There was a time when any passenger on a flight could light up in the cabin with pride. But times have changed a lot and cigarettes were banned from airplanes long before vape became an inoffensive alternative. This means that travel is a bit of an ordeal for anyone with a nicotine habit, whether or not you smoke or vape. Any flight equals hours of nicotine-free discomfort. In fact, what your friends and family may take as 'hating to travel' might just be an ongoing nicotine withdrawal any time you have to set foot in an airport.

Handling Your Nicotine On Vacation

Then there's the natural desire to cut convenience-store stops out of your vacation plans. Smoking or picking up nicotine vape cartridges on the road can really cut into your sight-seeing time. So while you may have a nicotine habit, you also don't want to make that a feature of the actual vacation. Fortunately for nic-vapers, there are some very neat tricks you can use to keep yourself well-supplied without making a single stop for e-liquid or a replacement vape pen. Here's how to do it:

Stock a Higher Concentration of Nicotine E-Liquid

You may have a routine at home for sipping low-concentration puffs throughout the day. But on the go, you want to be able to make the most of each vaping opportunity. Not to mention the requirement to transport your e-liquid in smaller bottles. The best solution is to buy a few small bottles of higher concentration nicotine e-liquid so that you can go longer between vape breaks and need fewer puffs per break.

When deciding how much to step it up, consider how much and how frequently you need to vape in a normal day. We don't advise increasing your dosage more than double the strength you currently vape, so as not to shock your system with too much nicotine all at once. Which can make your vacation more exciting or uncomfortable than you'd planned.

Pack E-Liquid in Checked Luggage and Carry-On

There's not always a guarantee that you will be able to buy the e-liquid you want where you are vacationing. Or that anything you take on a plane will make it to your destination intact. Your carry-on or e-liquid could be confiscated. Your checked bag could be lost in transit. So the best way to make sure that you have the e-liquid you need is to pack some in both checked and carry-on luggage. The carry-on vape juice will allow you to blow a few relaxing clouds the moment you're outside the destination airport.

Then your checked e-liquid ensures that even if the worst happens and your bottle is lost/confiscated on the way through the airport, you will have a backup to get you through a great vacation.

Grab a Pack of Nicotine Gum for the Plane

Of course, all this planning still doesn't deal with the core problem: Nicotine withdrawal between setting foot in one airport and leaving the destination airport. Those hours are almost entirely nicotine-free because you can't smoke or vape in any but a few remote smoking lounges. And even some lounges are weirdly anti-vape.

So our very real advice for plane-riding nicotine vapers is to snag a few packages of nicotine gum on your way to the airport. This is at least better than going completely without in the intervening hours. That said, try not to wait until the last minute to pick up your gum, or patches if you prefer. Airport prices are higher for everything, especially the stuff you really need to be comfortable on the plane.

Know Your Smoking Lounges

Before you head out to the airport (or on the Uber ride over), take the time to look up the floor plan of your two airports. Locate the smoking lounges and get the policies on vaping outside and in the lounges. for shorter flights, you may be able to avoid withdrawal entirely by catching a quick vape in a lounge before the flight and another right after when you arrive.

Most airports have their map directories available online and many of the bigger airports have their own mobile apps. Downloading and using these apps can also be highly useful (and rewarding in terms of coupons) when you're spending time in the airports themselves. Great for finding the nearest smoking lounge or Cinnabon.

Pack a Stack of Disposable Vape Pens

When you're traveling with a vape pen, especially across borders, there's always a risk that your entire kit of vape gear could be confiscated. Some countries are very touchy about vape and some transport employees are sticklers for their interpretation of the rules. So even if you thought vape was supposed to be allowed, you might still be asked to put it away or toss it. Be prepared.

To make sure your vape-cation isn't over should this happen, we advise taking a handful of disposable vape pens with you on the road and only using these when you're anywhere with a risk of confiscation. This way, you can enjoy your favorite nicotine flavors from one end of your vacation to the other without worrying about dropping or losing a single vape device along the way.

Make Yourself a Travel-Vaping Kit

Finally, you want to take the time to build yourself an on-the-go vape kit. Perhaps a pouch that fits onto your belt or a case that straps into your backpack. It should have padded slots for your vape device and liquid and should be easy for you to keep pre-loaded for a quick vape whenever you get the chance. Reduce the number of pieces you use and avoid vaping on the go with a device you'd be sad to break or misplace.

Instead, focus on the quick-draw, puff, and holster. The ability to keep your vape clean and refilled without taking much time out of your vacation schedule. And the ability to put your vape away fast if you need to keep it mostly out of sight.


For nicotine smokers, travel has always been an interesting challenge. But with these tips and tricks, you should be able to maintain your level quite comfortably from departure all the way through to a happily exhausted arrival back home. For more awesome vaping tips, contact us today!