7 Vape Friendly Countries You Should Visit

April 16, 2019

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Summer is the perfect time to travel to another country. After all, there's nothing more exciting than going on new adventures with loved ones. If you can't stand the thought of leaving your vape pen at home while you're out exploring the world, we recommend that you try to find out which countries allow vaping beforehand so you won't get in trouble with their law enforcement. Read on to discover where vaping is illegal and which countries are the perfect getaway destination for people who love to vape.

Countries Where Vaping is Banned

Although the United States legal system is relatively relaxed when it comes to vaping, it's banned in some parts of the world. For example, vaping is banned in several Asian countries including Vietnam, Singapore, Cambodia, and Thailand. If you are caught vaping there you may be arrested and charged by the local authorities.

Many African countries (especially Egypt) have very strict tobacco and vaping laws. Besides Africa and Asia, it's well known that the governments of Lebanon, Turkey, and several South American countries have banned their citizens from vaping in public.

Countries Where Vaping is Allowed

Now that you know which places to avoid, here are some countries where you can freely vape without any consequences. All of the countries mentioned below allow vaping and may even have a more lenient stance towards vaping than the United States.


England is one of the most vape friendly places in Europe. This means you can easily enjoy a leisurely vape session while eating a delicious meal of fish and chips during your vacation.

England is very supportive of the vaping industry and believes it can help patients transition from smoking cigarettes. The government is supportive because the National Health Service of England recently funded different studies that compared the health effects of vaping to cigarettes. The extensive research revealed that vaping is 95 percent less harmful than smoking cigarettes and using other tobacco products. Now there are countless vaping stores in the country so you will never have to worry about running out of e-juice and other vaping supplies.


If Russia has always been on your bucket list, great news! The country is famous for embracing tobacco and vaping products. Smoking is a big part of their culture, so when vaping was recently introduced within the last decade or so, many Russians fell in love with vaping.

Since Russia's federal government is very open-minded when it comes to vaping, you can freely vape in public and inside business establishments. As vaping increases in popularity, more vape shops will continue to open up across Russia.


Another country that is extremely vape-friendly is Germany. It's not uncommon to see vaping clouds when you are walking around exploring the European country as a tourist. Germany's laws are very similar to those in the United States since people can only use and access vaping products when they are 18 years of age or older. Their relaxed laws mean you can vape in confidence while visiting the country.


Have you ever daydreamed about eating traditional Swedish food while enjoying your favorite dessert e-liquid? If so, you should seriously consider booking a flight to Sweden. The beautiful country is another safe haven for people who love to vape. Sweden's government has always been more relaxed when it comes to vaping than cigarettes and other traditional smoking products because they believe it is a healthier alternative. You're also allowed to bring vape products with you so you won't have to worry about customs stopping you once you arrive and trying to throw it away if the trash.


The great Balkan nation of Bulgaria is another safe haven for vapers. The government has a progressive stance on vaping so there are have fewer restrictions when it comes to buying, selling or using vape supplies. You can safely vape here while you admire the coastline along the Black Sea and visit the great cities of Varna or Sofia. Everywhere you go you'll be amazed at how freely you can enjoy vaping in public.

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If you want to travel to the Great White North, don't forget your vape pen! Despite Canada's strict laws for nicotine products, you can freely vape when you arrive in the country. However, you should exercise caution if you want to purchase vaping supplies in Canada since the industry is not regulated.

New Zealand

If you want to travel somewhere more exotic but don't want to worry about brushing up on your Russian or German, you should go to New Zealand! Many famous movies were filmed in New Zealand, including Lord of the Rings, Narnia and King Kong due to its lush forests and greenery. You can easily explore everything there is to offer in New Zealand without ever letting go of your vape pen. Since their government supports vaping, you can easily vape indoors.

Vape and Travel Around the World

Now that you know which countries embrace vaping and which ones do not, you should be able to arrange lots of fun trips soon! Seeing the world is a great opportunity to learn more about different cultures and enjoy scenic views. Regardless if you are dying to see the Royal Palace in England or the Red Square in Russia, there are many vape friendly countries that are just waiting for you to explore.

As long as you take our list into consideration, you should be able to see many beautiful countries without getting in trouble with the law. You can be confident that you can vape to your heart's delight and explore many cities if you visit any of those seven countries listed above.

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