How to Be a Great Vape Ambassador

April 30, 2019

man handing e-liquid vape juice to woman

You're that guy who's always offering to let friends try their new favorite vape flavor. Even if their friends don't vape. You're that cool girl who can cheer up a friend with cake-flavored clouds. You'll pass your Juul around at a party any day. You'd share a nicotine puff if a coworker asked to bum a cigarette. You, my friend, are the vape ambassador.

The puff passer, the flavor master. The all-around cool dude(tte) who's always ready to both try a new flavor and to share their vape with any curious friend. Even brand new friends. But are you the best vape ambassador you can possibly be? Here at Velvet Cloud, we believe in vape ambassadorship, in spreading the word in a no-pressure friendly way to anyone who looks like they would get a kick out of blowing dessert-flavored clouds into the air. And who doesn't?

So today, we're here to share how to be a great vape ambassador for those of you already inclined to pass the pen and enlighten others to vaping bliss.

What is a Vape Ambassador?

Vape ambassadors happen naturally. They are often friendly, outgoing people who would share a french fry, a jumper cable, or a puff of their personal vape with equal openness. Sometimes, they are quite emotional people who can tell when someone else's day could be really brightened by some sweet-tasting clouds. Vape ambassadors come in every shape and size but one thing is always true: They are awesome people who share the good things in life with others around them.

In a more focused sense, vape ambassadorship involves two aspects. Sharing the fun facts about vape and sharing the personal vaping experience.

Ambassadorial Reasons to Vape

For some, vaping ambassadorship is all about the facts. You can't help but be excited or passionate about vape because of the difference it has made in your life, or in the lives of people you care about. You may have vaped to quit smoking, and now want to share that enjoyable quit with others who are still struggling. You may have discovered that cupcake flavored vape is a calorie-free way to cure a craving and share that with your fellow sweet tooths. Or you might just find the act of vaping to feel super cool, and you're right. Blowing clouds into the air can make anyone feel better.

But beyond just talking about vape is sharing the vape experience. Many people don't know how to feel about vape until they puff their first delicious cloud and what it billows into the air around them. Until they realize that vaping tastes great, soothes the sinuses, can ease a nicotine craving and leaves the room smelling awesome all at the same time. So passing around the vape makes a real difference when being a vape ambassador. And there are a couple of ways to do this.

Passing Puffs From Your Personal Vape

Most vape ambassadors get started passing around their personal vape. A friend seems sad, a buddy is trying to quit smoking, your sister won't stop talking about her craving for strawberry cheesecake. And like any good vaper, you think "Hey, I've got the solution right here!" and you offer your friend a puff.

For your first few ambassadorial actions, this is a great place to start. But it's also a very personal action for many people. Your vape is likely in your favorite color, decorated in skins or charms, possibly hanging from your neck. It's definitely warm from being in your hand or pocket. So if you really want to outdo yourself on spreading the word to people who aren't your close friends and relatives, consider branching out with the following tactics:

Packing Test Drive Vapes for Sharing

One fun way to be a professional vape ambassador is to carry one or two additional vape rigs at all times just to share. This is a great way to become the life of the party and to introduce several friends or whole groups of people to vaping at once. Especially if you load up an addictively delicious e-liquid flavor and tighten all the gaskets before leaving home.

Test drive vapes basically become a party possession for the duration of any event you bring them out. Or they can become a friend's personal vape for the evening if they're trying out being a cool vaper for the first time. Having even one extra vape rig on your person makes it easy to be an ambassador without putting your personal vape at risk and gives you a backup in case of technical difficulties.

woman vaping on stairs

Carrying Disposable Vapes to Hand Out

Then there's the true vape ambassador tactic for crowds where you expect to have more than a few takers: Disposable vape pens. Nothing says vape ambassador like having a handful of colorful vape pens to pass around. This can be great for big parties or even small parties where everyone is super germ conscious about pulling from the same vape.

You can also mix it up by loading each pen with a different flavor, or even color-coding them so your friends wind up swapping and trading by color to get the flavor they want. Disposable flavored vape pens can become the focus of fun party games or transform a once non-vaper party into a vaping party in one awesome go.

The Nicotine Question

In vape ambassadorship, there is always one important question to consider: Nicotine concentration. If you vape nicotine, then your ability to share with your personal vape will be strictly limited. No matter how fun it is to share, it's important to never ever expose someone to nicotine (or a high dose of nicotine) without warning them first. On the other hand, it can also be really helpful to have a mid-strength nicotine vape on hand to be an ambassador to smokers who are aiming to quit.

For a true vape ambassador, make sure you always have a nic-free loaded vape on hand to offer to new vapers who just want to give it a quick try. Nic-free vaping is the only way to go for handing out vapes and for offering puffs to most people.

However, if you vape nicotine and you want to go above-and-beyond at vape ambassadorship, consider also carrying a small loaded nicotine vape to share with the kindred spirits you find in smoke-break areas throughout your journeys.

Alcohol Wipes or Spare Drip Tips

Some people will be particularly picky about putting their lips on a shared drip-tip. These can also become some of the most avid and fastidious vapers in the industry, with elaborate personal rigs and hand-spun cotton wicks. So it can be worthwhile to consider the concerns of germophobic first-time vapers.

The easiest way to be prepared is to simply carry a few tear-open alcohol wipes. This way, any time someone seems a little leery about the drip tip lip thing, you can give it a quick wipe and go on sharing. For those who want to be part of a vaping circle but are germaphobic, a pocket full of colorful spare drip-tips can be the solution. Give them a custom tip and let the problem take care of itself.

Party Bottles or Give-Away Samplers

Finally, ask yourself how you're going to refill your ambassadorial vapes if they're a real hit at any party or gathering of friends. You must always be prepared for vape ambassadorship to be wildly successful, just because vape is awesome. If you're running a couple of test-drive vapes, then a party refill bottle might be the way to go. however, if you're handing out disposables, you might consider a pocket full of sampler-sized flavor refills to go with them.


Being a vape ambassador is an accidental habit for some and a dedicated mission for others. No matter where your ambassadorial status comes from, you can use these tips to increase your effectiveness, reach, and forward thinking to help more people grasp the awesomeness that is vape.

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