Have you ever had a favorite bottle of e-liquid that simply up and disappeared? You've looked everywhere for it, searched high and low. You could have sworn you had that delicious little bottle only a few hours ago when you last refilled your vape. And now that you're craving another flavor-packed puff, that cute little bottle of e-juice is nowhere to be found.

Some people lose their e-liquid bottles all the time, as part of their natural absent-minded lifestyle. And sometimes, even the most meticulous person will completely lose track of where they last left their favorite flavor. So today, for all you vapers out there who are crawling around on the floor checking under desks and beds, we're here to help you find that missing favorite bottle of e-liquid.

As experienced vapers, we know all the usual hiding spots and a few secret escapes for runaway vape juice bottles. If you're ready to start the search, we're ready to show you how.

Around Your Desk

The first and most likely place any of us leave our e-juice bottles is around the desk. If you vape at work or while doing computer stuff at home, then there's a good chance that your vape stuff tends to gather around the desk. Your spare coils in the desk drawer, your cleaning kit, and of course your bottles of juice.

If that missing bottle isn't on the desk's surface (check behind monitors just in case), then start checking shelves, drawers, and the tiny spaces around the desk where the bottle might have fallen.

If you're not a desk-bound person, then this tip should be applied to wherever your favorite chair is at home. Because, let's face it, that's where we vape the most.

In a Drawer

Oh, the urge to tidy and then forget what we tidied. If you (or someone you live with) tend to tuck things away into drawers and cabinets just to make the surfaces look tidy, then that could be where your e-liquid bottle wound up. If it was 'cluttering' as the surface by passively holding it's delicious liquidy contents, then there's a good chance someone tidied it away.

Check around where you remember last seeing the bottle and start opening drawers and cabinet doors.

On the Back Porch

Still can't find it. Okay, time to check all your favorite vaping spots. Surely you had that bottle at some point in your recent vaping history. One tried and true place to look is on the back porch. Or the front porch. Or your balcony, if you have one. There is something special about blowing big beautiful clouds out into the open air. Especially in the evening when your clouds reflect the light from the porch and stand out against the stars themselves.

So if you vape often outside, check your favorite outdoor vaping spot. Check your table, chair, and the area around the chair. Oh, and make sure it hasn't rolled off the porch and fallen somewhere you'd never think to look.

By the Bathroom Sink

Speaking of favorite vaping spots, it's a hilariously unmentioned truth that vaping on the john is incredibly popular. Not only does the vape aroma serve as a handy air freshener. But vaping can also help to calm troubled insides to make certain daily necessities a lot more pleasant. But you might not have thought to check back in on your vaping bathroom escape when looking for your missing e-juice bottle.

So take a moment to check around, and don't forget the 'tidying' rule. If your bottle isn't on the sink or edge of the tub, it might have been tucked into a drawer by a helpful housemate.

In Your Car Console

There's a lot of hubbub about vaping in public, but you can always vape in the privacy of your own car. Many people enjoy a few long tasty puffs on the commute to or from work. And, in fact, driving is one of the most enjoyable activities to pair with vaping. The wind in your hair, one hand on the wheel blowing big beautiful clouds out the window.

If you love to vape in the car as much as we do, then there's a good chance that's where your missing e-juice bottle is. Check the cup holders, the center console of your car, and the glove compartment just to get started. And if it's not there, check between and under the seats. A cute little e-juice bottle of your favorite flavor can easily fall and roll to unknown reaches of your car's interior.

On the Kitchen Counter

Of course, some vapers take their hobby straight into the kitchen. Whether you love to combine aromatic vape with aromatic meal preparation or you are perfecting the art of mixing your own vape, it's not uncommon to have vape juice bottles in the kitchen. And the kitchen is full of tiny places where a little plastic bottle might get lost among many other little plastic bottles.

Search your kitchen carefully, especially around the sink and stove. And if you like to mix your own custom flavors, check amongst the bottles of ingredients you used to see if your favorite e-liquid bottle is camouflaged with them.

In Your Laundry Hamper

But maybe the most obvious answer is that you just left it in a pocket. A pocket that you are no longer wearing. Because we carry our e-cigs and liquid with us all the time, they are constantly in and out of your pockets. It's easy to forget a lightweight little bottle of high-vg liquid when you change clothes. And what happens next? It winds up in your hamper.

Check all the pockets of pants and jackets in your laundry hamper. And, if it's been a little while since you saw the bottle, check laundry that's going through the machines as well. Fortunately, e-liquid bottles are sealed and a little tumbling with warm water on the outside shouldn't hurt your flavor a bit. In fact, the washing machine might even steep your vape a little for you.

Under the Bed

Okay, so you've checked around every single place you vape. You've checked the desk, the car, and the porch. You've ransacked the laundry emptying pockets, you've rummaged kitchen and bathroom cabinets. And it's nowhere to be found. Just for tradition's sake, take a moment and check.... under the bed. So many things can wind up under a bed, from rolling across the room to falling between the bed and wall. Get a light, move your bed if necessary, and check every inch of space underneath. You might be surprised how often missing e-liquid winds up there.

missing favorite vape juice in friend's pocket

In a Friend's Pocket

Ever discover that a friend adores your favorite flavor because you find them filling their own e-cig? This can be a totally friendly exchange if you often swap flavors with your vaping friends. But it also means there's a chance that one of your vape buddies may have wandered off with the bottle you haven't found yet. If you've looked high and low and have a friend you share flavors with, consider the possibility.

And if they do have your flavor in a pocket or even in their car waiting to give back to you, don't sweat it! Not only can you order more, but a friend that good will probably have flavors they're happy to lend you in return for accidentally borrowing your favorite bottle.

Next to Your Vape

Finally, there's the truth that your missing favorite vape juice will always be in the last place you look for it. Because, of course, then it's found and you stop looking. But what if that little bottle is in the most obvious of possible places, by your e-cig or mod box?

Sometimes, we get so caught up in preparing to vape that we forget that we're probably already prepared. If you wanted to put your hands on the missing bottle before getting started, there is still a slim possibility that you've simply overlooked it sitting innocently by your e-cig the entire time.


Hopefully, in all that searching, you did actually find your missing vape juice. As experienced vapers, we know that it's possible to leave even your very favorite bottle in really random places. And if it looks like your e-juice packed up and moved to Canada, don't worry! You can always buy more. In fact, this might be the perfect opportunity to discover a whole new favorite flavor. And then maybe lose that one as well and try something new all over again.

Whether you are standing triumphantly with that missing bottle held above your head like a trophy or you're resolving to fill up with your second favorite flavor today, Velvet Cloud is here for your vape! Check out our artisan e-liquids to discover your new favorite flavor or contact us today for more great tips and tricks for vaping like a pro.