The Ultimate Guide on How to Build Your Own Coils

October 05, 2018

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Vaping is a fun hobby, but it can also be very expensive if you do it every day. The costs associated with buying new coils, tanks, and premium high VG e-liquid can really start to add up over time. Even if you are extremely careful and try not to be wasteful you'll still have to purchase supplies whenever they run low.

One way you can keep the costs down is by learning how to build your own coils from scratch. The idea may sound intimidating (especially if you've never done it before) but it's not too difficult. Coil building is a valuable skill that can save you lots of time and money, especially since you won't have to run to the store every time you need new coil heads. After you're done reading this guide you should be able to fix your own coils and build new ones with just a handful of tools.

Ready to get started? Here's our ultimate guide on how to build coils for your e-cigarette device.

Safety Warning:

We recommend that you learn more about Ohm's Law and how batteries work as a general safety precaution before you begin. For example, you should know that using a battery that shows signs of corrosion or the wrong type of coil can cause potential problems that may put your safety in jeopardy.

Step #1: Decide What Type of Coil You Want to Build

First, decide what type of coil you'd like to build. The two most popular types are micro and macro coils. A micro coil has an inner diameter of 1 to 2 mm while a macro coil inner diameter is larger than 2 mm. It's also important to note that the diameter and thickness of the coil will determine its level of resistance.

Besides choosing whether you'd like to make a micro or macro coil, you should also decide if you will need a single or dual coil. Dual coils usually produce more vapor than e-cigarettes with a single coil. If you do decide to create a dual coil, it's very important that both wires are the same length so that they will work properly.

When in doubt, just look inside your e-cigarette device and examine the coils. Do you see one coil or two? You can also contact the manufacturer directly to find out more about which type of coils would work best with your atomizer and tank if you still aren't sure.

Step #2: Make Sure You Have the Right Tools

Now that you know what kind of coil you need to make, you'll need the right tools. Here are some items you should have on hand before you get started:

  • Wires (stainless steel, kanthal, or nickel will do)
  • Wire Cutters
  • Tweezers
  • Screwdriver or Metal Rod
  • Wicking material (ex. organic cotton)
  • Scissors
  • Ohm meter

Step #3: Cut The Wire

After you've gathered your tools, grab the wire and use wire cutters to trim it to the desired length. You will only need a couple of inches. If possible, measure an old coil to determine exactly how long it should be.

Step #4: Wrap The Wire Into A Coil Shape

Once the wire is cut you will start to form it into a coil shape. You can do this by taking the screwdriver or metal rod and slowly wrapping the wire around it. Make sure that you have a firm grip so the wire doesn't slip. You should also check to ensure the ends of the coils are facing the same direction. Next, use tweezers to adjust the coil to make sure they are spaced evenly and pull the wire so there isn't any slack.

Step #5: Insert the Coil into Your E-Cigarette

When you're done making the coil, insert it inside your e-cigarette. You can do this by opening the RDA build deck and placing it inside the post holes. Try to keep the coils as straight as possible. Remember to tighten the screws back into place when you're done.

Step #6: Test the Coil

Next, use your ohm meter to test the coil's resistance. To get an accurate reading, make sure the screws are secure and the coils are not touching the posts. Start the ohm meter and adjust the coil later if the resistance is not at the right level.

Once you have tested it and you're satisfied with the coil's resistance level, you can apply heat to the coil. Connect the RDA to your mod and light the coil. Watch it closely to make sure it lights up evenly all the way to the end of the coils.

Step #7: Wick the Coil

Once you've tested your new coil and allowed it to cool off you can wick it. Grab the cloth (preferably made of organic cotton) and cut a small strip. Place it around the coil and leave about half an inch sticking out with the ends of the material on the RDA deck. Try not to let the cotton get in the way of the airflow so it won't interfere with the vape coming out. After the wick is at the right length, wet the ends of the wick with several drops of e-juice.

And that's it! The hard part is over. Now you can enjoy your handiwork with a much needed vaping session.

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