How to Avoid Getting Carried Away with Nicotine or Cannabis Vape

April 02, 2019

How to Avoid Getting Carried Away with Nicotine or Cannabis Vape - Velvet Cloud

When it comes to one's physical health, there's no question that vaping is much better than smoking... anything. Anything that would be smoked is better for you and more purely delivered if vaped instead. Cigarettes? Turns out nicotine is addictive but relatively safe. It was the lighting and burning of tobacco leaves, tar, and preservatives that caused all that lung damage and cancer. The raspy voice and blood-shot eyes from smoking marijuana? Those are the result of harsh smoke from lighting and burning the leaf, not the THC or CBD that is released. 

In fact, smoke acts as a dilutant, slowing down a smoker's intake of nicotine or THC because they have to breathe smoke to get it. That's why vape is such a big change because the delivery method is no longer harmful. It has become easy for ex-smokers to fine-tune their nicotine use down to the fractional milligram. And they can do so without the health risks of smoking.

Getting Carried Away is a Thing

But with greater freedom also comes greater responsibility. One of the things the doom-sayers are crying has a grain of truth: It is technically easier to overdo it on nicotine or cannabis concentrates when using vape. You may start your first tank of flavored nicotine vape and like a can of Pringles, once popped it's hard to stop. A few too many happily absent-minded puffs and first-time vapers can all too easily over-buzz on either nicotine or cannabis. 

As experienced vapers, we've seen a lot of first-timers get their feet under them and learn to maintain at exactly the right level for a happy lifestyle For each person, it'll take some trial and error, but with these tips, you should be able to avoid overdoing it and find your level with ease.

Be Prepared to Love Vape

The number one reason why someone new to vaping gets carried away on their first nicotine or cannabis tank is a surprise. You may not expect to like vape all that much, or you may not expect to get so quickly and smoothly because smoke normally slows you down. Expect to be surprised by how enjoyable vape is, and we're not just saying that to toot our own horn.

Vape is a lot smoother than smoke, and it's fun to blow clouds. Vape is also designed to taste delicious and comes in every possible variety of flavor, especially sweets. So just like you can drink a tasty milkshake too fast, you can also vape a tank a lot faster than you meant to. So to protect yourself from overdoing it with nicotine or cannabis vape, be prepared to want to vape more than you need just to maintain your level.

Start a Collection of Flavor-Only E-Liquids

The first trick that most nicotine or cannabis vapers learn is that you'll probably want to vape more often than you would normally smoke. This is cool in principle because vaping doesn't leave a residue or hurt your body so you can do it much of the day in the right environment. But you don't necessarily want to be absorbing nicotine or getting stoned all day.

So the natural solution is to start stocking up on flavor-only e-liquids with no nicotine or cannabis concentrates. You can then switch to plain vape for much of the day and only attach your special tank when you mean to re-up your buzz. Flavor-only liquids are also a great way to test out flavors to see if you have a new favorite variety to spice up. And you can more easily give away flavor-only liquids to friends and other new vapers to try your favorite brands. Over time, you'll put together a great collection on flavor-only alternatives to mix or sample as the mood strikes you.

Carry Medicated and Flavor-Only Tanks On the Go

When vaping away from home, many people are tempted to pack only their sleekest vape pen with a single tank of nicotine vape to keep topped up for the journey. However, if you wind up with more time to vape than planned, it's easy to accidentally over-vape. A great alternative method is to try what the vape pros do and pack a small tidy kit with several pre-filled pods or tanks with refill e-liquid.

Alternately, you can even bring two separate devices that stay neatly sealed and stored when not in use. One pen (or tank) can be designated for a medicated vape, while the other is easy to switch to if you have a few moments to blow recreational clouds into the night sky while waiting for a ride or a friend.

Stock Lower Concentrations

Some nic-vapers go for high concentrations so one or two puffs is all they need to equate a standard smoke break. Others prefer extremely low concentrations so that they can vape all day and maintain a low-level buzz. If you're an all-day vaper or don't want to bother with changing out devices or tanks, then you can always just lower your medicated concentration to avoid overdoing your exposure. A simple solution would be to get your concentration so low that vaping non-stop could not possibly overdo your intended buzz.

Lowering your concentration is also a good angle for anyone looking to quit nicotine through vaping. Lowering your concentration is something you should do carefully at home, but is the key to weaning yourself off of the physical habituation that nicotine is well known for. 

Limit Your Intake to Specific Times or Locations

Our final tip for fine-tuning your nicotine or cannabis intake with vape is to only give yourself access to concentrate e-liquids in certain places or at times during the day. For example, you could vape your flavor-only e-liquid freely at home, and keep your nicotine vape rig by the patio door for scheduled 'smoke breaks'. Or keep your nicotine vape in your car for commute and lunch-break vaping only. This way, you can't absently vape nicotine or cannabis all day without realizing.


Whether you handle your nicotine through delicious vape or are experimenting with cannabis vape in the legal states, the goal is to fine-tune the perfect vaping experience. Use these methods to avoid overdoing your exposure while building a vaping routine that provides everything you're looking for and more. For more awesome vape insights, contact us or check out more of our blog!

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