Planning a road trip in the near future? This is no time to forget your vape!

Vaping on the road is one of life's great joys. We vape to enjoy the daily commute. We vape as we speed from one city to the next. We fill our cars with sweet-smelling vape or we open the windows and watch those same clouds billow out the window. As long as you have a full tank and a charged battery, you can vape and drive forever. Of course, the trouble with vaping road trips is that -- eventually -- your tank and your battery will both run dry. Though usually not at the same time.

Fortunately, all you need to vape non-stop between departure and arrival is a little forward planning, and possibly a helpful vape-assistant riding shotgun.

Vaping Tips for Road Tripping With Passengers

Everyone knows that a road trip with an awesome friend is time well spent. Whether you're navigating mountain passes or cruise-controlling through rolling fields, good company makes any road trip worthwhile. Especially if you're taking a vape trip. As the driver, it's nearly impossible to refill your tank or change out the batteries without stopping the car. But your passenger(s) can.

On any road trip, the person riding shotgun needs to become the driver's eyes and an extra pair of hands inside the car. Especially if your relationship is a close one involving trust. The can open bottled drinks, adjust the radio, and even unwrap half your breakfast sandwich so you can eat it with a wrapper-pocket. The same protocol works really well for on-the-road vaping. Only this time, your passenger should be prepared to top up tanks and manage the battery charger.

Supplies At the Ready

The key to great passenger vape-tripping is to have all your vape supplies in one place. Ideally in a pouch, box, or caddy that your passenger can easily (and tidily) interact with. And one that you, as the driver, can reach to vape when the car is stopped.

Vape-Trip Supplies Include

  • Travel Bottles of E-Liquid
    • Must seal tightly - no shaking loose
  • Extra Tanks
    • Completely assembled and ready to go
  • Battery Charger
    • Make sure it is charging
  • Extra Batteries
    • Fully charged to start with
  • Cleaning Supplies
    • Water bottle and paper towels minimum

 friends on a vaping road trip

Take Turns

If both the driver and passenger are vaping, then maintaining the vape is a natural part of the passenger's 'turn'. Over the course of the road trip, the driver and passenger will hand the vape back and forth, both enjoying the flavor and the fun of blowing big tasty clouds out the window. From this exchange, it's only natural for the passenger to take care of anything that requires two hands.

If they notice a small leak, it's no big deal for the passenger to wipe down the vape and tighten the screws, while the driver may have some trouble doing so safely. And the passenger will easily notice when the tank is getting low and top it up before this ever becomes the driver's concern. Likewise with noticing low battery power and handling the switch-outs.

Passenger Initiative

And what makes this al worthwhile to the passenger, other than the joy of good company on a road trip? Power. Pure, uncontrollable, evil-villain like power... to control what flavor you vape on the road. Because the passenger is doing all the detail work, they also get to decide which flavor is loaded up out of the pool of favorites shared by both the passenger and driver. And the driver benefits because the passenger's preferences will probably keep the flavors lively instead of vaping the same tank/flavor combo from one end of the trip to the other.


Vaping Tips for Road-Tripping Alone

Of course, when it's time to road trip you don't always get the option to travel with someone awesome. In fact, there are a lot of times in the life of a modern professional where you wind up taking long trips alone. And that can be OK, too. You can listen to all your favorite music, absorb an audiobook, or even just enjoy the quiet of your own thoughts for a few hours if that's how you like to pass the time.

But driving alone does make vaping on the road more challenging. The good news is that we have some clever tips for you lone vape-trippers as well.

Build a Front-Seat Vape Caddy

A vape caddy is essentially a pouch or tray locked into place in your passenger's seat that holds everything you need to vape. You might look into a laptop tray that can be belted in, or a car-office stand, or a car caddy that you've refitted to work as your vape kit. Don't forget that you can always integrate one of those awesome vape-stands with multiple slots, holes, and pegs to hold all your vape gear upright and easily accessible.

Then array all your vape gear in a way that will be easy to reach and work with from the driver's seat. While we don't encourage refilling your vape while on driving (even on cruise control), having everything in reach will mean that you can tend your vape without getting out of the car, reaching into the seat, or having to fish around for anything.

Set Up the Battery Charger

If your road trip will be long enough to go through at least one set of batteries, then you'll want your charger at the ready. Make sure it has a car power source and is also close enough to work with from the driver's seat. Possibly tucked in behind or next to the caddy if not inside it. This way, you can stop and change out your vape batteries, say, while waiting for your food at the Taco Bell drive-thru. Or even at a long stoplight.

Pre-Fill Your Backup Tanks

Now here's the magic part: Don't just bring your extra bottles of vape juice, cleaning gear, and battery charger. Bring a few extra tanks and make sure they have a place securely propped upright in your vape caddy. Why? Because you are about to be your own vape-assistant passenger.

Pre-fill one to four of your extra tanks that fit onto your current vape with different favorite flavors of e-liquid. And have a safe padded pouch to drop your empty tanks as you go. This way, there will be no hassle getting the little cap off the bottle, tipping the bottle, and recapping it while in the car. No losing the cap as it rolls under the seat, no accidentally filing your cup-holder with e-liquid or soaking the seat so that it will always smell faintly of gingerbread.

Instead, when a tank runs low, you can quickly pop it off your vape, snag, and screw in a new one. And this is something you can do one-handed even while cruise-controlling on the highway. It will also give you instant options if you want to switch up the flavor.


Here at Velvet Cloud, we love vaping on the road and so can you! Whether you're taking a vape-trip with your best friend(s) or heading out on your own, may the vape be with you.