There are so many great e-cigarette brands out there on the market that you can use with our Max Vg Juice! Thanks to the popularity of e-cigarettes, there are a lot of high-quality e-cigs on the market that won't make you drain your bank account. But even the best e-cigarettes can experience the occasional issue. It's a good idea to familiarize yourself with what those issues might be. Know what the signs are and what steps you can take to fix the problems yourself.

Your Parents Were Right: An Ounce of Prevention is Worth a Pound of Cure

First of all, it's important to note that you can avoid a lot of these issues in the first place with the right maintenance. Like most of the things that you own, providing consistent and thorough maintenance will help keep your e-cigarette going without issue. Of course, prevention isn't foolproof. You may still experience problems. But lower the risk by doing things like:

  • Clean it regularly. There are a lot of working parts in your e-cigarette. Dirt, saliva, and old vape juice can all clog up the system and cause it to stop working. Take time to take your e-cig apart and clean each piece, taking special care to clean the tank. This should happen about once a week, or more frequently if you vape a lot throughout the day. 
  • Change the coil often. The coil is responsible for a lot of issues that vape users experience. Usually, it's because you haven't changed the coil often enough. You'll know that it's time to change the coil by the taste of your vape. You don't have to wait for that telltale sign, though. Instead, switch out the coil every two weeks to avoid issues.  
  • Use high-quality vape juice.  What you put into your vape is as important as the vape itself. Low-quality vape juices can create a lot of problems with your gear. They can cause the coil to burn out faster. They can also create an unpleasant taste in your vape even after you switch out the juice. Using the best eliquid will help keep your vape clean and working properly.

What To Do When Things Go Wrong: Troubleshooting Your e-Cigarette

Not Getting a Strong Enough Hit of Nicotine

One of the things many new e-cigarette users will comment on is that the hit they get from their vape isn't as strong as they get from a regular cigarette. That could actually be in your favor; it may help reduce your dependency on nicotine. But if a strong hit of nicotine is what you are after, there are some things you can do to get better results from your vape.

  • Take shorter breaths. Instead of breathing in deeply for a long time, try puffing on your vape in shorter bursts. 
  • Charge up the battery. If you are trying to vape on a low battery, you won't get the best results from your juice. 
  • Mod your vape. Some devices aren't going to deliver the nicotine you need on their own. Fortunately, there are a variety of mods out there that can help. Search for mods for your particular needs and e-cig model.
  • Clean your vape. Make sure your e-cigarette is clean and able to deliver the maximum dose of nicotine. It could be the result of a blockage.
  • Switch your juice. Some brands of vape juice aren't able to deliver the levels of nicotine that you want. It's worth experimenting with different premium vapor juice brands and flavors to find one that works for you.

Vape Has Stopped Working

If your vape suddenly shuts off, it can be a frustrating experience if you aren't sure why it's stopped. This is a common issue with e-cigarettes but one that's easily remedied in most cases. If you find it's happening a lot, though, you might want to look for a different brand. First, though, you can try these suggested. 

  • Charge it up. Often, a vape that stops working needs to charge. If you recently charged it, still plug it in and see if that fixes it. It may just have not had a good connection to charge the last time.
  • Make sure it's turned on. It sounds silly, but this is an easy mistake to make. A lot of vapes don't have a simple on and off switch or an indications light, so you might not know when it's on. Try clicking the button six or so times and see if that turns the device back on. 
  • Change the battery. No battery lasts forever. If you've been using your vape for a while and are beginning to have issues, you might need to invest in a new battery for it.  
  • Let it cool down. Some vape devices automatically shut off when they become too hot. If your vape is warm to the touch, let it cool down before you try using it again.

Velvet Cloud 100 VG Juice

Vape Juice Tastes Strange

We have so many Max Vg Juice options for you to try! Your juice should taste great from the first puff to the last. If something tastes "off", though, it's a sign that there is a problem with your e-cigarette. Here are some things you can do to fix it: 

  • Change your coil. This is the most common reason for your vape juice to start to taste strange! Take a minute to change out your coil and see if that fixes the problem. 
  • Clean your vape. Sometimes old juice can get trapped in the vape and cause new eliquid to taste strange. Take apart your device and clean each piece before you put it back together.
  • Refill your juice. Sometimes the issue is that you need to top up your juice. Some e-cigarettes aren't good at dispensing vape at low-level quantities. Fill it up and try again.
  • Use better juice. The issue might be with the juice itself! Some low-quality vape juices won't hold their flavor over long periods. If you are an infrequent vape user, this can be a common issue. Buy premium vapor juice and you should taste a difference. 

Use these tips to keep your e-cigarette in working order so you can enjoy flavors like Nutty Cookie or Campfire from Velvet Cloud. Head over to our online store to discover all the delicious high-quality vape juices waiting for you there!