7 Reasons Your Vape is Leaking (And How to Fix the Problem!)

May 16, 2019

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A leaky vape is a common complaint of a lot of e-cigarette users. When you buy a premium vaping liquid like our Max VG blends, you don't want it leaking out all over. It's a waste of good juice. And while leaking vape juice isn't dangerous, it is annoying. A leaky vape can end up on your clothes, your hands, or all over your car or desk. If you struggle with leaks from your vape, it's not something you have to live with as an e-cig enthusiast. There are many things you can do to stop leaks and prevent them from coming back. The first step is identifying what's causing the leaks in the first place.

Why Your Vape Is Leaking and How to Fix It

There are a surprising number of things that can cause your vape to leak. Fortunately, they are all pretty straightforward and easy to solve. That means with a little detective work to determine what is causing the leak in the first place, you should be able to end leaks in your vaping routine.

You are overfilling your tank. 

This is the most common reason people experience leakage. When you fill your tank with an eLiquid, make sure you only fill it up to the recommended level (usually the top of the chimney). If you overfill, the liquid will seep into other areas of the tank and seep out. You shouldn't fill your tank all the way up, either. Your vape needs that gap of air to create pressure in the tank, giving you a better vaping experience. Check out the manufacturer's recommendations for how much to fill the tank and stick to it.

You aren't tightening your tank enough. 

Another common leakage issue is how much you are tightening your tank. You'll need to unscrew your vape when you fill it with Max VG eLiquid, change the coil, or clean it out. When you put it back together, you want to ensure it's tight enough that the rubber rings on your vape create a seal against leaks. You should also check that the steal threads on your vape match up and aren't sitting off-center. Any gaps in the vape pen will allow vape juice to leak out.

You are tightening your tank too much.

But overtightening your vaping device can be just as bad. If you are using all your strength to tighten your vape, you are probably doing more harm than good when it comes to preventing leaks. That's because overtightening can cause damage to the o-rings, or rubber rings, that create the seal. If you damage those, it's very easy for liquid to come out. So give your e-cigarette a tight twist to ensure it's closed, but don't twist it as hard as you possibly can.

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You have damaged o-rings. 

Tightening your vape pen too much can damage the o-rings, but that's not the only thing that can harm them. Most vapes have o-rings made from a rubber material. The rubber can get brittle and dry with age. If you've had your vape for a while, it's worth checking on the quality of the o-rings if you are suddenly experiencing leaks. The o-rings should be firm but pliable. They should bend when you squeeze them but snap back into their original shape when you let them go. If you see signs of damage like cracks or chunks missing, you can order replacement o-rings for most vape brands.

You've damaged the tank. 

E-cigarette tanks are pretty strong, but they aren't invincible. They are mostly made of glass, which means there is always a chance they could get broken or cracked. Most vapers use their e-cigarettes all day long, meaning the device journeys from car to the office and back home again. They might get shoved in a pocket or tossed on a desk. So it's no wonder that damage happens to the tank occasionally. If you start to experience leaks, hold your vape up to a light and examine the tank closely. The light will make it easier to see hairline cracks or chips in the edges that could be causing the leaks. If you see any signs of damage, order a replacement tank right away (and consider investing in a carrying case for your vape!).

There is vape liquid in the chimney. 

The chimney of your e-cigarette is the hollow tube in the middle of your tank. If liquid gets into this area, it can cause some minor (but annoying) problems like spitting, popping, and leaking. The easiest way to prevent your eLiquid from getting into the chimney is to make sure you don't overfill the tank. You should also take care in how you fill the tank. Take your Max VG liquid and tilt the tank, squeezing the e-juice down the side then slowly tilting it back up. This will help prevent the juice from leaking into the chimney. You should also try to store the vape upright when you aren't using it. Laying it horizontally could send juice into the chimney on some vape pens.

You aren't using a Max VG eLiquid. 

If you are still suffering from leaks, it's time to look at the kind of juice you are using. VG e-liquids are thicker due to the base that's used to create them. Because of the thicker consistency, they are less likely to leak than liquids made from other bases. Some vape pens are just destined to leak when you are using a thin and runny vape juice. Switching to a high-quality VG liquid could help put an end to your leakage woes. You can pick up Max VG liquids in our online store. 

Get More Tips for Better Vaping Experiences

Sure, a leaky vape isn't the end of the world. But when you can stop the annoyance of wasting good eLiquid because of leakage, it makes your vaping life a little bit better. If you are looking for more ways to improve your daily vaping experiences, check out the rest of our blog. And if you are looking for a Premium High VG Eliquid that helps eliminate leaks while delivering top vaping flavor, head over to our online store to check out our flavor range!

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