How to Turn Drinking Games into Fun (safe) Vaping Games

June 10, 2019

group of friends enjoying house party

Ninety-nine bottles of vape on the wall, ninety-nine bottles of vaaaape! Take one down, pass it around...

Drinking games have been one of the things that bring people together, young and old, to do very silly things and have a great time. They've been breaking the ice and livening up parties for actual centuries. Unfortunately, the hangovers and liver damage are not so joyous. For many a practical young person, this has meant leaving the beer pong and king's cups behind in favor of more chill and relaxed vape parties where everyone just blows clouds till they're so lightheaded that the room is spinning.

But just because drinking to excess is sooo Y2K-chic doesn't mean we have to give up all our favorite games. Drinking games don't have to result in puking, bad decisions, and killer dehydration headaches. Why? Because we can play them as vaping games instead!

The Principle Behind Drinking Games

So why, exactly, are drinking games so much fun? Originally, there was a gladiatorial angle; a challenge to drink the most poison and see who's left standing.

What we love about today's drinking games is that there's still that element of challenge to it. You drink because you're strong, or you drink when you lose because getting wasted takes you out of the game. But we're evolved humans here, we don't have to puke on our friends to be serious about our challenges. What really makes drinking games fun is the fact that it's a dare and a celebration all at once. If you lose, all your friends collectively dare you to drink, and you drink. If you win, you get to celebrate with a victory drink.

And we just realized... you can totally do that with vape!

Blow Clouds Instead of Shots

Vapers in a group look a lot like young people who might drink together. Maybe you do drink or maybe your friends are straight-edge flavor vapers. We're not here to judge, just to change the way the game is played. Young vapers like to gather in dimly lit rooms that look like there's a fog machine off stage left. We like to play our music loud, to dance and laugh and hang out on the porch blowing clouds into the cool night are.

The only difference is that the cocktails we're holding are our favorite e-liquid flavors and our flagons are mod boxes. Switching drinking games to vaping games isn't hard at all. Instead of drinking every time Velma says "Jinkies!", you take a big billowy vape. You can even add that element of challenge back into the game by daring your friends to blow the biggest possible one-hit cloud, chain-vape until they're light-headed, or vape in specific hilarious ways like the drippy nose hit.

Fun Vaping Games to Play

Now that we've explored the principle of the idea, let's dive right into the fun bit: a few examples of drinking games transformed into vaping games. No doubt, you know a lot other party games that would benefit from the same treatment and your friends would love to play wielding their most notorious box mods for the biggest challenge clouds.

Never Have I Ever

If you've never played Neve Have I Ever, take a vape hit right now. We'll call it NHIE for short. Nearly every public school attending human in the western world has played NHIE at least once, probably without the alcohol the first few dozen times. NHIE is very simple. One person makes a true statement about themselves like "Never have I ever... eaten a hotdog with sweet relish" and anyone who has done the thing drinks.  Or, in our new game, vapes!

The clouds will tell you who has been naughty and who has been nice. Who has been terribly sheltered and who has done everything under the sun. NHIE is a great game to play to learn new things about new friends and people you've known for ages. It's also a display of creativity as the players think of more and more interesting or revealing things to have never done.


Do you know the Roxanne drinking game? In our opinion, it was designed either to be played with watered down wine coolers or to cause alcohol poisoning, but it's a fun challenge to try. Especially if you're not actually drinking alcohol. The game Roxanne is played by first finding a copy of the song Roxanne by Sting & the Police. 

Every time you hear the name 'Roxanne', take a shot of vape and try to breathe it all out before the next Roxanne comes along. Thanks to the studious drinking game aficionados of the past, we know that Roxanne is said exactly 27 times in the song, so bonus points if you somehow catch all 27 in the 3-minute span. You and your friends will probably be laughing your fool heads off long before "Roxanne" number 17

Would You Rather

Would You Rather is a lot like NHIE, because it sorts your friends on either side of an issue. You probably remember Would You Rather from middle school when the questions were "Would you rather... eat a rotten banana or eat a live cricket?". As adults, some clever adolescent-minded individuals took this game to the bar, and those who 'lose' the Would You Rather vote must drink. So you know what to do. Let's see those clouds rise.

group of friends at a house party with tv on in background

Game of Thrones

If you think you know one, two, even three GoT drinking games, there are probably a dozen more that you don't know. Because at this point, even those of us who don't drink are considering taking up the booze while watching a new episode or trying to relive the glory days back when the writers still remembered that wildfire exists (hint: only the CGI guys remembered when KL went up in flames)

So you and your friends have decided to play your favorite season in the background during your party because, hey, sword fights and dragons are cool. Here's how to play. Every time someone says...

  • "Winter is Coming"
  • "The Night is Dark & Full of Terrors"
  • "Valar Morghulis"
  • "Mother of Dragons"
  • "A Lannister Always" yadda yadda
  • or plays a "Rains of Castamere" reprise

Vape. Vape big. Vape like you mean it.

Oh, and you have to say "Valar Doheiris" through the vape. You know when. And yes, we just made all of that up because THAT is how you play the GoT dinking/vaping game. Make up the rules and then belligerently hold everyone to it until you're all laughing instead of crying about the anticlimactic ending.

Tyrion's Drinking Game

Alternately, you can vape up the drinking game invented by everyone's favorite fictional dwarf. The life-guessing game. This, of course, only works with people who you didn't grow up with or know their whole story, but it's a fun way to play.

And did anyone catch Tyrion, Jaime, and Brienne playing Never Have I Ever? We did!


You don't have to drink or put yourself at risk of alcohol poisoning to enjoy the best drinking games humanity's long history has to offer. As vapers, we are the party generation of the future. We can transform the old drinking games into awesome, room-filling vape games and we will do so proudly! Join us, eat, vape, and ask your friends embarrassing questions then make them vape if they won't answer.