How to Have Good Vaping Etiquette in Every Situation

September 03, 2018

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Did you recently buy a brand new flavor of Premium High VG e-liquid and can't wait to try it out? We totally get it! Regardless of if you are a beginner who's just starting to vape or you're an experienced pro who's been vaping for years, no one can blame you for getting excited and wanting to vape it immediately so you can find out if you like the flavor.

However, it's really important that you are mindful of your surroundings before you light up. This consideration can help, especially since there are still some people who may not know much about vaping or vaping etiquette. Here are some great tips on how to enjoy vaping while still being courteous to other people and respecting your environment.

Vaping Etiquette Based on Who You Are Around

Your vaping experience will be vastly different based on who you are around at the time. Here's a little advice on vaping etiquette based on who you're with so you don't end up offending your friends and the general public.

Etiquette Tips for When You Are Around Smokers and Other People Who Vape

When you meet other people who also enjoy vaping or smoking, it can be fun to talk about it and compare brands. Although you may be tempted to offer them your recommendations or try to teach smokers about the benefits of vaping, it's always best to respect their decisions. Of course, it's always okay to answer questions if they ask about vaping or show an interest, but try not to push it if they don't want to learn more.

Etiquette Tips for When You Are Around People Who Don't Smoke

Whenever you are around a person or group of non-smokers and you aren't sure if they would feel comfortable being around vape smoke, just ask them. Although second-hand vapor is relatively harmless, it's still courteous for you to consult them before you start to vape - especially if you're in a confined area.

Etiquette Tips for When You Are Around Kids

Did you recently get invited to a birthday party or event for small children? When you are in an area with kids it's always best to err on the side of caution and wait until you are in a place without children running around. Also, don't leave your vaping equipment lying around unattended since a kid can easily pick it up and start playing with it.

Vaping Etiquette Based on Where You Are

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You should also take your location or environment into consideration before you start to vape. Here are some helpful tips on vaping etiquette and how to be considerate based on your location.

Etiquette Tips for When You Are Outdoors

If you are outside and not too close to a business, it should be safe to smoke. However, if you're in a busy area, you should still be aware of the people around you. Even if you can't wait to vape, try to do it in a place where the general public won't have to have to smell your vapor. If you are outside in a crowded area, maybe you can take a leisurely stroll and vape as you walk.

Etiquette Tips for When You Are Inside a Business

It's very important for you to show etiquette when you are in a place of business. Luckily most businesses have signs letting you know if smoking or vaping is permissible. Some venues may also have a separate section for people who smoke. The rules may vary depending on your local regulations and the preferences of the business owner. When in doubt, you can always ask someone who works there if you're allowed to vape on the premises. If you are allowed to vape, remember to blow your smoke away from other people. If not, you can always excuse yourself and step outside.

Etiquette Tips for When You Are Using Public Transportation

Depending on where you live and other circumstances, you may have to take the bus, train, or some type of public transportation to get where you need to go. It can be really tricky to smoke on public transportation since you will be in a confined space with other people. Before you pull out your vape equipment, find out if smoking is prohibited beforehand so that you won't get in trouble. When you do vape, always be considerate of your fellow passengers.

Etiquette Tips for When You Are Driving

If you're driving with other people, ask them if it's okay with them if you vape while they are in the car. They'll appreciate you asking beforehand. You should also check your local laws and make sure that it's okay to vape while you are operating a moving vehicle. We also recommend that you blow smoke out of the window to prevent fogging up the windows so it's not a driving hazard.

Etiquette Tips for When You Are at Home

One of the best things about being at home is you arefree! It's your own personal space where you can vape whenever and however you want. However, if you live with someone who doesn't like the smell of vape smoke, you should still be considerate of their needs. Talk with them and try to negotiate where you should do it. For example, maybe you can do it in your room or on the front patio. Having a dinner party? Ask your guests if they don't mind you vaping near them.

Vaping Etiquette is Crucial to the Growing Popularity of Vaping

Although vaping is becoming more popular, some people still don't know much about it or vaping etiquette. When you are courteous and respectful to other people it can go a long way in growing the popularity of vaping.

Now that you have some tips on how to have vaping etiquette, why not stock up on your favorite blends? You can count on us to provide quality, one-of-a-kind blends and liquids for electronic cigarette systems that use Max VG. Founded in 2011, Velvet Cloud is proud to offer only the best natural VG based e-liquid that's also gluten-free, sugar-free and GMO-free. All of our artisanal products are made locally in the San Francisco Bay Area with hand selected ingredients.

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