The vaping industry is one of the fastest growing industries in the world. According to the Center for Responsive Politics, the e-cigarette industry was worth more than $10 billion in 2017 and researchers estimate that the worldwide vaping industry will be worth more than $32 billion by 2021. As vaping companies continue to emerge across the globe, some vapers face an overwhelming decision as they set out to select a trusted provider of premium e-liquids and other vaping products. Below is a look at the importance of quality in the vaping industry and the top eight qualities shared by the world's most accomplished vape shops.

Why is quality important in the vaping industry?

"Vapers should never be afraid to try new things. Fortunately, online vape stores make doing that easy with the range of products they offer...Ultimately, however, finding a favorite e-cig store online is an incredibly personal experience, and finding a hidden gem can be a very rewarding experience."

- James Bickford, Vaping Daily

Quality is the cornerstone of success for companies in the vaping industry. A commitment to quality also helps ensure that vapers enjoy a superb experience every time they try a new product. Quality-minded companies also help safeguard against health risks and the use of illicit chemicals.

What are the consequences of choosing a sub-par vaping company?

While the majority of vaping shops strive to provide a safe, enjoyable experience for customers, there are some that are not as quality-minded. Failure to use discretion when choosing a vaping company can produce a host of unpleasant consequences ranging from a lackluster vaping experience to the consumption of illegal chemicals. These consequences are more apt to result if you do not take the time to carefully choose a quality-minded provider of vaping products. Here are some of the problems that can result if you do not choose a reputable vaping company.

1) Health risks due to a lack of safety precautions

"Spills and lack of other safety precautions such as not wearing gloves or goggles while handling juices, or liquid nicotine, or while drilling air holes or rebuilding, at the vape shops may also cause risks to workers and patrons through suffering nicotine toxicity and other effects of coming into contact with e-juice (Pearson, 2014)."

- Steve Sussman, et. al., National Center for Biotechnology Information

One of the greatest risks of haphazardly choosing a vape shop is potential exposure to juices that have been handled by staff that are not wearing gloves or goggles. While this type of cross-contamination is not common, you are more apt to be exposed to harmful bacteria if you buy products from a shop that does not brew their liquids in an ISO-certified laboratory.

2) A poor customer experience

Fly-by-night providers rarely deliver a five-star customer experience. Delayed shipments and abysmal customer service are the most common pitfalls that result from failure to properly screen a provider. Unfortunately, just one poor customer experience can negatively impact your overall opinion of the vaping industry, especially if you are new to vaping.

3) Ingestion of illegal or illicit chemicals

"If the FDA finds that companies are using illegal or illicit chemicals in e-cigarettes, it could potentially lead to a ban on e-cigarettes from certain companies."

Dr. Osita Onugha, Director of Thoracic Surgery Research, John Wayne Cancer Institute at Providence Saint John's

The FDA is now monitoring vape product distribution more closely in an effort to identify providers that could be using illegal chemicals in their e-liquids or e-cigarettes. While such companies are not prevalent, it is up to vapers as consumers to use care when evaluating prospective e-liquid providers. 

4) Dissatisfaction with vaping products

When vape shops are not focused on safety and quality, their products are more likely to receive unfavorable reviews. Examples include unsavory e-liquids, defective e-cigarettes, and malfunctioning vaporizers that can put a damper on a user's overall experience.

What are the qualities exhibited by the best vaping companies?

As outlined above, not all vaping companies are created equal. Fortunately, there are some key attributes that set the nation's best vaping companies apart from their competitors. Here are the top qualities shared by the best vape shops. 

1) An ISO-certified brewing laboratory

International standards are important because they require vaping companies to supply products to supply e-liquids and e-cigarettes that are safe and reliable for vapers across the globe. Buying e-liquids from a company with an ISO-certified brewing laboratory is one of the best ways to ensure that you have a safe, enjoyable vaping experience. ISO-certification is also associated with decreased liability and enhanced quality of service. 

2) An extensive array of product choices

The most outstanding vape shops are forever focused on introducing new products that will delight new and existing customers. As you browse e-liquid providers, for instance, look for companies that offer a wide variety of signature flavors. Ideally, the company you choose will offer a host of flavored products in addition to unflavored ones. Buyers should also have access to e-liquids that do not contain nicotine, as many people begin vaping to wean themselves off tobacco cigarettes.

3) Products with no added chemicals or artificial sweeteners

"We found that e-liquid ingredients are extremely diverse, and some of them are more toxic than nicotine alone and more toxic than just the standard base ingredients in e-cigarettes - propylene glycol and vegetable glycerin."

Robert Tarran, PhD, Associate Professor of Cell Biology and Physiology 

The best e-liquid shops brew safe, tasty e-liquids that do not contain any artificial sweeteners or added coloring. In addition to being free of sugars and harsh chemicals, they are GMO-free and gluten-free. They offer a natural VG base and use hand-selected ingredients to make recipes that are carefully perfected. 

4) A generous return policy

The nation's top-notch vaping companies have return policies that are generous and straightforward. They state that as long as you return an item in its original condition and packaging within 30 days, you are eligible for a refund or exchange. While there might be some items such as gift cards or perishable items that are not eligible for a refund, you should be able to easily complete a return by providing your proof of purchase. 

5) Superb customer support

Top-notch vaping companies offer an unparalleled level of support from the moment a customer inquires about a product until the moment the product is received and used. Additionally, they offer superb post-sale service and offer customers a host of educational materials such as newsletters, blog articles and product guidance upon request. 

6) Stellar customer reviews

"VCV also sends a free sample with every single order and they must keep track of your flavor profile because they have never given me the same sample twice. Their shipping is always incredibly fast and very friendly staff! Hope this helps someone make a decision to use them or not.....Make that order, you won't be disappointed!"

- JackieNC, Reviewer on E-cigarette Forum

The best vape shops are usually associated with the most favorable customer reviews. Before you place an order from a vape shop, make sure you have taken some time to scan online reviews. Look for companies that have an extensive history of positive reviews by long-term customers and steer clear of companies with a high percentage of unfavorable reviews. 

7) Locally made products that are known worldwide

Nothing beats a personalized approach when it comes to vaping products. Look for vape shops with a local flair that have gradually expanded their customer base into worldwide markets. This is especially important if you are an overseas vaper looking for a unique blend of premium hand-selected ingredients. 

8) A customer rewards program

Loyal customers deserve a red carpet experience every time they return to their favorite vape shop. And the best vaping companies are known worldwide for their customer appreciation programs. They make it easy for new customers to become loyal rewards program members and begin earning points right away. Such programs encourage customer loyalty and help create a long-term positive experience for vapers.

The Bottom Line

Whether you are new to the vaping industry or you were among the first people to try an e-cigarette, you deserve to enjoy the highest quality vaping experience. When deciding who to choose as a trusted provider of vaping products, be sure to look for a provider with a strong focus on quality and customer service. 

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