Latest Update on FDA Vapor Ban

September 14, 2021

Latest Update on FDA Vapor Ban

This week the FDA is ending the vape industry

Here's an update


Hey Friends - Following up on our prior emails - the FDA has now increased it's product denials to near 1 million products

And still, not a single product has been approved. At this point we are 99% sure Velvet Cloud will be shut down in the next few days.

Right now, we have enabled 'pre-orders' for all the products that we had marked as out of stock

We have begun brewing our final batches. When you go to the product you want, you will see how many are 'in stock' - this number includes bottles we have yet to brew but are scheduled to make in the next few days. This is it, nothing will be brewed after these amounts.


The only thing left to do is to place a pre-order for the liquid they want now so that your purchase is completed  before an FDA decision is in place. After the FDA sends us our denial letter we won't be allowed to make new sales, but we will be allowed to ship out the orders made before the letter was received (i.e. right now)


So this is it. We had a wonderful 13 years together! we're so thankful for our customers and friends.

E-liquid will keep for a VERY LONG time in a freezer. 


Grab your last batches of Velvet Cloud right now while you can. Stock up, it won't be back.


We've left the Labor Day sale code active (use LABOR at checkout) for 20% off and you are now able to order 0 MG and 3MG for all flavors. They will ship as soon as possible. The most important thing is to get the order in before the FDA tells us to stop sales entirely.

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