8 Tips to Make the Most of Your E-Liquid

May 24, 2018

8 Tips to Make the Most of Your E-Liquid - Velvet Cloud

There is nothing as amazing as taking an enormous hit of delicious e-liquid and watching it billow through the air as you luxuriously exhale. Vaping e-liquids has transformed the smoking world, allowing smokers to enjoy their habit of choice without the stigma (and health risks) so heavily associated with cigarettes. Of course, vaping isn't just a great way to quit smoking! It's also incredibly enjoyable all on its own, even if you no longer (or never) order nicotine in your flavorful e-liquids. You can have all the joy of billowing clouds, great flavor, and trendy high-tech devices in a single delicious puff.

Of course, whether you're just getting started or already have a beautiful collection of atomizers, flavors, and batteries, vaping isn't a hobby you want to get wasteful with. Every coil and bottle of e-liquid is precious, and when you're really enjoying yourself, it can be hard to make your favorites last. To help all our favorite vaping fans out there make the most of your delicious e-liquids and treat your coils (and throats) right, we've put together eight great tips to make your high-flavor hits last longer and leak less.

1) Know Your Vaporizer

The first step is always to be familiar with the device you're using. Every vaporizer design is different and not all vapes were created equal. Some are narrow, some are big. Some run hotter or colder than others. Some are made for very thick e-liquids, while others are made for thin. There will be instructions and recommendations for every model of vape, not to mention reviews from other users to guide you through the experience you're looking for.

Once you have a vaporizer, get to know it! Know it's temperature, the PG/VG balance it likes best, and how to take it apart, clean it, and put it back together as if you were a marine and the vaporizer was your rifle. Trust us - you'll be rebuilding, cleaning, and assembling your vape a lot.

2) Tighten Everything Before Pouring Your E-Liquid

The saddest thing an e-liquid enthusiast can ever see is the sight of your liquid dribbling out the bottom or side of your vaporizer as you pour your favorite flavor into the tank. Vaporizer tanks are generally a combination of metal, plastic, glass, and rubber gaskets to keep everything sealed together. They work best when the liquid can soak into your coils and heat into vapor without leaking into the vent chamber or all over your hands.

To avoid this, always take apart, clean, and tightly reassemble everything between tanks. If you're on the go and don't have time to clean, just take a moment to make sure everything is tight before refilling. This will prevent tragedy.

3) Switch Flavors Regularly

Just like eating your favorite food over and over again, vaping the same flavor non-stop can cause it to lose its special-ness. When your tongue and sinuses get too used to a flavor, you may start to miss some enjoyment by losing touch with the subtle hints of your favorite accent flavors in each mix.

Velvet Cloud Mewlew's Magic e-liquid flavor

Keep a collection of soaked coils, each dedicated to your favorite flavor or your favorite mix of flavors. By switching out between them as the mood strikes you, you can make sure each and every billow of delicious clouds tastes as wonderful as the first time you vaped that particular flavor.

4) High VG for Massive Clouds

For many mad vapers out there the flavor is great, but a big part of the joy is the clouds themselves. It's wonderful to watch the clouds billow in the air, blow them through shafts of light or intermittent shadows, and watch vapor swirl away from you. Some people delight in filling glasses with vape and some have the lung capacity and determination to fill whole rooms. But first, you need to be able to actually make clouds!

Look for e-liquid mixes that have a high VG ratio in comparison to the PG. VG is thicker than PG and will therefore create more viscous, enormous, and highly visible clouds.

5) Airflow and Narrow Tip for Delicious Flavor

Once you have the perfect big-cloud e-liquid in a flavor that tickles the taste buds and delights your nasal passages, it's time to optimize for flavor. Look for vaporizers that provide ample ventilation from underneath the coil, usually seen as an adjustable spinning vent. As a word of warning, this vent is also where any leaking from loose gaskets will become apparent.

Velvet Cloud vaping on city street

The size of your drip-tip (mouthpiece) can also matter for getting big flavor and strong throat hits. A more narrow drip-tip will concentrate the vapor as it flows into your mouth, allowing you to taste more of your e-liquid before you exhale and fill the room with sweet-smelling clouds.

6) Mix Unflavored Liquid for Fine-Tuning Flavors

Of course, you don't have to rely entirely on the flavors that you can buy pre-made. Many vapor connoisseurs fine-tune their flavors by mixing favorites until they find a few truly dreamy combinations. But not all flavors are created equal and some are surprisingly strong. If you find yourself with a mix or a premade flavor you think would be perfect if only it were a little milder, there's a solution for that, too!

Grab a bottle of unflavored e-liquid and dribble a little into your tank or custom flavor bottle. This can lighten intense flavors and potentially increase your cloud capacity without putting your vaporizer at risk by using a non-e-liquid for mixing.

7) Try a Box Mod and Custom Temperatures

If you're really getting into customizing your vape experience for bigger hits, stronger flavor, or better conservation of your e-liquid, consider getting a box mod that allows you to set the exact temperature that your coil fires up to. This can give you incredible power to discover what temperature, liquid, and coil combination you like best.

That said, be careful with box mods. Most of them are capable of temperatures far higher than is safe to use with most coils. Always know your coil and the highest temperature it can tolerate before burning in order to avoid wasting both a nice coil and all the liquid in your tank by over-charging.

8) Hydrate While You Vape

Finally, remember that while those clouds are made of vapor, that's not water vapor you're breathing. Enthusiastic vaping can cause dehydration which will, in turn, encourage you to vape even more for that nice cooling moist feeling in your mouth. Remember to hydrate with water or juice while vaping to make sure that you are truly savoring every puff and getting the most out of both your flavor and your clouds.

Get the Best Vape Tips and E-Liquid From Velvet Cloud!

Making the most of your e-liquid is both a technical aptitude and an art form you learn to perfect along the way. Finding the best flavor balance, getting beautiful clouds, and taking good care of your vaporizers are all part of the delicate dance of delicious vape. For more tips and trick from the vape pros, contact us today!