Blue Beard E-Liquid: A Combo of Sweet and Savory

December 08, 2018

Velvet Cloud Blue Beard-flavored tobacco e-liquid

Finding the right balance of sweet and savory is an essential part of our lives, particularly for those seeking out the perfect collaboration of tastes in an e-liquid. Through a carefully selected blend of flavors, our Blue Beard delivers a down-to-earth vaping experience that showcases its tobacco-flavored base with just a touch of blueberries and blackberries, which makes for good vaping for any occasion. Here's a look behind the scenes at one of our favorite tobacco-flavored high VG e-liquids.

The Flavor-Filled Roots

For former smokers, the type of tobacco was likely a crucial part of the everyday smoking experience, which leads many to seek out similar flavors after making the critical move to vaping. Out of a few different tobacco flavors, Virginia tobacco conjures up the classic image of freshness and quality, tapping into the very roots of the industry that were passed down through many generations. With our artisanal Blue Beard, however, you can still enjoy the natural flavors of Virginia tobacco without the cigarettes, providing the perfect building block for one of our highest-rated flavors.

Teaming up with the Virginia taste are blips of honey-cured tobacco, giving just a touch of sweetness in a perfect marriage of tobacco flavors. The result is a vaping experience that pays homage to the roots of tobacco, which is why Blue Beard is ideally suited for any vapers who like the earthy flavors the plant is known for. As a versatile flavor that is terrific for everyday vaping, Blue Beard is an excellent option for both seasoned vapers and novices who don't want a flavor that is overly sweet.

The Finishing Touches

While an essential attraction to Blue Beard is the tobacco-flavored base, the beauty of today's vaping world is the opportunity for customization. Sticking with the earthy tone, an essence of blueberries provides an excellent finishing touch that adds just enough sweetness without overpowering the tobacco flavors. Just like with Virginia tobacco, blueberry farms predate the United States and have been a cherished part of the country's agricultural development over the generations – including right down the road from Virginia's tobacco farms.  

an image of Velvet Cloud blue-beard e-liquid on a man's beard

The same goes for blackberries, the other crucial component of our Blue Beard e-juice. Blackberries are a timeless delicacy that have found their way into a variety of sweets around North America for centuries, making a touch of blackberry flavor a perfect complement to the rest of our artisanal concoction. With subtle hints of blueberries and blackberries swirled together with our blend of Virginia and honey-cured tobacco, vapers end up with an experience that can be thoroughly enjoyed at any time of the day.

Other Flavors Worth Trying

Though Blue Beard has been known to satisfy a range of different vapers looking for the perfect, anytime vaping experience, there is a lot more where that came from at Velvet Cloud. While Blue Beard is committed to highlighting the savory Virginia-tobacco flavors, our Burley Beard is another flavor that pays homage to the generational traditions of tobacco. Derived from the "white burley" variety of Kentucky-grown tobacco, Burley Beard is another high VG e-liquid that offers all the simplicity of cigarette tobacco without the exhaustive list of well-documented health risks former smokers are looking to cut out of their lifestyles.

Sticking with the tobacco-based flavors, our White Beard will quickly take you to Middle Earth with a delicious blend of tobacco, butterscotch, and custard. Though it also has a little bit of a sweet kick, it joins Blue Beard and Burley Beard as another great option for former smokers looking for a versatile, all-day e-liquid. Filling out our line of tobacco/menthol flavors, Mt. Shasta Frost whips together spearmint and peppermint along with a menthol base for another customized, naturally-tasting flavor that is well worth trying out.

For a more serious sweet tooth, you're also in luck with a collection of tasty dessert options that provide even more vaping versatility. While our Campfire flavor will have your taste buds thinking you're sitting fireside with s'mores in hand, Frosted Gingerbread and Nutty Cookie our scrumptious companions for the holidays – or any situation where you want to taste a little sweetness without the calories. Our line of fruit flavors provides even more ways to chase the perfect vape, with standouts like Peach Tea and Catherine the Grape representing just a few of the popular options.

Our Commitment to Natural and Creative Flavors

Here at Velvet Cloud, we're a little on the obsessive side when it comes to keeping everything as natural as possible, as this is a philosophy right at the wondrous frontier of the new vaping world. Instead of added coloring and artificial sweeteners that are all too common, we're committed to using natural, high-VG bases for our e-juices that derive flavors organically. That's why even our popular unflavored e-liquid isn't really lacking in flavor; it actually has plenty of natural-occurring flavors thanks to the subtle sweetness of the VG.

Instead of the type of experience you would get in a food court, our chefs' devotion to hand-picking ingredients makes our line of flavors much more like a farmer's market, allowing customers to appreciate the process behind the flavors. While many e-liquid producers rush to concoct a wave of new e-juices, our artisanal flavors are scrupulously designed to showcase not just where the vaping experience is currently, but where it's headed. Combining our team's creativity with our mission to craft unique e-juices without the weird stuff you might find elsewhere, all of our flavors offer a vaping experience you can feel good about.

Taste the Customized Modern Universe of Vaping

There's absolutely nothing wrong with giving into the sweet tooth on occasion, but for many of us, we like to keep it a little more on the savory side for everyday vaping. That's why concoctions like Blue Beard tend to be the perfect suitors for any vaping enthusiast who likes to have the best of both worlds. While the ever-customizing world of vaping heads into new territory, our tobacco-based e-juices point to the simpler joys of vaping while providing powerful tools for former smokers looking to stay cigarette free. Both practical and tasty enough to be a treat, it's easy to fall for the Blue Beard.  

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