In the vaping industry, there's a great and widening divide between those who vape PG/VG blends and those who seek out VG-only flavors. It might surprise you to know that originally, no one cared a whit about the difference between PG and VG, which were both chemically suitable to safely suspend flavors and nicotine concentrate for vaping. However, over time, the differences between the two vape bases became more apparent. Opinions, studies, and allergies eventually made our decision for us: For anyone who is picky about clouds, health, or safety, Max VG is the only way to go.

But don't just take our word for it. Today, we're here to share the top eight benefits of choosing to vape VG-only flavors for a pure VG experience.

1) The Natural Ingredient Option

When most people first encounter the PG/VG dispute, their immediate question is "What the heck are either of them?" and we were right there with you. As it turns out, PG stands for Propylene Glycol is a synthetic non-intoxicating alcohol with oily properties. It's a byproduct of plastic but it's used in many cosmetic and cooking supplies like lotion and cake icing. So it's basically synthetic oil that is uniquely good at suspending other particles into a homogenous liquid.

VG, on the other hand, stands for Vegetable Glycerine. Unlike PG, it is all natural and comes from vegetables, almost exactly like the cooking oil you use in pans at home. That's why some brands advertise VG e-liquid as being both Kosher and Vegan. Because it is a natural substance that is prepared in ways that do adhere to those with strict religious or medical dietary restrictions. VG is the natural option, coming from vegetables instead of petroleum, which makes most people feel better about what they choose to put into their bodies. Our only PG is trace amounts in our flavoring.

2) Inherently Light Sweet Flavor

One of the things some people list as a 'downside' of VG is that it has a naturally light, sweet flavor. Vaping pure unflavored VG without anything added would give you very faintly sweet-tasting clouds. But why consider this a downside when 99% of vape flavors are stylized after sweet drinks and desserts? With sweet vape being the main event, naturally sweet vape base is a great place to start because you can provide that sweet experience without having to use a drop of artificial sweetener or sugar in the mix.

If you have a sweet tooth but don't want to give in to the calories, vaping VG dessert flavors can give you that same rich aroma palette of a slice of key lime pie or S'mores with the added touch of VG sweetness.

3) No Risk of Allergic Reaction

The biggest reason people are switching to VG-only vape in droves is because of the rise of the PG allergy. About one in ten vapers either has or will eventually develop an allergy to PG-based vape liquid. Usually, this manifests as the feeling of an incredibly harsh smoke hit. Burning in the throat and lungs, watering eyes, and possible additional reactions like headache, itching, rash, and nausea.

First-time vapers who already have the allergy may mistake a PG reaction for 'doing it wrong' at first, while experienced vapers can discover that they have developed a PG allergy over time. As a result, the safest bet for allergy-free vaping is to simply switch to VG-only vapes and stop worrying about a one-in-ten chance of hives every time you puff.

4) Bigger and Better Clouds

We like to hide the best points right in the middle of the article, to see if you're paying attention. By far the best possible reason to vape VG-only vape flavors is the clouds. VG is more viscous than PG as a vape base, meaning it is thicker and more responsive to becoming clouds. VG clouds are also thicker, more voluminous, and fun to blow.

Every vaper who switches from PG or blends to pure-VG vape marvels at how big and beautiful the vape clouds can become. So if you're really in it to play 'smoke games', teach yourself to blow rings, or just to blow huge clouds into the night are, VG is your best option no matter how you feel about the other stuff.

5) Vapes at a Lower Temp

Interestingly VG is also safer to vape in a basic lab-class safety kind of way. Because VG is thicker and slightly chemically different from PG, it also heats up into clouds at a lower temperature. This means you don't have to crank up your box mod to dangerously scorchy temps to get the clouds you crave. Vaping VG significantly lowers the chance that you will burn your hand or melt something plastic by coming in contact with the hot metal body of your vape pen or mod.

6) Gentle Soothing Throat Hit

For ex-smokers, PG is lauded as having the better 'throat hit'. What this actually means is that PG is harsher to vape, which feels familiar to smokers who are used to ripping their throats out to get some nicotine. In reality, vapers who are in it for the clouds or don't have any cigarette-based nostalgia have everything to gain from sticking with VG instead.

VG provides a much smoother hit, with those thick oily clouds offering you a soothing delivery for both flavor and nicotine. If you're looking for the most pleasant vaping sensation available, a pure-VG mix is the ideal way to get it.

7) Limited Dehydration Response

Another neat factoid about PG vs VG is that VG absorbs water a little less voraciously than PG. While both bases have the potential to cause dehydration and tend to dry out your mouth over time, VG has the better ratio for not leaving you like a total mummy at the end of a long vaping night. VG bonds to fewer water molecules as it passes through your body, leaving you more able to stay hydrated while enjoying VG vape.

8) Smoother Flavor Delivery

Finally, VG is the smoothest way to experience some truly delicious flavors. No matter what your favorite vape flavor combination may be, VG e-liquid's thick billowing clouds deliver that flavor with bold ease as the vapor slides over your tongue and through your nostrils. PG has a tendency to hit harsh and provide sharp 'clear' flavors while VG softens every experience into something smooth, relaxing, and well-blended between the central and accent themes in each bottle.


Why vape  VG-only flavors? Hopefully, we've given you more than a few really good reasons today that you'll take home and share with your friends. For more insights into the vaping world and the value of pure natural vegetable glycerine vape, contact us today or just keep reading the blog!