blends of their own.

For smokers moving up to the Velvet Cloud, variety is the key to satisfaction which allows them to put the hazards of combustible tobacco behind them forever. As a smoker, you were limited to the general choice of regular or menthol, king-sized or 100s, and that was about it. Flavor distinctions between cigarette brands in those 2 general categories were usually subtle, and many smokers tolerated the appalling lack of flavor sensation based on the lowest priced product to save a few bucks in an excessively taxed market. Venturing into cigars could offer a slightly better palette of flavor choices but at the cost of ingesting intolerable doses of cancer-causing tar, with nicotine content that's through the roof. And pipes? Really who are we, Sherlock Holmes? As the discerning vaping e-liquid critic at All Day Vape remarked in his rave review of Velvet Cloud's rich Burley Beard tobacco flavor blend:

"This vape begins with a rich smokiness – one that I have been craving since giving up all manners of cigars and pipes." 

The Velvet Cloud Nothing Weird Policy

As we leave our cigars, pipes, and flavor-deprived cigarettes behind, the broad range of flavor experiences available in the vaping world goes a long way to filling that "craving void" with a new and healthier type of satisfaction. How healthy? Velvet Cloud's motto has always been "nothing weird" when it comes to selecting the essential ingredients which go into all of our vegan-friendly VG blends. Unlike most other e-juices, Velvet Cloud doesn't use PG, and for a formula to qualify under our rigorous "nothing weird" policy that means no added coloring or artificial sweeteners. Other weird stuff commonly found in lower quality e-liquids like gluten, sugar, or GMO ingredients will never find their way into our carefully crafted blends. The result is rich, rolling, full mouth flavor with fluffy aromatic vapor clouds that will satisfy even the most voracious cloud chaser. 

Velvet Cloud's rich aromatic vapor provides the strong satisfaction that even former pipe and cigar smokers find fulfilling, with healthier nicotine levels at 3,6, or 12 mg. For veteran vapers stepping away from nicotine completely, the flavor becomes the priority of their vaping experience, and all of our blends are available with 0 mg nicotine as well. Most vapers notice that after a period of extended vaping with the same flavor even their favorite blends tend to lose a bit of the initial pizzazz. That's when it's time to wake up the taste buds and venture into the other 18 Velvet Cloud micro-batch crafted signature flavors. 

Flavors You'll Never Find at the Tobacco Counter

Fruit Punch Fun at the Velvet Cloud Fruit Counter

You'd have quite a hard time finding a honeydew, peach, and cucumber blend cigarette at the tobacco counter. But that's what you'll find in our innovative Melonomenon blend. It's like fruit punch in a cloud, in a sweet but smooth blend. As one happy Velvet Cloud customer, Cynthia F remarked,

"This reminds me of a warm summer day! The flavors blend so well together. This is a great one!" 

But you don't have to stop there. When your sweet tooth has been fully satisfied by the Melonomemon phenomenon, it might be time to make the move to the silky smooth fruitiness of rich guava and the refreshing tart taste of strawberries with the blend we call Strawb-Gwab. Or mix and match at your discretion to create your own unique Straw-Gwab-enomenon. Ready for more fruit for the most audacious fruit flavor combinations?

Punch up the fruit punch if you dare. Add a spritz of pineapple from our Pandemonium formula, a dash of Catherine the Grape, and pluck some blueberry and raspberry from our Harvest Berry blend. When you've got your custom fruit punch blend just right for lighting up the taste buds you can call it "Catherine's Harvest Straw-Gwab-enomenononium". Or maybe just "My Custom Velvet Cloud Fruit Punch" which is much easier to fit on the label. 

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The Dessert Cart Buffet: Zero Calorie Heaven at Velvet Cloud

Butterscotch, chocolate, and fudge, oh my! This mouth-watering combination is ready to vape in the masterful blend we call MewLew's Magic, one of Velvet Cloud's most acclaimed flavors. How about some marshmallows and graham cracker to go with that chocolate? Our Velvet Cloud Campfire had everyone wanting s'more so we had to bring it back. When sometimes you feel like a nut, macadamia, hazelnut, white chocolate, and sugar cookie combine to bombard the taste buds and leave you feeling less squirrelly in our Nutty Cookie blend.

At other times smooth Vanilla Custard fills the mouth with warm calming flavor in a classic custard taste, and you can always add a dash of Carmel Swirl to create your own Velvet Cloud Sunday. For "fresh from the oven" flavor Gingerbread brings a burst of spice with a touch of frosting, and when it's time to perk up for work or play, Night Shift is a coffee and donut blend in a class by itself. As always, mixing and matching from the Velvet Cloud dessert cart opens up an unlimited variety of flavor experiences for the adventurous vaping aficionado. And best of all, even the most outrageous, exotic combinations are completely guilt-free with zero calories. 

Your thighs will love you for it, and so will your lungs. 

Classic Tobacco Flavors at Velvet Cloud

Let's face it. There is nothing better than a satisfying puff after dessert. At Velvet Cloud, we have the classic tobacco flavors which keep former smokers fully satisfied and safely away from "all manner of pipes and cigars" not to mention the hazards of tobacco cigarettes. Burley Beard is a rich Virginia tobacco blend pure and simple, for traditional tobacco flavor. Blue Beard introduces the fruity essences of blackberries and blueberries for a surprising flavor enhancement to the honey-cured Virginia tobacco. Mt Shasta Frost is a menthol lover's delight with bursts of cool mint flavor. Add a dash to your favorite Beard blends and you've got your own custom menthol tobacco flavor. White Beard combines the best of the Velvet Cloud dessert cart with classic tobacco flavor with a boost of custard and butterscotch flavor for full-mouth satisfaction. 

At Velvet Cloud, we've been bringing unique tastes and quality ingredients to health-conscious e-juice consumers since 2011. We've established a reputation for e-juice done right, with max VG quality that is unsurpassed in the emerging vaping industry. When you're ready to move your vaping experience to the highest level of satisfaction it's time to move up to the Velvet Cloud.