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June 15, 2018

Diacetyl-Free VG E Juice

Diacetyl-Free Vaping is Worry-Free Vaping

As Mark Twain once said"A lie can travel halfway around the world while the truth is putting on its shoes." At Velvet Cloud, we're happy to take this opportunity to separate fact from fiction. We'll disclose outright misrepresentation in the popcorn lung myth, and help tie up the loose ends so the truth about diacetyl and popcorn lung can "put on its shoes" to give discerning vapers around the world the accurate information they deserve.

As we venture into the healthy world of vaping we inevitably hear from some well-intentioned family member or concerned friend about the hazards of "popcorn lung". In this post, we'll shine some light on the popcorn lung phenomenon as it evolved into monstrous proportions over the years on social media, and we'll explain the role which the chemical diacetyl plays. We'll trace the origins and evolution of the popcorn lung media myth to an obscure popcorn factory way back in 1992.

Along the way, you'll discover that the chemical compound diacetyl can indeed be an occupational safety hazard for some factory workers in the food processing industry when heated diacetyl is inhaled from the work environment. However, the actual risks of inhaling diacetyl for vapers and even tobacco smokers is highly questionable and requires further research. In any case, popcorn lung is a rare condition and nowhere near the epidemic proportions that those who propagate the myth would have us believe. 

What is Diacetyl?

Diacetyl is a chemical compound found in beans, butter, vinegar, honey, and many fruits and dairy products. In a commercially concentrated form, it adds a rich buttery flavor and has a yellow-green color. Even if diacetyl didn't have a dubious link to popcorn lung, the artisans at Velvet Cloud would nevertheless exclude it from our rigorously selective ingredient inventory for vegan-friendly purposes.

It has been the policy at Velvet Cloud since our founding that "nothing weird" is added to our VG e-juices. We use all natural eliquid ingredients whenever we can. A concentrated yellowish-greenish chemical compound which adds an artificially rich butter flavor certainly qualifies as "weird" in our book! Additives such as diacetyl have no place in our discreetly blended e-juice formulas.

We go to great lengths conducting extensive research to ensure that no diacetyl finds its way into our line of e-liquids - which use organic ingredients whenever possible. The same discretionary policy applies to gluten, sugar, GMO additives, artificial coloring, and synthetic flavoring agents. They never find their way into our ISO7 certified clean rooms.

Serene Vaping With Velvet Cloud 100% Diacetyl-Free E-Liquids

Below we'll be looking at the link between diacetyl's effects when inhaled and it's role as the culprit in popcorn lung. You can put up your feet and freely vape your Velvet Cloud e-juice as you read the remainder of this post, serene in the knowledge that no matter how questionable the risks of diacetyl vaping are, for you there is no risk at all. Zero!

velvet cloud diacetyl free e-juice

Whether you're enveloped in a rich aromatic cloud of Burley Beard, relaxing with the fruity flavors of refreshing Peach Tea, or indulging your sweet tooth with our Vanilla Custard blend, you can rest assured that all Velvet Cloud e-juices are 100% diacetyl free.

Popcorn Lung and Diacetyl

"Popcorn Lung". What a concept. The first impression conjures up images of lethal nodules of popcorn-textured tumors maliciously growing on the unseen surfaces of the lungs. It's a term with such poignant negative impact that even the Madison Avenue "mad men" of Big Tobacco couldn't have come up with a better anti-vaping propaganda campaign as part of their effort to hold on to a shrinking market share.

In reality, popcorn lung, also known as bronchiolitis obliterans, doesn't cause popcorn-like growths. The condition causes scarring to lung tissue due to inflammation and is an extremely rare disease. Symptoms are similar to those of COPD (Chronic Obstructive Pulmonary Disease), the bane of tobacco smokers.

Oddly, despite the presence of 400 mg of diacetyl per cigarette, no smoker has ever been diagnosed with popcorn lung. For a vaper to consume 400 mg of diacetyl he would need to go through 30 cartridges of e-liquid. No vaper has ever been diagnosed with the disease either. As reported in this well-documented article at Vaping Daily, those who are diagnosed with popcorn lung are factory workers, not vapers and smokers. So how did the hysteria get started linking popcorn lung to vaping? 

Disreputable Websites Perpetuate the Popcorn Lung Myth

The fact finders at Snopes.com did a fine job of sorting out the facts in answer to the query "Vaping causes popcorn lung?" The verdict is mixed, as the Snopes fact checkers did find a kernel of truth to the popcorn lung question. Yes, a Harvard study did find that diacetyl, known to be associated with popcorn lung, is present in some e-cigarettes. No, that study did not prove a conclusive link between e-cigarettes and popcorn lung. Harvard recommended further research. 

The Center for Disease Control is the source of the popcorn lung phenomenon which could more accurately be termed "popcorn factory lung" once the true facts are known. The CDC published a study in response to a cluster of eight cases of a condition resembling bronchiolitis obliterans in those who worked at a popcorn factory between 1992 and 2000. Environmental testing in areas for the Missouri popcorn factory where the eight workers were stationed established the diacetyl link. From there the colloquialism "popcorn lung" arose and the phenomenon took on a life of its own.

The campaign of misinformation began in the summer of 2016 when various disreputable "clickbait" websites published gory photo galleries with claims that a new Harvard study had proven that "e-cigarettes cause a horrible incurable disease called popcorn lung". The pictures show a hospitalized man on a respirator bleeding from the lip. 

Many who shared the story on social media naturally assumed that the man was suffering from popcorn lung when in fact he was the victim of an improperly assembled e-cig which exploded in his face. Apparently, the unlucky e-cig victim had assembled incompatible parts. So, as it turns out, the world's most famous popcorn lung victim doesn't have popcorn lung at all. He's just not mechanically inclined.

No Worries With Velvet Cloud E-Liquids

At Velvet Cloud, we take pride in our mission to provide the purest max vegetable glycerin e-liquids for your serene vaping pleasure.  We understand that many in the Velvet Cloud vaping community are here to find the organic e-juices they need for the healthiest vaping experiences possible.

velvet cloud fruit-flavored vaping e-liquid

We're committed to providing our many loyal customers with the diacetyl-free, gluten-free, GMO-free, and most importantly worry-free vaping e-liquids that keep them coming back for more. 

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