A Complete Tour of Velvet Cloud's Summer E-Liquid Flavors for 2019 - Pt 2 (Desserts & Tobaccos)

June 18, 2019

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Welcome back to the second half of our two-part exploration into the depths of our summer collection of artisan e-liquid flavors! Last time, we dove into the fruit punch with a tour of all of our fruitiest summer flavors packed with nostalgic classics and exotic delights. From Catherine the Grape, empress of pinot noir to the pineapple gummy Pandamonium. We then stopped the summer vape-train at Mt Shasta Frost, where the cool clouds of minty menthol eased the summer heat for a moment. Join us again today as we pick up where we left off with the best still to come: Sweets!

Sating Your Summer Sweet Tooth

Here at Velvet Cloud, we know that no e-liquid collection would be complete without the dessert flavors your sweet tooth demands. The summer is a time when we all remember indulging in sweets as children, faces covered in birthday ice cream or those special treats you can only buy with summer allowance. But the sweet tooth never stops there. As responsible yet sweet-craving adults, we seek out those same nostalgic treats and new more complex dessert flavors. Bring back the nostalgia or tickle your tastebuds with delightful grownup desserts with our artisan collection of hand-picked summer treat e-liquids. The right summer dessert vape will be like binging on ice cream without the brain freeze or tummy ache.


Nothing brings back the fond memories of summer like the taste of a melty marshmallow pressed into graham crackers and a half-melted bar of chocolate. S'mores are a magical concoction only available when there's a campfire to roast the marshmallows and some clever adult has thought to bring all the right ingredients. Take yourself back to those summer camp or family camping trip days with Campfire, a nostalgia-triggering blend of spongey graham cracker, milk chocolate and gooey marshmallow all inside a little e-liquid bottle. Now all you need is a toasty fire to gather your friends around to tell ghost stories and sing campfire songs.

Nutty Cookie

Some kids love the taste of nuts in sweets, but most of us take time to grow into appreciating the subtle flavors of the macadamia and hazelnuts. Nutty Cookie is definitely one of those sweets for adults that is just sweet enough to remind you of childhood but with subtle layers of flavor designed to tempt a more sophisticated palette. Nutty Cookie starts with the simple delight of a fresh soft sugar cookie. Layered into the flavor are pralines, macadamia nuts and hazelnuts adding that rich nutty flavor. To top it all off, we added the light accent of white chocolate, making this the perfect white chocolate and macadamia cookie with a little something for everyone.

Mewlew's Magic

Of course, if you really want a sumptuous dessert that will carry you over the moon and back on a cloud of rich chocolaty flavor, try a taste of Mewlew's Magic. This incredible blend is one of our finest and a Velvet Cloud team personal favorite. There's no beating the incredible rich combination of flavors that is so much more than just chocolate. Mewlew's Magic was crafted with the finest chocolate, layered with gooey fudge, and topped with that undeniable hint of butterscotch to tie the entire drink -- er, vape together. Just one taste will send you into another world. A whole bottle will have you puffing chocolatey delight all summer long.

Caramel Swirl

By popular demand, caramel has made a major debut in the Velvet Cloud summer selection. And we know why! Summer is when many of us learned the delights of the caramel square... and the delights of trying to pry your teeth apart after biting happily into one. Our signature Caramel Swirl is a simple yet perfectly balanced mix of sweet caramel and thick cream, creating a classic creamy flavor that once tried, you'll never forget. Only when you vape it as delicious caramel clouds, you won't have to worry about prying your teeth apart.

Night Shift

No dessert selection would be complete without at least one hint of coffee, especially in the summer. Summer is when you stay up all night with friends getting wired on lack of sleep and the highly sweetened coffee you brewed to keep everyone up and laughing. And no cup of coffee is complete without our favorite sweetener in the world: A chocolate doughnut. With our Night Shift blend, we didn't just dunk our doughnut. We pulled an all-nighter to perfectly blend the depth, thickness, and complexity of dark roast coffee, semi-sweet chocolate, and a hint of cream that makes the perfect flavor for staying up late on summer nights.

vanilla custard velvet cloud e-liquid

Vanilla Custard

Want something simple? Want the perfect flavor to sweeten up your other bottles? Just love the flavor of vanilla? Friend, we have got you covered. For many of us, vanilla is a perfect reminder of childhood summer spent slurping up vanilla ice cream, banana pudding, or that sweet sweet Vanilla Custard. Our Vanilla Custard flavor was designed to give you, our favorite vapers, the perfect blend of rich custard and sweet vanilla for that light, sweet summer vape that fills the mouth, rolls down the throat and flows out in huge satisfying max VG clouds.

Frosted Gingerbread

Okay, so we know that gingerbread is totally a Holidays thing. But we just couldn't let the frosted gingerbread cookie go when the holiday season ended. And now you don't have to either. If you're looking for that warm gooey gingerbread cookie with the creamy frosting on top for that Christmas in July kinda feel, that's exactly were the Frosted Gingerbread clouds are going to take you.


For The Tobacco Aficionado

Finally, we have our artisan tobacco flavors for ex-smokers who can appreciate the rich flavor of well-cured tobacco rolling in thick VG clouds through your sinuses and out into the sky. Our tobacco flavors have pedigrees and are custom blended for your vaping pleasure.

Burley Beard

For the pure tobacco lovers who want all tobacco, no fru-fru, Velvet Cloud has chosen the Burley Beard blend. This e-liquid features the rich flavor of flue-cured Kentucky tobacco leaf with its bitter undertones and warm overtones. Though VG and carcinogen-free, it will taste as if you have just loaded a corncob pipe full of fresh-dried southern tobacco.

White Beard

Of course, the rich taste of tobacco also combines amazingly with some of our favorite flavors. If you want a smooth sweet mellow vape that taste of tobacco and butterscotch, White Beard is the creamy flavor for you. Our artisanal blend begins with warm RY4 medium tobacco blended with the sweet taste of butterscotch and the soft richness of a creamy custard. For the ultimate in smooth dessert tobacco vapes.

Blue Beard

Last but certainly not least is Blue Beard. Named after a fearsome pirate, this blend is surprisingly light and sweet. For the Tobacco lovers who would prefer a gently dark and fruity flavor to their tobacco vape, Blue Beard mixes a blend of Virginia tobacco and honey-cured tobacco with a hint of blackberries and blueberry essence. Together, they make a light, sweet tobacco blend that is the perfect cool vape for chilling out this summer.


What flavors will become your new summer faves? What has your friends lounging by the pool blowing clouds or scrambling to refill from a new favorite flavor? Let us know! Contact us today, pick up a tempting summer flavor, or check out more vape facts in the blog!

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