How to Use An E-Cigarette for Beginners

September 26, 2018

a beginner to vaping holding a vape pen and Velvet Cloud e-liquid outdoors

You did! You've decided to join the vaping community and bought your first e-cigarette. Now the only question is, how exactly do you use it? Although it may look very similar to a cigarette, e-cigarettes and vape pens operate very differently. The great thing is many e-cigarettes are thoughtfully designed so they are relatively easy to use. If you're itching to satisfy your nicotine cravings or just want to try taste cool Premium High VG e-liquid flavors, we've got you covered! Here's our complete guide on how to use an e-cigarette for beginners.  

Precautionary Warning: Check Your Surroundings

Before you start to vape, check your surroundings to make sure it's allowed. Don't start to vape if smoking isn't permitted on the premises. Only do it on your own property or in a place where you're confident that it is allowed.  

Step #1: Connect the E-Liquid Cartridge and the Battery

After you've removed the e-cigarette from its packaging, you'll probably notice that it has two parts. One component is the e-liquid or refill cartridge and the other component is the battery. Whenever you buy a new e-liquid flavor you must insert it into the cartridge so you can vape it. The battery, which is usually longer and bigger than the cartridge, is used to heat up the e-liquid and produce the vapor that you will inhale. Know that you know what the two parts are, connect the e-liquid cartridge and the battery. Once they are both connected your e-cigarette should be ready to use.

Step #2: Find out if Your E-Cigarette is Automatic or Manual

There are two different types of e-cigarettes: automatic or manual. If you have one that is automatic, all you have to do is inhale and the vapor will come out through the mouthpiece. Manual e-cigarettes require you to hit a button so it can be activated. The tip of your battery may glow when it's in use depending on your e-cigarette. If you have any questions, all you have to do is read the instructions that came with your device.

Step #3: Inhale the Vapor

Did you know that there are two different ways to inhale vapor? You can either inhale the vapor straight into your lungs or let it sit in your mouth before you inhale it into your lungs. Many people believe that the mouth to lungs method allows you to really taste the flavor of the e-liquid. While others prefer inhaling it straight into their lungs so they can get a more potent hit. Ultimately it's up to you of course which one you choose, just remember to do the one that seems the most natural to you. If you are a former smoker it's important to note that you don't have to inhale as hard or deeply as you usually would when smoking a cigarette since the vapor comes out more easily when you vape.

Step #4: Pace Yourself

Smoking and vaping are different. It's very obvious when you're done smoking since you just have to smoke until you reach the butt of the cigarette. However, it's a little harder to tell when you are done vaping when you are just starting out. The best thing to do is to try and pace yourself in the beginning. If you aren't sure how long you should vape, try to time yourself so that you don't go over 10 minutes. As you get used to vaping it will be easier for you to know when you've had enough.

Step #5: Choose a Low Watts or Volts Setting

Some e-cigarettes have a control panel where you can adjust the wattage or volts of the coils that heat up your e-liquid. If your device allows you to change the settings, we recommend that you lower it at first and slowly raise the watts or volts until you figure out the best temperature for your e-liquid.

Step #6: Check Your E-Liquid Frequently

a man storing is Velvet Cloud e-liquid in his jacket's pocket

After you've been vaping for a while, remember to check your e-liquid from time to time to make sure there's some left. When there isn't enough in the cartridge and you try to inhale you'll probably experience what's called a "dry hit" which has a very unpleasant burnt taste. Dry hits can also damage the wick and coil since there wasn't enough e-liquid in the cartridge. When you notice that it's getting low, remove it from the battery and swap it out for a new flavor.

Step #7: Remember to Recharge Your Battery

When your e-cigarette battery is low, give it a quick charge. Although you may be tempted to let it charge overnight, prolonged charging can actually damage the device. Many e-cigarettes have a USB charger so you can charge it with your computer or any other equipment that has a USB drive. Each e-cigarette has a way to notify you when it's fully charged, so check out its instructions if you're unsure. We also recommend that you carry around a spare battery that is already charged just in case of an emergency.

In Conclusion

We know there is a small learning curve with e-cigarettes, but we hope this guide was useful. Vaping may be a little awkward at first but you'll definitely get the hang of it. Don't forget to check out the rest of our blog for more helpful tips and techniques that will help you vape like a pro!

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