How to Choose the Perfect E-Liquid Flavor!

July 31, 2018

How to Choose the Perfect E-Liquid Flavor!

The First Steps to Choosing the Perfect E-Liquid Flavor

New users of e-cigarettes are often confused about what flavor will be most suitable for them. After years of smoking the same brand of cigarette, the smell and flavor were exactly the same. With traditional cigarettes, the range of choices was far smaller, so picking a flavor was never something to think about. There are a few different ways to think about choosing a Premium High-VG e-Liquid, however, so that the flavor best meets your needs.

While there are a few different guides for choosing e-liquid flavors, they don't all mention one important aspect: the e-liquid ingredient. In fact, VG Juice is rapidly becoming the best choice for vaping. Products that do not include VG Juice e-liquid are sorely missing out. For that reason, all of the top vaping flavors highlighted below include this critical premium vapor juice.

To choose the best e-liquid flavor, one must make a list of their top criteria. These criteria should include the feeling that you want during each inhale, your favorite types of flavors, and the frequency that you will use premium e-liquid. Rank the order of importance for each of these factors and then scroll through available flavors. Once that is done, a clear ranking of the best e-liquid flavor will emerge!

Dessert Flavors From Velvet Cloud

No matter what time of day it is, people love to taste sweets. Now, certain dessert flavored VG Juice flavors give people that opportunity each time they vape. No matter if it is early or late in the evening, these sweet flavors are sure to bring a smile to your face.

Mewlew's Magic

Mewlew's Magic is a confusing name with an amazing, sweet, and sultry flavor. This premium VG e-liquid flavor combines the amazing flavors of butterscotch, chocolate, and fudge. It's like the ice cream you always wanted to have as a kid transformed into vapor! There is also a hint of cream, which gives it a rich, silky aftertaste. Sweets addicts love to choose Mewlew's Magic.

Frosted Gingerbread

Growing up, most kids love to build gingerbread houses around Christmas time. Now there is a vapor flavor to celebrate that nostalgia. Frosted Gingerbread is a fun, delightful play on that theme. The vapor combines gingerbread, cookie, and frosting flavors. The sweet, sumptuous aroma will come through strongly with every inhale.

Fruit Flavors From Velvet Cloud

The most common type of vapor juice is fruit flavored. There are so many different types to try and enjoy! Most people love at least one type of fruit, so the variety is enormous. Additionally, some premium VG e-liquid providers mix fruit in delightful ways to provide amazing new flavors that are craved by all.

Summer Sweet

Summer Sweet is one original fruit concoction. This e-liquid flavor combines raspberry lemonade, watermelon, and sweet tea. It is perfect for enjoying on a hot summer day. It gives you that wonderful impression of sitting on a porch in Louisiana, enjoying the summer breeze on a beautiful day. This combination has sweet fruit flavors that are hard to top.

Harvest Berry

velvet cloud Harvest Berry e-liquid flavor

Another top fruit flavor is Harvest Berry. This e-liquid flavor combines three of the most popular fruits including strawberry, raspberry, and blueberry. It is tangy and sweet and also has a hint of cherry in it. Anyone who likes fruit will enjoy this pleasant mix.

Catherine the Grape

A final fruit flavor is Catherine the Grape, a play on the famous Russian leader Catherine the Great. It is an innovative combination of dark fruits based on her dark deeds. The flavors include grape, berry, and black currant. This distinguished, regal flavor brings new meaning to a strong flavor. It also has an interesting, bold taste that is loved by most.

Unflavored E-Liquid From Velvet Cloud

For some people, choosing an unflavored e-liquid works best. Perhaps they are vaping with a meal and don't want to mix the flavors or textures. They may also just prefer the traditional cigarette flavor and are slowly transitioning to VG Juice. For those individuals, unflavored makes the most sense.

Smooth, Original Flavors From Velvet Cloud

Some converts to VG liquid want a new, innovative experience for their vaping. They are not satisfied with traditional flavors and want something new now that they are no longer smoking old-style cigarettes. Fortunately, there are a number of unique flavors out there that have people talking.

Burly Beard

Burley Beard is a very popular original flavor. This e-liquid flavor has the musky, smokey tobacco flavor that most smokers know and love. No longer will you have to go without that traditional smokey sense. Vaping can now feel like traditional cigarette smoking but not include the chemicals you are trying to avoid.

White Beard

velvet cloud premium e-juice flavor white beard

Another top original flavor is White Beard. This flavor combines some traditional sweets with the taste of tobacco to create an alluring and satisfying taste in your mouth. The primary mix of flavors includes butterscotch and custard in addition to tobacco. While these are not traditional dessert or sweet flavors, the combination is something to behold.

Night Shift

A final original flavor is called Night Shift. It is a delightful, humorous, sweet, enjoyable take on the traditional food and drinks in a late night snack. Many like to enjoy their premium VG Juice at night. This flavor is a perfect side companion for that urge. The mix includes hints of coffee and chocolate glazed donuts. Together, these flavors create a super taste that anyone familiar with late-night work or snacks will enjoy.

Velvet Cloud Provides Only the Best VG E-Liquid

At the end of the day, some people just want to choose the best of what is on the market. People are also realizing that Vegetable Glycerin (VG) is the highest quality material and want products that contain this ingredient. The flavors profiled above all contain this important ingredient. It lasts the longest and is the highest quality.

Velvet Cloud provides the leading premium high-VG liquid in the market. More and more people are choosing Velvet Cloud for the amazing choice of flavors. When you choose Velvet Cloud, you know you are getting the complete dedication and effort focused on these products. For more information, please contact us.

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