How to Build an E-Cig Travel Kit

August 20, 2018

How to Build an E-Cig Travel Kit

Taking up vaping is one of the best things you can do for your lungs and sinuses. If you once smoked cigarettes, vaping allows you to get the nicotine you crave from a healthy, smoke-free source while still getting all the fun of blowing enormous clouds into the air. And even if you didn't smoke, vaping nic-free is still a great way to clear your sinuses and get the joy of smoking without the health risks of tar, smoke, and fiberglass. 

And once you get started, no one wants to get stuck on vacation or a business trip without your vape kit. Unfortunately, e-cigs and your vape supplies are just a bit more complicated to travel with than a pack of cigarettes. So for all you vape enthusiasts out there, today we're here to talk about how to travel with your e-cig, e-liquid, and everything you need to keep your vape experience perfect.

Building Your E-Cig Travel Kit

When traveling with your e-cig, you have two main concerns. Naturally, you want your vape to always be at-hand so you can enjoy your premium vape juice at any moment. But you also want to make sure that everything you need stays together in an easy-to-transport kit so that nothing gets forgotten in the car, at the hotel, or scattered throughout your luggage.

This means that the best approach is to build yourself an e-cig travel kit and the first step is to pick your kit. E-cig gear generally doesn't take that much space so you probably don't need a whole separate bag. Instead, look for a smaller bag or pouch with multiple pockets and pouches to secure each piece of your kit. Consider a toiletries bag or travel cable organizer, for instance, that is designed to hold a variety of various-sized pieces already.

Traveling by Air

The next serious concern is whether you will be traveling by air. Your first instinct will be to pack a large supply of your favorite e-juice flavors so you don't run out when you're away from home. However, large bottles aren't going to fly (pardon the pun) on an airline. Remember that whether it's shampoo, apple juice, or VG liquid, the TSA will only allow you to take bottles 3.4 ounces or smaller.

Velvet Cloud campfire e-cig flavor on a lunch table

But don't look at this as a bad thing. Smaller bottles will help you to bring a greater variety of flavors instead of one large bottle of a flavor you may grow tired of on your vacation. Fortunately, all your favorite Velvet Cloud flavors come in 60 ml bottles, the equivalent of 2.02 ounces. This means that you can bring whole bottles of delicious high-VG Velvet Cloud e-juice without worry about your airline rules.

It should also be mentioned that due to recent hover-board related rules on battery packs, your e-cig will need to come with you on the plane, not in luggage. But we know you were planning on keeping it close anyway.

Your E-Cig Packing List

Once you have a kit-bag and tidy little bottles of delicious vape liquids ready to pack, it's time to put together your e-cig travel kit. The key to enjoying vape on-the-go is to make sure you have everything you need, no matter where you find yourself or when your vaping opportunities arise.

- Your E-Cig or Vape Mod

Naturally, the first thing you need is your favorite e-cig or vape mod. You can't vape if you don't have something featuring a heating element and a sealing e-juice tank. Whether you like a sleek and subtle pen or a high-powered box mod, your kit must always start with the equipment you need to vape.

- Spare Batteries

Many e-cigs and box mods run on rechargeable batteries and when you're away from home, the last thing you want is to run out of power at an inopportune moment. Make sure to pack at least one backup battery or set of batteries that you can keep charged up and in your kit. This can help you vape when you're on-the-go and one battery runs out or vape in the hotel while your other set of batteries recharges.

- Battery Charger or Charging Cable

Of course, you can't recharge your batteries or rechargeable e-cig unless you have the right wall or car powered equipment. If you use rechargeable batteries, be sure to bring your battery charger to plug in at the hotel, airport, or a convenient cafe. If you use a recharging e-cig or box mod, be sure to bring the correct charging cable and any wall or car adapters you may need to draw power when you get the chance for a recharge.

- Sealing Bottles of E-Juice Flavors

It may sound silly, but many vapers have found themselves with everything they need except a bottle of their favorite high-VG e-liquid when out on the road. Make sure to pack at least one small bottle of delicious flavor to fill your tank with, and consider packing more if you'll be away from home for a long time. if you're flying bring one or two bottles on your person and pack any backups into your luggage.

- Cleaning Cloth

E-liquid may be delicious, but it can also get messy. If your e-cig isn't screwed in tightly or develops a leak when you're traveling, the last thing you want is to be stuck with oily gear and no way to get clean. Make sure that a small cleaning cloth makes its way into your e-cig travel kit so you can wipe up and contain any mess at a moment's notice.

- Small Bottle of Water or Isopropyl

One of the great things about VG vape liquid is how easy it is to clean up, even with simple cleaning supplies. Even a small bottle of water can help you dilute and wipe away any e-liquid that leaks or accidental spills. If you're driving, isopropyl is a great all-purpose cleaning liquid but water also does the trick. For anyone flying, we recommend you stick with a small (less than 3.4 ounce) bottle of water or pick up a bottle of water after you pass security in the airport.

- E-Cig Lanyard

For those of you who use a sleek e-cig, one of the most distressing (and all-too-easy) scenarios is to forget your e-cig on a cafe table or realize it has slipped out of your pocket during travel. Don't put yourself in this position. Remember to bring your lanyard or get yourself an e-cig lanyard that can keep your pen closeby even if you fall asleep or your pockets are less than reliable.

- Plastic Baggies

Finally, any time you are transporting liquid, it's a good idea to have an emergency containment plan. If you sit on your e-juice bottle and spring a leak (the horror) or if your e-cig starts leaking and you don't have time to reassemble it, a plastic baggie can be a life-saver. A single plastic baggie can help you to contain an unexpected mess and can buy you time until you get a chance to do enact repairs.

Traveling With Your E-Cig

Vaping is an incredibly enjoyable way to spend a walk outside the airport, standing on your hotel balcony, or blowing delightful clouds of vape out of a car window while traveling. With the right kit-bag, a thorough packing list, and a few small delicious bottles of e-liquid, you and your e-cig travel kit are ready to enjoy a wonderful vacation or business trip.

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